$19 Silver Spot Price Alert!

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Buy, buy, BUY Silver and Gold! The fundamental reasons for owning precious metals have not changed one iota! The US dollar is being printed into financial oblivion as the federal government commits the high crime of deficit spending in greater and greater amounts with the convenient cover of the euphemistically obscuring phrase “Quantitative Easing”. Only this ridiculously fictional paper price which, through clever manipulation of paper silver/gold futures contracts by bullion banks and mega SIFI banks, has been taking a nose dive downward since 2011 most likely with the primary intention of bolstering confidence in the ailing US dollar and shaking out nervous precious metals investors who are unsure as to the reasons they are buying. The Federal Reserve, which is neither part of the federal government nor does it have any reserves but rather a private corporation with foreign financial stockholders, is still hemorrhaging $85 billion/month under “Helicopter” Ben Bernanke, half of which goes towards monetization of the national debt with US Treasury Bonds and half of which goes towards buying up real estate all over the country with Mortgage Backed Securities. The Federal Reserve is actively buying up the mortgages of the people with currency created out of thin air and given value by stealing it from existing units!! I implore you to tell me of a private corporation in existence with a power that surpasses this voodoo hocus pocus. All this is done through the process of kiting a check which draws on an account of zero and therefore through the magical process of The Mandrake Mechanism, or currency creation, creates new currency out of thin air which does nothing to add to the wealth of the country. The value of those newly created currency units get their value by stealing it from all the other currency units already in circulation. The net gain is always zero and, since all currency is created out of debt, is often less than zero.


 When you or I write a check there must be sufficient funds in our account to cover to the check, but when the Federal Reserve writes a check there is no bank deposit on which that check is drawn. When the Federal Reserve writes a check, it is creating money.”

The Boston Federal Reserve, “Putting It Simply”


The rationale for investing in precious metals has never been stronger and is strengthening by every counterfeited Federal Reserve Note and illusory digital unit of account that is created! Make no mistake our swine-filled monetary system, as well as the parasitic federal government that is being nourished by it, is a complete and utterly fantastical illusion, a cleverly crafted and ingenious illusion, but an illusion nevertheless.



The state does not actually exist. It is just people with costumes receiving orders from other people in costumes who are committing massive crimes.”

Jeff Berwick


We live in a society that punishes savers of currency, real estate investors, the elderly, and those on a fixed income. Rather our society rewards derivative speculation with the unsecured deposits of the people, debt enslavement, and wanton consumer spending for its own sake. Don’t mind the gorilla in the middle of the room! Rome is not burning! Our politicians are genuinely concerned with the welfare of the people! Government exists to lift people out of poverty! Debt, deficit spending, and living beyond one’s means is good and stimulates the economy! Spend, spend SPEND your fiat toilet paper trash on worthless Chinese made trinkets!


Here is a visually instructive and entertaining 5 minute video on the role that gold and silver have played in the monetary history of mankind.


Usury: Weapon of Control and Enslavement – Part 1 of 2

Usury: Weapon of Control and Enslavement – Part 2 of 2

Federal Reserve Steals From the Poor and Gives to the Rich



It doesn’t matter how many units of currency there are. What matters is the face value number times the purchasing power of each currency unit. If the number of currency units mattered Columbia would be one of the richest countries on the planet since I paid $1 million pesos to take a cab ride from the airport to the hotel. Regarding Zimbabwe, each $100 trillion Zimbabwe bill would have more purchasing power than all the currency on the planet. This hyperinflation event has happened many times including the French Revolution, Peru in the 1980s etc. When they run one currency into a hyperinflation, nobody trusts the second currency.”

Mike Maloney


Our monetary system is a legalized form of theft.”

Mike Maloney


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Hidden Secrets of Money Episode 3: Dollar Crisis to Golden Opportunity

Here is Mike Maloney shining brightly once again in the 36 minute 3rd Episode of his highly acclaimed Hidden Secrets of Money series. Since 2008, most of the large Western Central Banks of the world have been flooding their respective countries with paper trash currency which will, in the end, completely annihilate the aggregate wealth scattered amongst the people and have it transferred and subsequently concentrated into the hands of those who own tangible assets of intrinsic value. Such tangible assets which include, gold and silver, have historically for millennia acted as monetary safe havens in the midst of government currency devaluation and coinage debasement. This is not a novel phenomenon; rather it has happened at least 775 times before in recorded history, the first of which was ancient Greece around the year 6th century BC. Each and every time the pattern was identifiable and apparent to those who have studied monetary history.

Paper money eventually returns to its intrinsic value, zero.


Since the “Nixon Shock” of 1971 all the nations of the world have become fiat currencies created out of thin air backed by nothing but faith and confidence in the Central Banks that issue them and the National Governments that mandate their use by legal tender laws. All you have to understand is “Cash is trash!” All fiat currencies have a finite lifespan which, on average, has been shown to be 30-40 years. After they crash and burn a new monetary system takes their place. This is not a beautiful occurrence. It does not happen without significant suffering and financial loss endured by us, the little people, who deal everyday with this paper trash. It is no coincidence that Central Banks and National Governments solve disputes with gold transactions and they give the debt based fiat paper trash to the little people to use. What we use on a daily basis is not money, it is currency. There is a major fundamental difference. Money, such as gold/silver, maintains or increases its purchasing power over long periods of time. All the gold/silver that has been mined since it was first was used for trade in Ancient Egypt 5000 years ago is still used and valued today. That is incontrovertible proof of them being a store of value. Currency never maintains its purchasing power. On the contrary it predictably devalues and always collapses and dies eventually. As long you or your family hold your wealth in currency or other currency denominated paper assets you are getting poorer and robbed clean every day. Buy precious metals while our global fiat currencies still have some purchasing power! Do not be a victim on this Wealth Transfer!

Gold is money, everything else is credit.

JP Morgan in 1910 when he was complicit in the conception of the Federal Reserve Bank at Jekyll Island, Georgia

Historically every 30-40 years the world has a new monetary system. This is a pattern that anyone can see who has taken the time to learn economic history. The fact of the matter is the last great change to our monetary system was 42 years ago on August 15, 1971 when President Nixon broke the Bretton Woods agreement and removed the US dollar from the gold standard. Since then all global currencies simultaneously became fiat currencies backed by nothing but faith and credit. The restraining and anchoring effect that gold provided has been replaced by wanton money creation. This is an incredibly dangerous gift to be given to central bankers and national governments. It’s like giving an alcoholic free reign to the bar! If national governments are given the ability to print money at will, then print they will, ad infinitum!

Up until 1971 the purchasing power of the US dollar was already on a downward trajectory however 1971 marked a significantly precipitous decline destroying what little purchasing power it had left. The world witnessed, to the shock and dismay of mainstream economists at the time, a rise in the price of gold from $35/oz to $850/oz as it did an accounting for all the excess paper printed up until that time.

The Indian rupee is failing for the same reason every other fiat currency is failing, deficit spending, floating currency status, and reckless unchecked money printing. The fact that some currencies fall faster than others is irrelevant. All fiat currencies are destined for eventual death and absolute destruction of purchasing power. The US dollar is relatively strong in the world simply because we have the world reserve currency status and the petrodollar status. We have the dubious privilege of exporting all our printed money to other countries and so lessening the resultant inflationary effects that would normally occur had all that printed paper stayed at home. The US dollar is the least dirty in a hamper of filthy clothes.

The Indian and Chinese people have a long tradition of trust in precious metals and distrust in fiat paper and other banker contrived financial instruments (stocks, bonds, mutual funds, exchange traded funds, derivatives, futures, options). It is in their blood and it cannot be expunged. That is why those two countries are the largest consumers of gold and silver today, especially now when the cracks in the global monetary system is becoming self-evident to anyone with half a brain. They know that is the only way to preserve real wealth.

The Indian government, along with the bankers, has been trying unsuccessfully to garner the faith of the Indian people into paper assets and out of hard assets. One method the Indian government has employed is import taxes on all imported gold bullion/coins. It has been raised incrementally since 2008 to no avail, the demand is so insatiable. This is akin to blowing against the wind. As is always the case when government attempts to quell the demand of a particularly highly prized commodity by taxing or prohibiting it, a black market has emerged wherein gold is now being smuggled into the country in staggering amounts. Millions of dollars of confiscated Indian gold has been the result of this frenzy. Currently the Indian appetite for precious metals is so powerful that tanks and infantry could be placed at the Indian border and the gold/silver would STILL be pouring in record amounts!

In a country with a third world status where the people struggle to make enough currency to feed themselves, their golden perseverance is admirable. They scrape together enough currency to purchase even 1 gram of gold per month because they understand the extreme fire sale prices that they are being gifted with and the enormous potential for gain and wealth preservation as fiat currency is printed into worthless oblivion. Many Indian people measure their wealth in gold rather than Rupees. Take a look at an Indian wedding and you tell me whether or not Indians prize gold.

It is not the Indian government or Central Bank of India that has the gold but the Indian people themselves. China has many gold/silver mines within its borders, yet the precious metal never exits the country. It is gobbled up by the Central Bank of China or the citizenry too quickly for it to occur. The difference is China encourages its citizens to buy precious metals and India discourages them. This will make all the difference in determining a country to be an economic/financial superpower in a world of currency wars and the “race to debase”. The BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) countries are making their move. The clear pattern of the economic tide is the global monetary gold is moving from West to East and with it the economic stability that gold provides. The supplies are becoming strained. This situation cannot last much longer.

According the principle “Whoever has the gold makes the rules.” I predict the Indian people to emerge in tremendous economic prosperity following the upcoming global wealth transfer. The same goes for the Chinese people, however in China it is the Central Bank of China that is also purchasing the gold in enormous quantities. As a result China will most likely emerge following the Wealth Transfer as the singularly most economically powerful country in the world and therefore will likely impose its gold backed Yuan as the new world reserve currency. Perhaps we will all be speaking Mandarin before this decade is over.

9 Signs That China Is Making A Move Against The US Dollar

International Monetary Fund Recommends Stealing Americans’ Wealth Now!


Please witness this stunning visual art 3 part video series on why the Game is Over and the Dollar is Dead! The mega zombie banks are gambling with the hard earned blood and sweat of the little people at the world’s largest casino that dwarfs the global GDP many times over. Too much currency is chasing after too few goods. Savers of this printed trash will be the losers in this “race to the bottom”. If you don’t hold it, you don’t own it! Let’s get physical!

I am more concerned with the return of my money than the return on my money.

Mark Twain


Here are the golden nails in the coffin for the US dollar standard.
1) President Nixon Removes Gold Backing 1971
2) Iraq Sells Oil in Euros
3) Following the 2008 crisis the Federal Reserve adds $1.25 trillion to the US base money.
4) Iran Ends Dollar Oil Sales (instead using local currency or gold)
5) Quantitative Easing 2 adds $600 billion to US base money
6) Libya to Sell Oil in Gold Dinar
7) China and Russia Bypass Dollar using a bilateral trade agreement by holding each other’s currency and doing a direct debt settlement without having to wire transfer US dollars
8) Chinese President says dollar reserve currency “product of the past”
9) Utah recognizes Gold and Silver as Money
10) China and Iran Bypass Dollar with bilateral trade agreement
11) Venezuela Repatriates Gold
12) China and Japan trade directly
13) India and Japan bypass US dollar
14) Russia and Iran trade directly
15) Iran sells India oil for Rupees, Commodities
16) China and Brazil trade directly
17) Swiss citizens demand gold repatriation
18) African countries ban US dollar (In Zambia you can go to jail if you use US dollars)
19) Quantitative Easing 3 = Print to Infinity ($85 billion per month)
20) Iran trading energy for gold
21) Singapore removes tax on MONEY (bullion)
22) Germany repatriates 150 tons of Gold from NY Federal Reserve
23) Citizens of Netherlands demand gold repatriation
24) Ecuador to repatriate part of gold reserves
25) Austrian citizens demanding gold repatriation
26) China acknowledges “fundamental market shortage of gold”
27) State owned “China National” buys African gold
28) Azerbaijan repatriates 15 metric tons of gold from JP Morgan in London
29) The Federal Reserve increases printing speed to over $1 trillion/year
30) Japan increases printing speed to over $1 trillion/year
31) People’s Bank of China says “If government where to buy too much gold, gold prices would surge, a scenario that would hurt Chinese consumers.” March 13, 2013
32) Reserve Bank of Australia to buy China Government Bonds (bilateral currency swap)
33) 40% of Global Central Banks invested in or considering Yuan
34) China suggests sale of “most complete and liquid” reserves (US Treasury bonds)
35) Chinese Hong Kong gold imports total 635 metric tons through the end of May 2013, Already 204 metric tons more than 2011
36) USDA says “1/3 of Americans (101 million) on Food Assistance
37) Consumer Metrics Institute Calls US Recovery a “Sham”
38) Bank of England signs Yuan Swap worth $33 billion
39) People’s Bank of China to settle cross border directly
40) European Central Bank seeks Yuan Swap worth $133 billion
41) Banks value gold over dollars – negative forward rates (banks will pay you interest for storing your gold as collateral for a loan)
42) First time in history gold forward rates are negative out 6 months (banks will pay negative interest to the borrower if you provide gold as collateral)
43) Temp work agency becomes 2nd largest US employer
44) US and Canadian Mint silver sales now exceed domestic mine supply for both countries (rush into tangible assets)
45) Shanghai Gold Exchange delivers 9 times physical gold of COMEX (US traders only settle in dollars whereas Chinese investors only settle in gold)
46) US Chamber of Commerce Survey “74% of small businesses will fire workers, cut hours under Obamacare”
47) 450 metric tons of gold (net) exits COMEX and GLD vaults in 2013 (some goes to China and some to the global Central banks)
48) Gold to replace the US Dollar as Yuan reference

Mike Maloney, Hidden Secrets of Money Episode 3

If gold were to cover the currency supply today it would be priced at $13,400/oz for history to repeat and for it to do the same thing it did in 1934 and in 1980. If you include the same overshoot as in 1980, it would require $24,000/oz gold. However since the Federal Reserve stated it will continue Quantitative Easing to 2015 until unemployment decreases and the economy gets back on track we would need $26,000/oz gold to cover the currency supply. If you include the same overshoot as in 1980, it would require $47,000/oz gold.

Mike Maloney, Hidden Secrets of Money Episode 3

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Jury Nullification

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Here is a 2-minute video on the revival of an old concept that has its roots at the very origins of the writing of our Constitution. When one has committed a “crime”, of which 80-90% are victimless State fabricated crimes, the jury of our peers has the power to judge not only the facts of the case but also the law itself. This gives those on the jury an awesome power to overturn existing unconstitutional laws with their decision. By not coming to a unanimous decision the result is a “hung jury” or a hopelessly deadlocked trial, which must be declared a mistrial, and, if the prosecution is so persistent, a new trial must be embarked on with a new panel of jurors. Oregon and Louisiana are the only exceptions to this unanimous decision rule, a 10-2 ruling being sufficient in those states. Judges have tried many times to bully jurors into a unanimous verdict based not on the law deemed unconstitutional but based on the law as the Judge provides it. This is a direct usurpation of the fundamental rights of a juror. The jurors hold incredible power to nullify unjust laws that have been the law of the land for decades or centuries. The rulers are not as powerful as they think and the people are not as weak as they think!


It is not only [the juror’s] right, but his duty…to find the verdict according to his own best understanding, judgment, and conscience, though in direct opposition to the direction of the court.

John Adams, Founding Father and 2nd President of the United States


Jury nullification as elucidated by the 5th Amendment is similar to State nullification as elucidated by the 10th Amendment. The former allows jurors to nullify or render laws unconstitutional and the latter allows any State to do the same. It is not something the Federal Government explains well as it would be self-defeating.


I consider trial by jury as the only anchor ever yet imagined by man, by which a government can be held to the principles of its Constitution.

Thomas Jefferson, 3rd US President

This is a concept whereof few people are aware. It is perhaps one of the best checks and balances the Constitution affords. The so called checks and balances that are usually attributed to the 3 branches of government are absurd since an entity cannot realistically police itself. Only an outside 3rd party without a vested interest can be expected to do such a thing.



The jury has the right to judge both the law as well as the fact in controversy.

Judge John Jay, first chief justice of the Supreme Court


The term “victimless crime” is defined as a crime which does not result in injury of any person and hence there exists no direct or identifiable victim. Such crimes are associated with most laws except those involving the topic of theft. Arguably theft is the most ancient of crimes. Broadly defined it covers fraud which would be theft of one’s wealth; arson, property damage, and vandalism which would be theft of one’s property and possessions; assault and battery which would theft of one’s health and well being; rape would be theft of one’s sexuality; and murder would be theft of one’s life. Some notorious victimless crimes that contribute to the overpopulation of our cages, also known as prisons, include illegal drug use/possession, tax evasion, speeding, inspection expiration, violation of State licensure terms, adultery, practicing healing practices not approved by the FDA, evading the oncoming single payer health care etc.


All laws which can be violated without doing anyone any injury are laughed at.



When the State endeavors to forcefully prohibit a substance or action it inevitably creates a black market and the proliferation of said substance or action. This process has been clearly seen in the War On Terror, War On Drugs, War on Illegal Immigrants, War on Prostitution etc. The State is notoriously and fabulously inefficient at anything to which it sets its mind and taxpayer currency. This has been a wonderful method to provide justification for its own existence and is readily approved by the vulgar masses which are raised on government indoctrination (public/tertiary education) and are sustained on a steady diet of government propaganda (mainstream news).

IRS Defeated by Hung Jury Against Tax Resister

Doreen Hendrickson: The IRS Attempts to Suborn Perjury

Jury Nullification

Judge Undermines Jury Nullification Law with Jury Instructions
Here is another wonderfully philosophical 4 1/2 minute video done by a good friend on the dichotomous views of anarchy which include chaotic violence and peaceful free market order. The inherent immorality of the institution of government lies in that we cannot delegate to government any right that we do not ourselves possess. We cannot steal from our neighbor, kidnap our neighbor, imprison our neighbor, fine our neighbor, or execute our neighbor. If our government is said to be “by the people, for the people, and of the people” how then can we reasonably delegate such rights to those that would rule over us? Undoubtedly government officials are human, although David Icke would object to this, and are subjected to the same natural rule of law and non aggression principle that all other human beings are subjected to without exception. The dissolution of this concept lays the foundation for such things as coups, military invasions, genocide, politicide, mass murder, drone strikes, indefinite detention and execution without habeas corpus etc.




If the war on terror produced more terrorists and the war on drugs produced more black market drug use, can we please have a war on jobs and a war on money?



The jury has an “unreviewable and irreversible power… to acquit in disregard of the instructions on the law given by the trial judge.

[US vs Dougherty, 473 F 2d 1113, 1139 (1972)]


Juries have the power to judge the facts of the case as well as the law itself.

US Supreme Court, February 1794

Just do good things



America Honors Hired Mercenaries – Veteran’s Day


Yesterday we celebrated Veteran’s Day, a day to commemorate those hired mercenaries of innocent people bought and paid for with stolen money (taxes) as if they performed some honorable duty without which we would all be living destitute lives full of privation and suffering. Everywhere it is mindlessly parroted that “They fought to defend our freedoms!” Let us examine for a moment the often-referenced “freedoms” they are out murdering so hard to protect. The freedom of free speech and uninhibited expression? Nope. The freedom of the press and media to report alternative viewpoints contrary to the status quo? Nope. The freedom of cyber, personal, or financial privacy? Nope. The freedom to open a business without being harassed by oppressive government regulations? Nope. The freedom to practice a profession without the permission (licenses) and necessary extortion fees required to keep our governing federal mafia from harassing us to no end? Nope. The freedom to not be sexually assaulted when attempting to leave the arbitrarily government concocted lines known as state/national borders by naked body scanners and poking/prodding happy sexual deviants also known as the Touch Sex Army (TSA)? Nope. The freedom to keep all the fruits of one’s industry and labor? Nope. The freedom to put into one’s body whatever arbitrarily “illicit” substance our masters have capriciously chosen to prohibit? Nope. The freedom to decide one’s own healthcare? Nope. The freedom to not pay extortion fees (taxes)? Nope. The freedom to a fair and equitable trial by a jury of our peers? Nope. The freedom to opt out of supporting the inefficiently brutal agency of coercion, violence, exploitation, and theft also known as the Federal Government? Nope. The freedom to secede from the Union as a state, county, town, neighborhood, street, family, or individual? Nope. The freedom to use whichever currency one deems appropriate for payment of all debts public and private? Nope. The freedom to have our skies absent of poisonous chemtrails and surveillance/murderous drones? Nope. The freedom to not have our physical whereabouts monitored by ever intrusive surveillance cameras and sophisticated tracking technology? Nope. The freedom to have our global climate unadulterated by HAARP and chemtrails for the purposes of utilizing self-sustainable farming techniques? Nope.


If you are one of those unfortunates who are currently in the military, I implore you to re-examine what exactly you are doing in the world. Your actions are having real effects on real people. Do you possess the intimate understanding of other cultures and foreign peoples to justify your heinous actions? If you are participating to pay for college, travel the world, or because you think you have no other alternative I strongly encourage you to reconsider the motives of the organization you work for. Being a hero is not about obeying orders regardless of your morality. That is something a soulless machine could do. Claiming good intentions whilst acting in a state of ignorance is the basis for every kind of horrific atrocity in history. Being a hero is understanding what universal morality is, living by your moral code, and encouraging others to do the same. The true hero rejects initiatory violence in all its manifestations. The true hero is the one that leads a life of virtue, honor, and peace based on voluntary interactions with his fellow human beings. The true hero does not come home to ticker tape parades. The true hero is not awarded metals of honor or purple hearts. The true hero acts based on a profound understand of morality, philosophy, and economics. The true heroes are all around us. They are not in the limelight. They do not expect daily praises for their efforts but they do hold other to the same standard of civility. Be a radical. Advocate for peace, love, and anarchy. Vacate the State!


Political language is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.

George Orwell


In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot.

Mark Twain


I am still searching for the freedoms these murderers are killing innocent people to protect us from. If you know of any please let me know. It seems I am searching in vain, because all I see are usurpations and the curtailing of previously held freedoms, yet war is as ubiquitous as ever! Federal spending of stolen money on massacre and carnage is now over half of our trillion dollars counterfeited annual budget! The US is the biggest spender on military weapons, troops, equipment etc on Earth. The amount dwarfs the military spending of the next 25 countries combined! We are also the largest seller and exporter of weapons on the globe, arming the same foreign enemies we are so dedicated to annihilating. And some people still have the gall to say we need government for the maintenance of our infrastructure (roads, bridges, tunnels etc) and to fund education? Our federal government needs us! It is the parasites who die when the host wakes up and scratches them off! Our masters are not as powerful as they think they are and the people are not as weak they think they are!

Man is the only Patriot. He sets himself apart in his own country, under his own flag, and sneers at the other nations, and keeps multitudinous uniformed assassins on hand at heavy expense to grab slices of other people’s countries, and keeps them from grabbing slices of his. And in the intervals between campaigns he washes the blood off his hands and works for “the universal brotherhood of man” – with his mouth.

Mark Twain, “The Lowest Animal”

Here is a truly shocking 5 minute video of 1000 years of war from the global perspective! Apart from the obvious moral dilemmas with waging wars on other people with the express purpose of enslaving them, stealing their natural resources, or satisfying any other whim a tyrant might conjure, there is the question of funding. How is a State to pay for its troops? I sincerely doubt that even the most steadfastly patriotic will fight and die for free. There exist 3 main options for a State to fund any of its endeavors; taxation of its citizens, borrowing from other countries, and printing currency also known as deficit spending. The first two options have most apparent limits in scope. Waging heavy taxation on the people for the purpose of paying for a murderous conquest becomes tiresome as the people grow weary of such blatant theft. Such a war cannot last. Borrowing from foreign countries to fund a murderous conquest becomes quite risky for the lender. The borrower’s credit dwindles the more money is borrowed and the longer the war is fought. Eventually the lending country will not lend anymore and will demand repayment. Such a war cannot last.

Therefore printing currency becomes the option of choice for a globally imperialistic State. In modern times there have been many euphemisms to disguise the sinister essence of this action. It has been called money creation, The Mandrake Mechanism, Quantitative Easing, deficit spending etc. A blood sucking parasitic bureaucrat by any other name is still just as useless and societally damaging. This may be characterized as a hidden tax on the purse of the people. As we have learned before “Wealth is never destroyed or created. It is merely transferred.” It is a tax as every piece of currency that is printed and used to fund the wartime effort is just more wealth siphoned away from the producing middle class to the ruling elite. It is a “hidden” tax in that the resultant loss of purchasing power is oftentimes so piecemeal and subtle that “not one man in a million will be able to diagnose it.” However during times of war this destruction of purchasing power, addition to the monetary base, and price inflation becomes self-evident to those paying attention.

History records that the money changers have used every form of abuse, intrigue, deceit, and violent means possible to maintain their control over governments by controlling money and its issuance.

James Madison

This money creation is facilitated by the Central Banking System. Cloaked in confusion, engulfed in uncertainty, and begirded by obscurity the function and purpose of Central Banks in our society is not something clearly taught to our precious budding little minds in their government educational institutions. This is done for good reason. A general public replete with awakened and financially literate individuals precludes the very existence of both cancerous establishments of the Federal Government and the Central Banks. This must not be encouraged!

The nationalist not only does not disapprove of atrocities committed by his own side, but he has a remarkable capacity for not even hearing about them.

George Orwell

It is no coincidence that the century of total war coincided with the century of Central Banking.

Ron Paul


Take particular note of the war orgy that began precisely after the Federal Reserve was founded in 1913. It has been estimated that 160 million people died in war in the 20th century. Completely aside from war (which is an inevitable toxic spinoff of collectivism and nation-states) was that it has been estimated that 262 million people died in the 20th century alone through democide. Democide is a term revived and redefined by the political scientist R. J. Rummel as “the murder of any person or people by a government, including genocide, politicide and mass murder.” Combined that is 422 million people killed in the last century alone through collectivism, nation-states, central banking and the wars they enable. That’s nearly half a billion people!

Jeff Berwick


I just want you to know that, when we talk about war, we’re really talking about peace.

George W. Bush, June 18, 2002