El Gobierno No Existe (Government Doesn’t Exist)


Si me gusta mandar esto dibujos porque nos hace reconocer todos los maldades que están ocurriendo en nuestro mundo pero de una manera chistosa. Hay muchas cosas graves pasando en el mundo que es fácil volverse deprimido y triste. Estas emociones ayuda nadie. Debemos mantener nuestro sentido de humor y así mantenemos nuestra humanidad.

Politician Speech

La realidad es que el “gobierno” no existe. Claro que los políticos, la policía y el militar existen pero ellos no son el “gobierno”, ellos representan el “gobierno”. Los políticos hacen y pasen los “leyes”. La policía y militar aplican los “leyes” pero la esencia del “gobierno” es la creencia de los plebeyos que alguna gente tiene la autoridad y el derecho moral de “gobernar” y que los plebeyos tienen el deber de obedecer. Esto es el raíz de uno de las supersticiones más peligrosas del mundo, porque de esta creencia equivocado viene la mayoría de los prejuicios, violencia, tortura, encarcelamiento, sufrimiento, y guerras que vemos en el periódico y en la noticias. De la misma manera que dejamos de creer en Santa Claus porque maduramos, debemos dejar de creer en el “gobierno”. Una revolución violente no es necesario, solo abandonar esta creencia equivocado y vivir nuestra vida libre.


Que piensas que pasara sin estos ladrones, mentirosos, y asesinos en nuestro vida? Crees que estaríamos en caos, desorden, y conflicto incesante? No creo que eso pasara. Creo que la mayoría de la gente como tu están más preocupados en obtener un buen trabajo y ganar suficiente dinero para comprar comida para su familia y asegurar que sus hijos tengan lo mejor educación posible. Estos son las metas de gente cuerda y juicioso. Metas de sociópatas es buscar poder sobre otra gente, explotarlos, y robar dinero de ellos. La diferencia es grande como la diferencia de día y noche.


Hay tres maneras de obtener dinero. La primera es tu intercambias tus productos y servicios para dinero. Esto es la manera económica. La segunda es alguien te da dinero voluntariamente. Esto es la manera de herencia. La tercer es tu lo robas de alguien. Esto es la manera de la mafia. Cual manera piensas el “gobierno” y los “políticos” obtengan dinero?


Esto es otro perspectivo. Hay dos maneras de vivir.  La primera es trabajar duro para vivir. La segunda manera es vivir por el trabajo de otros, como un parasito chupe la sangre de un animal. Cual manera piensas el “gobierno” y los “políticos” viven?


Cuestiona todo! Cada día que no aprendemos algo nuevo es un día perdido.



Buying Silver Was The Stupidest Move I Ever Made!

Here is a great 12 minute video on why not to despair when faced with the short term price fluctuations of the precious metals. The fundamentals cannot and will not change. As long as politicians are running up enormous trillion dollar annual budget deficits and increasing, one must own precious metals as long term wealth protection. What is deficit spending? It is spending money one doesn’t have and didn’t earn. Since it was not given voluntarily by the citizens but effectively taken by force and under threat of imprisonment it was therefore stolen. This is the standard definition of most governments on Earth, since the very nature of government is to procure its funds through taxation or money printing which are both done without approval of the people and both have the end product of slowly siphoning wealth away from the hard working productive citizens to the thieves and loafers on Capitol Hill who thereafter give it to the criminals on Wall Street. Since the Mandrake Mechanism, or money printing, is the most abused method of funding the government, this is thoroughly inflationary and a most propitious environment for precious metals to thrive. When it costs the same to print $1 as it does $100 one can be certain this is what will be done to no end, until the public debt and interest on the debt become truly insurmountable and it thereafter collapses under its own weight.


Woodrow Wilson borrowed 30 billion dollars to fund World War I in 1917. That money has not been paid back. And we are still paying interest on it. That’s 96 years ago. The American taxpayer pays for it with cheaper dollars because the government prints money to pay its bills and that reduces the value of everything we own. The American taxpayer pays for it with higher taxes.”

Judge Andrew Napolitano


The silver supply is most definitely strained to the max as the demand for the metal is staggering. The number of American Eagles bought from the US mint by the beginning of October has already far exceeded the total number bought in all of 2012, and that was immense as well!  If it continues at its current rate of massive consumption, both investment and industrial, it will most assuredly be extinct by 2020.


Sending good people in to reform a state is like sending virgins in to reform a whorehouse.”


Silver Face

Peak Silver: A World Without Silver


In 2011 Mike Maloney of GoldSilver.com said “If you take all the above ground gold available for investment today and distribute it evenly amongst the global population everyone would own 1/3 oz of gold. If you do the same for silver everyone would own 1/14 oz of silver.” The population has increased since he made that calculation and the supply has greatly diminished. Now the real question is why hasn’t the price reflected this disparity in supply when the demand for both precious metals has been surging to all time highs since the 2008 housing crisis? The ability of the Central Banks, Mega SIFI banks, and Bullion banks to manipulate the prices of the metals downward with their paper gold/silver futures contracts will come to an end quite soon when the physical scarcity becomes acutely felt, which is to say when certain buyers will not be receiving their metal at such absurdly low prices because it has all been mined up or it becomes so difficult to mine that it is no longer cost effective for the mining companies to do so. At that point we will all discover their true value and purchasing power.


Let them march all they want, so long as they continue to pay their taxes.”

Alexander Haig, Secretary of State to President Ronald Reagan

Stunning Surprises in the Silver Market


Another notion to keep in mind is the stark difference between the paper gold/silver ETF (Exchange Traded Funds) market and the physical gold/silver market. As far as I know paper gasoline will not power a car, paper food will not nourish us, paper herbs will not heal us, and paper homes will not keep us warm in the winter, incidentally the latter is more of what our flimsy homes are beginning to resemble these days. Therefore paper gold/silver will never be a suitable substitute for the real physical thing. It can never be and it will never be.


It would take a salary of $396,536 today (2013) to equal in purchasing power a $35,000 income in 1980.”

John Williams, Shadowstats.com


The principle since 1945 has become “Gold is hoarded in Central Bank vaults and Silver is consumed in industry.” Historically they have always existed at a 1:10 ratio of Gold:Silver for the simple reason that that was the underground ratio that they are bio-available for mining and so the price ratio has reflected that for thousands of years. This relationship has all changed since, after World War II, silver has been utilized as an industrial metal for its superior electrically conductive, thermally conductive, anti-microbial, and reflective properties. The fact that it is an element and not a compound illustrates that there exists no suitable substitute. However the beautiful thing about silver is that even if industry stops using it, there will always be a demand for it as a store of value and as true money. Thus its value will never go to zero as is possible and will happen with all financial instruments such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, exchange traded funds etc during the inevitable Wealth Transfer. All precious metals are commodities and therefore fluctuate in a valuation channel between over-valued and under-valued according to the economics of the time. The way to stay at the crest of the Wealth Cycles is to buy certain commodities when they are under-valued and sell them when become over-valued. This may be appreciated when one examines the difference between the savvy investor who, leading up to the Crash of 1929, bought his shares when the market was at the bottom thereafter selling them at the top and the plebeians who responded instinctively and foolishly by buying shares near the top and then losing everything. Gold/Silver, however, are unique amongst commodities in that they have certain properties that the free market has recognized and as a result has awarded them the supreme status as true quality money.

The Incredible Destructiveness of Hyperinflation to a People


More millionaires were created during the Great Depression than at any time in US history.”



Here I am proud to present to you another outstanding 3 minute video of Eastern philosopher Alan Watts talking about the absurd concept of manmade currency. It is a man made notion invented to measure wealth just as a clock was invented to measure change in time. During the Great Depression there was enough houses, steel, lumber, cement, food etc for everyone to be prosperous and happy, yet because there was no currency there was privation, hunger, and suffering. Does this make sense?




Most of the fiat trash you earn from your job should go to buying the poor man’s gold at these ridiculous and artificially low prices. I tell that to everyone I meet. When the market realizes the enormous disparities in supply, demand, and price of the precious metals we will see a rally towards the upside of magnificent proportions! Unfortunately that will also signify the fundamental deterioration of our current society, however it must happen. The longer we supply our fiat addicted society with monetary cocaine the worse will be the eventual withdrawal symptoms when the money spigot is eventually twisted shut.



Inflation has also eroded savings. $10,000 in the bank in 1980 would need to have grown to $113,296 in 2013 to be of equal value. That banked $10,000 in 1980 would have to yield about 8% compound interest over 33 years to equal $113,296 today.  That never happened.”

John Williams, shadowstats.com


Just do good things






Small Government is better than Voluntary Anarchy – Rebutted

Before I reply to your concerns let me just state a few facts that you may have overlooked.

1) “Government” does not exist in itself as the way, I believe, you are envisioning it to exist. It is an insolvent hallucination. It is just that we are all imagining the same hallucination. It is only funded by us, the middle class through the extortion (taxation) or counterfeiting (currency creation).

2) Aside from the few sick manipulative megalomaniacs who strive for positions of power, it is composed of mere humans who have been indoctrinated to believe in it as a separate entity, poisoned by the virus of Statism.

3) For the previous reasons it is at its very core violent and coercive, the very worst of human damnable moral transgressions. There is no such thing as a “good government” since it cannot exist without first stealing, torturing, imprisoning, and murdering its citizens in order to “protect” them from bad people.

4) “Government” is not a good servant and a bad master. It brings out the very worst in people and can never produce any good it espouses to produce since its very foundation is built on extortion, torture, brutality, and murder.

5) The only reason we call our current system “government” and not simply a mafia is because we collectively believe our politicians have a moral right to rule us. Without submitting to this belief they would simply be a gang of thieves, liars, and murderers and their “laws” would be truthfully called threats and commands.

These basic tenets must not be forgotten when considering whether or not we need the fiction collectively known as “government”. Ok with that said I will examine your e-mail piece by piece.

Government Forms

Your argument:

1) Firstly let me say that there will never be a “perfect” system in place… One reason I feel no perfect system will take hold is because any system would be created by humans who are imperfect and cannot create perfection, except in ones own opinion but not definitively.”

Ok this piece right here is actually an excellent argument for why Voluntary Anarchy is the only viable alternative to Statism. For the exact reason that there is no such thing as perfection by anything manmade is exactly why no “government” composed of people will ever be better than peaceful and free individuals engaging in voluntary businesses exchanges. This part actually proves my point quite well.


2) When I say “perfect” I don’t mean it as in “there will always be evil people”(although there will be lol) but I mean that even if all humans were “good” and meant well, there would still be conflict.”


Ok this is still not a justification for allowing a few corrupt individuals to “rule” over the throng through systematic theft, violence, and coercion. Because some people are evil does not justify a system of coercion in any way.


3) “With that said there must be some ruling power that has the “final say.” People will always disagree and want things to go their way”


It is true that people will always disagree but I still do not see this as justification to institute a fictional entity known as “government” that exists only through extortion (taxation), counterfeiting (currency creation), and violent coercion (laws, regulations, statutes, permits, certifications etc). I have more faith in everyday people to solve their own problems free of “government” intervention than I have a corrupt vested interest “authorities” to solve it for them. We are adults capable of deductive critical thought. We must stop this childish behavior of always expecting “authority” to save us from our problems. Propagating this fallacy injures everyone else rather than the occasional conflict between two people.


4) “An example would be the one I gave about cutting your lawn and disturbing your neighbor.  Others would be abortion or marijuana use or religion. Take the idea of a cigarette smoker vs. someone with asthma who doesn’t want to breathe 2nd hand smoke. Another would be someone who likes to throw parties vs. their neighbor who wants to read a book in silence.”


Ok I will reiterate my point. None of these examples in no way justifies the institution of a fictional entity known as “government” that exists only through extortion (taxation), counterfeiting (currency creation), and violent coercion (laws, regulations, statutes, permits, certifications etc). Religion is private belief system which “government” CERTAINLY has no business involving itself in. Abortion is choice a woman makes with her own body in the exercising of her sovereign rights, which “government” CERTAINLY has no business involving itself in.  The other two things you described such as marijuana use (or any currently illegal drug for that matter) and cigarette smoking are more aptly described as vices rather than the crimes. Here is the difference between the two.

“Vices are those acts by which a man harms himself or his property. Crimes are those acts by which one man harms the person or property of another. Vices are simply the errors which a man makes in his search after his own happiness. Unlike crimes, they imply no malice toward others, and no interference with their persons or property. In vices, the very essence of crime — that is, the design to injure the person or property of another — is wanting. It is a maxim of the law that there can be no crime without a criminal intent; that is, without the intent to invade the person or property of another. But no one ever practices a vice with any such criminal intent. He practices his vice for his own happiness solely, and not from any malice toward others.

Lysander Spooner

Disturbing your neighbor while cutting your lawn or throwing loud parties is STILL not a justification for the institution of a fictional entity known as “government” that exists only through extortion (taxation), counterfeiting (currency creation), and violent coercion (laws, regulations, statutes, permits, certifications etc). I’m sure those individuals can come to a reasonable conclusion on their own without resorting to the fictional entity known as “government”. If they can’t and it escalates to a fight then let them fight it out. Either way there will be a conclusion.


5) “With a gov, there is someone who says “ok you can’t party too loud after this time” or “you can’t smoke in this area, but you can in that area” and so on. While these decisions usually leave one or both sides angry, or violated, it is NOT because the gov gave the wrong ruling, it is that sometimes there just is no perfectly correct ruling, no matter who were to make a decision, the people themselves / gov / “god”(lmao) but either way, people would feel like their rights were violated simply because this world is imperfect.”


You keep making the assumption that “government’ is this magical wise group of people that make a much superior decision than two everyday people. You keep proving my point quite well! You would make a splendid Voluntary Anarchist. For the very reason that there will never be a “perfectly correct ruling” it makes no sense to allow a corrupt vested interest “authorities” to solve it for them. Your argument is proving my points. Solve your problems yourself without resorting to the fictional entity known as “government”.


6) “Everyone cannot be equally happy/rich/equal in general because it just doesn’t exist in reality.”


Exactly! You are 100% correct here! Therefore no fictional entity known as “government” that exists only through extortion (taxation), counterfeiting (currency creation), and violent coercion (laws, regulations, statutes, permits, certifications etc) can be better than everyday individuals making decisions and resolving disputes on their own.


7) “Anarchy cannot solve the problems of an imperfect world as it is also a man made creation and it is also imperfect.”


I’m sorry but you are quite wrong here my friend. The word “Anarchy” is simply advocating for a society where everyday people are free and unhampered to engage in peaceful exchange and resolve disputes on their own. It is definitely not manmade. It is the product of no one’s labor. It is simply the opposite of any formal “government” entity which is by its very nature entirely manmade, artificial, and criminal.


8) “The reason I think some sort of gov is better than none is that with anarchy, there would be no 3rd party to decide conflicts. It would be as if each private organization were its own country.”


We must call “government” by its rightful name, the largest mafia on the planet that supports itself through extortion (taxation), counterfeiting (currency creation), and violent coercion (laws, regulations, statutes, permits, certifications etc). When you say “some government is better than none” what you are essentially saying is “some theft, counterfeiting, and violence is better than none.” This like the rapist saying to his victim “If I don’t rape you, then who will?” or the thief saying to his victim “I don’t steal your money, how will you know how to spend it?” No, each private organization would not be its own country, but rather each person would be their own country. After all, what is a country but a chosen territorial jurisdictional delineated by arbitrary lines in the dirt over which the resident gang of thieves, liars, and murderers has control?


9) “Person A would call Police company A and complain that person B is smoking and it is killing person A. Person B would call Police B and say that he has the RIGHT to smoke on his own front lawn. If -Police A tries to do anything to Person B- or -Police B tries to do anything to Person A- , both private police companies would be in conflict.”


Very nice example but alas you underestimate the ability of everyday people to solve their own conflicts peacefully and without escalation. Once you involve the fictional entity known as “government” in the equation it ceases to be peaceful and becomes at once violent, aggressive, and coercive. In this example person B does have a sovereign right to smoke because that act is a vice, not a crime. There is no force or coercion involved. Person A can simply leave the vicinity. He doesn’t have to be there next to Person B breathing it in and complaining that he is killing him, unless he wants to intentionally breathe it in, get sick, and thereafter file a “lawsuit” which is itself another “government” contrived act of retribution. Again here it is best if the two individuals can come to a reasonable resolution to the problem.


10) “A long war might pursue and whichever company had more fire power / money would win so in the end, money would still = power except on a more “personal” scale. Where if I have more money or “private police resources” than my neighbor, then I can do as I please. At least with gov, there is somewhat of a resolution between peers inside of that country. I feel that this is where the public opinion of “Anarchy = Mayhem” is derived from”


Ok I think this scenario is taking it to exaggerated lengths. So you’re saying a “long war” would ensue all because Person A didn’t want Person B to smoke? I find this highly unlikely in the real world, where people are more concerned with supporting their families by producing things of value to society with which to trade with others than they are in pursuing a long war. Please review the definition of what “government” is once again. Is that the public opinion or is that your opinion? 🙂


Good Conversation. Keep asking questions








The Tiny Dot

This link demonstrates very well the complete absurdity of allowing the miniscule few to control and frighten the many. We are the enormous flock of sheep that allow ourselves to be corralled by the lone sheep dog and his owner. “Authority” is a mirage conjured in the minds of the slaves to the benefit of the sociopathic rulers. It is the most effective way to govern a people since its belief requires the utter abandonment of liberty, self-ownership, and reason. A free and critical thinking populace is diametrically opposed to the health of “government”. Ignorance is the health of “government”, for at its core “government” is nothing but a group of mentally ill twisted old men with aspirations of global domination. These types of people contribute nothing useful to society but misery, suffering, and exploitation. Pull back the curtain and their quintessence is revealed for all to see and ridicule.


If any man’s money can be taken by a so-called government, without his own personal consent, all his other rights are taken with it; for with his money the government can, and will, hire soldiers to stand over him, compel him to submit to his arbitrary will, and kill him if he resists.”

Lysander Spooner



Their power is your subservience. Their authority is your obedience. To an enlightened and empowered group their “laws” are nothing but hollow threats and empty commands enforced by the barrel of a gun. Their number is small and insignificant. Why do we continue giving them attention and power? The elephant does not stop in its tracks according to the whims of an ant. The Milky Way galaxy does not change its swirling motions by the caprices of a pale blue dot drifting in the void occupying an inconsequential position as 3rd rock from a middle aged star among billions of other undiscovered stars. Why do we continue to give these madmen power that, in an age of humans seized by reason and logic would immediately put them to work or banish them to their rightful place, the asylum? In nature it is understandable that the throng may be frightened by the occasional predator due to herd mentality and instinct. However amongst a throng of human beings each endowed with reason and logic, the devolution to herd mentality is contemptible, reprehensible, and thoroughly dangerous. Few other cases of intellectual dereliction have resulted in so many historical atrocities, mass murders, and genocidal events.


There is nothing that the State currently provides through theft and coercion that free human beings cannot provide at a lower cost and higher quality through voluntary interaction in the marketplace.”

Justin Stout


Wow! Larken Rose delivers another powerful argument for the free market in this enlightening 16-minute video in which he explains the definition of the term “free market” and how it is amazingly capable of adapting and surviving in any situation, even in a setting with the most stringent of rules loss of privacy, constant surveillance, and oppressive regulations, such as a prison. The “free market” is simply what results when free human beings are able to enter into voluntary exchange without government interference. It is not something magical or ethereal. This should be a wakeup call for any Statist who distrusts the “free market” when it comes to solving the everyday problems human beings encounter during voluntary trade.


Prison – no property, free health care, free education, no classism, 100% redistribution of wealth, free board, free food, work when you want, state manages everything – a perfect progressive utopia.”





Today the truly free market is also known as the black market. For only in such an underground environment can meaningful and mutually beneficial trade exist. State interference in the matter only serves to poison and adulterate what would otherwise be a transaction in which both parties walk away richer. Some people deride the black market by saying “That’s where the crime is! It’s dangerous!” However one must keep in mind the origin of these dangerous conditions, which can only have come about through the suffocating regulations and “laws” violently imposed by the State. This phenomenon has occurred during the alcohol prohibition of the 1920s as well as during the current War on Drugs. Every time “government” chooses to arbitrarily ban a substance, mushroom, leaf, flower, or particular human behavior (i.e. prostitution) its antithetical black market is immediately created, as now the conditions are ripe for lucrative underground businesses headed by bold groups or individuals who are willing to brave the danger of operating in a criminal environment. The rescindment of these “laws” immediately neutralizes these attractive incentives for the bold and the concomitant black market is annihilated.


Why not just cut out the Middle Man (the government) and commit the crimes yourself to get what you are “entitled”.”


Wonderful! Here Larken Rose clearly demonstrates the inherent immorality in the democratic concept of electing anything by majority rule and coercively applying that ruling across the board to all the inhabitants of a nation State. Centrally planned monopolies don’t work in education, retirement services, military, the monetary system etc. They all fail miserably because human free will can never be predicted by any centrally planned agency, not that “government” has any desire to satisfy every human desire. Once a monopoly is established and supported by the guns of “government” prices soar, competition is eliminated, resource wastefulness abounds, and quality plummets. The process is quite predictable as any inhabitant of a previous Communist or Socialist society can attest to. If Cuba is such a “worker’s paradise” why do people from the other Caribbean islands risk life and limb to take a boat 200 miles to Florida rather than travel 50 miles to Cuba? Why do you never hear of people illegally crossing the border into North Korea?


The worst evils which mankind has ever had to endure were inflicted by bad governments.”

Ludwig Von Mises


Excellent! This video indisputably explains in no uncertain terms the Voluntary Anarchy philosophy of liberty, self-ownership, and the non-aggression principle. It is a moral and ethical belief system we all unknowingly subscribe to when we are with our family, friends, and when we do business with others. Why then is it such a stretch to believe that it should be applied to the whole of humanity? The political process does not provide legitimacy to violate natural law with the delegation of crimes such as theft, enslavement, torture, imprisonment, or murder to “politicians” who do so under the guise of “government”. It may be difficult to believe but “politicians” are flesh and blood human beings as well and as such are subjected to the same moral and ethical principles we are all subjected to. That they imagine themselves to have moral “authority” to rule over us should be no justification for the multitudinous crimes they daily commit.


No man can put a chain about the ankle of his fellow man without at last finding the other end fastened about his own neck.”

Frederick Douglas 



A “politician” cannot break into his neighbor’s house and demand $100 as that would be an obvious violation of one’s property rights and constitute theft, even if he were to assert that he will use that currency for his sick grandmother. However if that same “politician” were to use the “legal process” to pass a “law” forcing everyone to pay $100 and call it taxation it becomes acceptable and morally correct. Furthermore if someone decides he doesn’t want his currency stolen by “government” he is called a “tax cheat” by his fellow man or is found guilty by the monopolistic court system of the victimless crime known as tax evasion and thrown into a cage. Does anyone see the inherent immorality in this process? At which point did this action switch from contemptible theft of property to socially acceptable taxation?


The danger is not that a particular class is unfit to govern. Every class is unfit to govern.”

Lord Acton

The word “law” is deceptive. It implies something undisputable, universal, and self-evident. This is true with laws of mathematics, physics, gravity etc. These laws may not be changed regardless of any tyrannical dictate. No one would take seriously a professor of mathematics who proclaims “In my classroom 2 + 2 = 5!” On the contrary he would be laughed at, ridiculed, and fired from his post! Upon closer examination we discover that this is not so with respect to “government” wherein “politicians” frequently bend and pervert Natural Law to conform to their political agenda however heinous that may be. Murder is murder if it is done by oneself or delegated to a “politician” in times of war, in which case a murdered military slave is described as having “died for his country”.


No one has a right to food, water, shelter, money, or love if he must obtain it at the expense of the owner.  Medical care is no more a right than these.  Man rightfully obtains goods and services by producing them from nature or by voluntary exchange with others.  Man may exchange goods, services, and emotional values, but he must trade to obtain them.  Otherwise he is a thief acting against human existence.”

Charles W. Johnson, The Freeman [April 1969]


Elaborate pomp and fancy rituals do not justify any violation of natural law regardless of the nice looking hats of our “rulers” or the regal robes of our “judges” or the impressive uniforms and shiny badges of our “law enforcement”.  Do not be fooled by the distracting flowing gowns and ornate ceremonies, they do not alter the fundamental nature of ethics and morality with their “legislative process” or due process of “law” or “taxation”. Pull aside the curtain and unplug yourself to recognize the vicious beast for what it is.


Even the richest person, provided the riches comes from mutually beneficial exchange, does not need to give anything ‘back’ to the community, because this person took nothing out of the community. Indeed, the reverse is true: enterprises give to the community. Their owners take huge risks, and front the money for investment, precisely with the goal of serving others. Their riches are signs that they have achieved their aims.”

Jeffrey Tucker



You are the sole owner of your body and mind. You are entitled to personal liberty and all that it brings. Anyone intent on violating your sovereign inalienable rights should be met with justified force in accordance with a reasonable defense of self from “government”. To those who say “If you don’t like our country why don’t you leave!” I would respond by saying “Being born on a particular piece of dirt known as a ‘country’ and under the ‘authority’ of the resident gang does not make me a slave subject to its commands.” It is not the duty of the individual to prove the existence of his sovereign rights but rather the duty of “government” and its “politicians” to prove their moral right to rule. When it is realized that no man can violently impose his will on another without violating some form of Natural Law then it must be concluded that “government” has no authority, power, or legitimacy. Their right to rule is based on manipulation and deceit. Their power lies solely in the belief of the people that they have power. Remove that belief and the entire charade is exposed to the merciless elements of logic and reason.



It is incorrect to think of liberty as synonymous with unrestrained action. Liberty does not and cannot include any action, regardless of sponsorship, which lessens the liberty of a single human being. To argue contrarily is to claim that liberty can be composed of liberty negations, patently absurd. Unrestraint carried to the point of impairing the liberty of others is the exercise of license, not liberty. To minimize the exercise of license is to maximize the area of liberty. Ideally, government would restrain license, not indulge in it; make it difficult, not easy; disgraceful, not popular. A government that does otherwise is licentious, not liberal.” 

Leonard E. Read



Why We Couldn’t Abolish Slavery Then and Can’t Abolish Government Now

After This Year’s Mess, Small Is More Beautiful Than Ever

The More Wasteful Is The Federal Government Program, The More Essential It is To Washington



Political language is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind. 

George Orwell



Just do good things





Don’t Eat It (Anti-GMO music video parody)

Please enjoy these two music video parodies on GMOs and Monsanto. What are GMOs? It stands for Genetically Modified Organisms, or in other words anything, which is not naturally occurring. They are created when scientists remove genes, change genes, or add genes from one species and forcefully insert it into another for the purpose of adding a desired effect or deleting an undesirable one. Just as in our modern day interventionist Keynesian Economics which damages and worsens the economy through currency manipulation/creation (The Mandrake Mechanism) and interest rate fixing; when one attempts to manipulate the traits of living organisms that have taken many thousands or millions of years to evolve, the result is unintended, or intended for the more sinister minded, harmful effects for the organism being experimented upon, other organisms who interact with it in nature, as well as those organisms who consume it. Man did not create plants, animals, and the free market economy and so nothing man does will improve the current affairs. Quite the opposite in fact occurs. The more intervention man employs in the natural plant, animal, and free market economic world will only serve to exacerbate and lengthen any minor glitches that may present. Nature, as in free market economics, has many self-healing mechanisms that automatically correct itself with ease. Future distortions and irregularities cannot be foreseen by any politician, Nobel Prize winning economist, or biotech scientist, no matter how savvy and clever.



When diet is wrong, medicine is of no use. When diet is correct, medicine is of no need.”

Ayurvedic proverb


One glaring example of this is corn that has been modified to contain the bacterium, Bacillus Thuringeiensis, which makes the corn fatal to insects and other pests. When they eat this GMO corn it immediately destroys their stomachs and digestive systems. The biotech companies however tell us, with indefatigable calmness, this Franken corn is harmless to humans. Are we to believe a company who, after destroying the biodiversity of a plant/animal species, proceeds to patent and reap enormous profits off of said species since it is no longer a natural organism but can now be considered a product and therefore subject to US Patent law? Therefore any farmer found to be growing such plants on his farm, even if accidental by windblown seeds from passing trucks, would be the subject of harsh legal actions for years that would, even if proven to be innocent, most likely bankrupt said farmer. When pitted against the enormous deep-pocketed biotech companies such as Monsanto and their legion of lawyers, small organic farmers don’t stand a chance. In addition to all this one cannot even expect a fair trial from the Judicial System, which is in itself a conflict of interest. Aside from the plain contradiction in terms of a branch of government adequately monitoring itself, this is further muddied when one considers the revolving door of International Bankers, Politicians, Congressmen, and Corporate CEOs that is constantly swinging open.



When we destroy something created by man we call it vandalism. When we destroy something created by nature we call it progress.”

Ed Begley Jr.


Did you know that Monsanto, one of the largest biotech corporations in the world used to reassure the American people that Dioxin, Agent Orange, and DDT were all safe? Did you know that much of the pesticides, herbicides, and insecticides that came into widespread use following World War II were formerly used as mustard gas and ammunition that were leftover from the war? And now they are telling the people of the world that GMO food is not only “safe for consumption” but also the solution to “global hunger.” Rest assured that polluting the sacrosanct heirloom gene pool passed down from past generations, rendering it illegal for farmers to save seeds, and saddling farmers with enormous debt wherefrom there is no escape is far from a solution to anything. In fact just as with most destructive multi-national corporations with their powerfully irresistible lobbying capabilities, federal subsidies, and cartel formation, this is the kind of behavior that crony capitalism rewards luxuriously. Do not confuse this as being a result of the Anarcho-Capitalistic free market. The former rewards recklessness, speculation, and a waste of resources, the latter rewards thrift, prudence, and efficient use of resources. They are beasts originating from different worlds.


In nature’s economy the currency is not money – it is life.”

Vandana Shiva


Your patronage is deserving of that institution which fosters life in all its manifestations. When you purchase something you are voting for what you want to see more of in the world. Appreciate the dwindling power left in the purchasing power of your fiat paper trash currency, whatever little is left of it. Buy organic! Buy local! Buy from farmer’s markets! Buy from the Amish! Buy raw dairy/raw fermented dairy! Buy water based fermented foods! Buy raw honey! Be your own medical doctor, nutritionist, naturopath, and herbalist! Eat for the body you want, not the body you have!


The only thing new in the world is the history you do not know.”  

Harry S Truman, 33rd US President  


Here is a great 5 minute animated video explaining the criminality of patenting seeds and life in general. The fruits of nature are gifts we are all heir to. It is the treasure that is awarded to us simply for being a member of spaceship Earth. No corporation has the right to control it or own it in anyway.




Who controls the energy can control whole continents. Who controls the food supply controls people. Who controls the money can control the world.”

Henry Kissinger



Just do good things