Teach Your Children About Money

Money is the lifeblood of any economy. It is the lubrication that facilitates every voluntary transaction. When it is freely used amongst peaceful people it significantly raises the wealth and standard of living of society. Historically many items have been used as currency such as exotic bird feathers, beads, lumber, tobacco, cigarettes, candy bars, sea shells, copper, spices, salt, sugar etc. In order to satisfy the criteria of currency it must be divisible, fungible, portable, and durable. For various reasons these items have come and gone due to their unique inadequacies.

Drying the Dollar Bill

Money has all these qualities plus being a store of value over long periods of time. This supreme status has been achieved mainly by gold and silver. Historically when “government” hijacks and debauches money, the decline of society has already begun. This is known as the Wealth Transfer. Through the Mandrake mechanism, coin clipping, currency creation, money printing, interest rate manipulation, deficit spending, or pork/barrel spending “government” corrupts and devalues the purity of sound money. The Wealth Transfer is the sinister mechanism by which wealth is transferred from the industrious to the money controllers or political elite. This is known as the stealth tax of monetary inflation because not one man in a million will detect the source of this wickedness.

Square Mind Becomes Circle

We must teach our children of this reality if we are to finally be free of this vicious cycle. We are the present but our children are the future. They will be the ones to carry the torch. To raise a child is to be a participant in molding the world of tomorrow. By teaching our children about self-ownership, property rights, and non-aggression we are teaching them to be thinking individuals capable of critical analysis. An intelligent mind is a more powerful force than any weapon man can wield and is the true enemy of any “government”. Ideas are what embolden the most ruthless tyrants and topple the fiercest regimes. If you wish to change the world you must first begin by affecting hearts and minds.


From his neck down, a man is worth a couple dollars a day; from his neck up, he is worth anything his brain can invent.

Albert Einstein



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Samuel Kovac: Bitcoin Specialist/Lecturer And Citizen Of Former Communist Czechoslovakia

Please enjoy my recent interview with Samuel Kovac. Herein we discussed how he became an Anarchist, his experience in Communist Czechoslovakia, prohibited goods/actions under Communism, the variety that evil Capitalism brings, sudden collapse under Communism was confusion and mayhem, Coupon Privatization, no unemployment under Communism, government agencies paying government taxes, one button to turn off government, Voluntaryism is a state of mind and not simply a lack of government, Mexico vs. Slovakia, only enforced laws are recognized, Bitcoin is Anarchy, all currencies are fiat currencies, Bitcoin is a scam fallacy, Bitcoin is a bubble fallacy, iPhones as currency, nature prefers the path of least resistance, can Bitcoin be hacked, the fall of Mt. Gox, countries that ban Bitcoin, IRS says Bitcoin is property, different types of Bitcoin wallets, Ross Ulbricht trial, who does Prohibition benefit, legality is not a measurement of morality, is Mexico a dangerous place to live, drug cartels as stupid parasites, is Bitcoin a Ponzi scheme, is Bitcoin useless because it is digital and much more!


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Supporting The Troops

Hiroshima Anniversary

Today is “Remember-the-hired-tools-who-died-while-murdering-raping-and-pillaging-third-world-countries-for-politicians-and-banksters” Day, AKA Memorial Day. It is quite tragic when young teenagers are snatched while still in their innocence and sent to be hired mercenaries based on lies and propaganda. Perhaps it could be rationalized as the logical extension to 12 years of “government” indoctrination, the culmination of an exciting career of being an obedient pawn of the State. Just as the State knows only brute force, coercion, and violence to solve problems; the same can be said for its hired attack dogs known as the police and the military. They are not agencies known for their tact, wisdom, and delicacy, nor do they attract those who possess any measure of intelligence. In fact police departments would intentionally reject any applicants due to their excessively high IQ. Increased intelligence does not harmonize well in a job of mindlessly obeying orders, often to the detriment of peaceful people.

 Dangerous Arab

Some may say, “But they died for our freedom! The fact that you can speak now is because they have died for your freedom of speech!” That may have been their initial noble reason for joining but as we all know; the road to hell is paved with good intentions. The result of their desire to help the innocent and protect our freedoms has been an undeniable disaster; perpetual warfare since World War II, genocide, mass murder, fiat currency creation, crippling debt, indiscriminate drone strikes in multiple countries, 900+ military occupations, collateral damage, millions displaced, destruction of infrastructure, fomentation of anger and hatred for the US to name just a few. The US military interventionist acts of aggression throughout the globe have solidified its position as the only true terrorists and the primary threat to freedom everywhere. What started out as the smallest mafia on the planet, the US “government” has swelled to gargantuan proportions eclipsing the horrors of Communist China, Soviet Russia, and Nazi Germany.

Freedoms and rights are not inherited notions. They are not granted to those who politely ask. They are taken by those who demand them by their words and defend them by their actions. If a man tells you he wishes to protect you from other evil men by extorting more currency from your pocket and by limiting your freedoms; then you must consider the distinct possibility that your protector is, in fact, your oppressor. Every tyrant in history who committed unspeakable atrocities emerged onto the political scene not as a tyrant but as a savior or protector.

The Nationalist not only does not disapprove of atrocities committed by his own side, but he has a remarkable capacity for not even hearing about them.

George Orwell

Just do good things.


Is Money The Root Of All Evil?

An oft repeated but erroneous assertion is “Money is the root of all evil.” How can this be so? Money is simply an inanimate object. How can an inanimate object be blamed for anything? If a civilian man murders someone with a gun does the gun go to jail? If he murders someone with a chainsaw does the chainsaw go to jail? Guns, chainsaws, and anything that one person might use to harm another person can all be used for the purposes of good as well as evil. If a computer program malfunctions, do you blame the program or human programmer? I hope the idiocy of this assertion is apparent.

Before free and peaceful people chose money, barter was the trade method of choice. This carried with it inherent problems which included lack of coincidence of wants, lack of division, lack of common measure of value, and lack of store of value. Money and currency were borne out of necessity as communities grew.

Money is a tool chosen by free and peaceful people to trade amongst each other. It was chosen because it satisfied certain criteria that facilitated trade. These criteria include portability, divisibility, fungibility (interchangeability), durability, and store of value. Now there is a fundamental difference between money and currency. Currency is all those things minus being a store of value. It can be controlled by “governments” in the form of Central Banks and legal tender laws however this is not necessary. Some examples of currency not controlled by “governments” include tobacco, exotic bird feathers, colored beads, stamps, candy bars, nails, copper, lumber, axe heads, sea shells, salt, sugar, spices etc. All of these substances satisfied some criteria of money but lacked one or two others and so were eventually abandoned.

photo 2

Eventually about 5000 years ago precious metals, more specifically gold and silver, began their use by free and peaceful people. Although “governments” have, over the millennia, attempted to control, standardize, and issue its use, these efforts have always failed. Precious metals always retain their intrinsic value and therefore are a wonderful protection against deficit spending, pork barrel spending, warfare, imperialism, and grandiose public works that insane “governments” frequently try to fund through taxation and debt. The market can only be unnaturally stretched and distorted so far by “governments” before it snaps back. When this snap back occurs beware! For it is during this phase that much of the illusory wealth disappears, as gold/silver do an accounting for all the excess fiat currency, government bonds, and debt that was created during the distortion. This is known as the boom/bust cycle. This economic mechanism has been in effect, in an exaggerated way, for as long as “governments” have sought to meddle and intervene in so called “monetary policy”.

As long as we allow our “government” through Central Banks to control and manage our money we will never be free. It is a rigged game on an uneven playing field. It is playing monopoly with someone who can print unlimited amounts of currency. Far from money being the root of all evil, money is at the root of human trade and therefore plays an integral role in our economic health and vitality. Support the black market! Support the counter economy! Get your wealth out of fiat currency and SIFI banks! The State can be defeated, not by violent revolution, but by economic self-sufficiency and by withdrawing support of a decadent and predatory system. Simply remove nourishment from the parasite and it will necessarily shrivel up and die without the application of any force whatsoever.


Due to Gresham’s Law gold and silver started to disappear from circulation from 431-404 BC as people spent the government enforced copper coins and hoarded the gold/silver coins. Suddenly it took a whole bunch of copper coins to buy a gold/silver coin. This is the first time gold or silver ever had a price. Before that everything was measured in a weight of gold/silver.

Mike Maloney, ‘Hidden Secrets of Money’ Episode 2


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Duck Tales Inflation Lesson

I used to watch Duck Tales as a young child however I do not remember this episode. I’m glad that such as vitally important economic principle such as monetary inflation is explained so well in a children’s cartoon. I wonder how many kids who watch this actually understand the profound implications behind the hidden tax of inflation and why it is such an insidious destroyer of value to everyone who saves in currency which includes those on fixed incomes, retirees, the disabled etc. Get your wealth out of the counterfeit confetti monopoly money and put it into real tangible assets that the Federal Reserve cannot print! Cash is trash!

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Inflation is when you pay fifteen dollars for the ten dollar haircut you used to get for five dollars when you had hair.”

Sam Ewing, American writer


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