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The subject of vaccinations is quite a contentious topic for many. Whether for or against, I believe most parents can agree on one thing: we all desire only the best our children and wish to shield them from harm. Given this understanding both pro-vaccine advocates and anti-vaccine advocates believe they are correct and acting in the best interests of their children. I will not be discussing the medical aspects of vaccines as this topic can be detailed and convoluted for some. I will leave the reader to research this at another time.

What greatly concerns me is the hijacking of any medical procedure by “government”. The definition of “government” is a monopoly of initiated aggression that solves problems solely by pointing guns at peaceful people. When such a violent entity seeks to dictate the healthcare decisions of its citizens, it is implied that “government” claims dominion over, not only its citizen’s wages, real estate, labor, and food, but also the very flesh and blood that comprises each individual. Aside from outright slavery, this absurd tyranny can get no more egregious. If a man forfeits the freedom to choose his own healthcare he has already lost his most precious asset.


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Good ideas do not require force. If vaccines are truly as effective as they claim to be than pointing guns at people by means of legislation is scarcely necessary. The good reputation of any superior technology is more than sufficient to spread the word. Rest assured the beauty and popularity of the Internet did not require men with guns, costumes, and badges coercing peaceful people to use it. It spread like wildfire of its own accord. Any safe and effective medical procedure would be spread in much the same way. This is not even considering the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (vaccine injury court) set up to deal with all the vaccine damaged children as well as the legislation in place to protect medical doctors and pharmaceutical companies from the litigation of angry parents of vaccine damaged children. An institution that is shielded from reprisal resulting from damaged patients is a dangerous institution free of accountability. When profits are privatized and losses socialized, the inevitable result is catastrophe.


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If a medical innovation is complex and expensive the populace would most certainly not embrace it. The ethereal and lofty escapes the majority of the people. The simpler and cheaper the technology the more likely it will be adopted by the people. This is one of the foundational principles of the Free Market. By these reasons alone the notion of vaccines collapses. Repeal compulsory vaccination laws, remove “government” shields from physicians and Big Pharma, and dismantle the vaccine courts. When it must survive solely based on it’s own effectiveness in the Free Market we will see the true effectiveness and strength of the vaccination theory. If this cannot or will not be done I cannot take any vaccine advocate seriously. A man either stands on the merits of his own actions or he sits down while others show him what it means to be accountable. Take responsibility or take a seat!

If you would like to learn more please watch this wonderful documentary as soon as possible. It is available for free online streaming until Sunday March 15th. Take advantage of this exquisite offer. Educate yourself! Invest in your mind! It is your best investment! A truly educated mind is a lion amongst a throng of sheep.


When one gets in bed with government, one must expect the diseases it spreads.

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