The Beauty of Voluntaryism

When I discuss concepts such as the Federal Reserve monopoly on currency, State monopoly on violence, War on Drugs, NDAA, Patriot Act, surveillance state, police brutality etc I get many comments such as “Stop being so negative!” and “Can’t you just enjoy life and be happy?” Therefore this article is to demonstrate that Voluntaryists are some of the most positive people I know. I truly believe we are all born Voluntary Anarchists and the indoctrinating government institution known as “public school” aggressively tries to beat it out of us and mold what remains of that natural curiosity and love for life into something uniform, mechanized, and monotonous. Some of us have survived this brutal treatment with our integrity intact enough to regenerate again; just as the human liver can regenerate completely even after 80% of it is destroyed by hepatotoxic substances. Some beautiful aspects that flourish under Voluntaryism include love, freedom of self-ownership, resilient adaptability, freedom of self-expression, and random acts of kindness.

Love, like human creativity and ingenuity, can only exist in its purest and most beautiful form in complete freedom. Any infringement on that freedom, however, does not extinguish it; rather it suppresses its manifestation to be inevitably expressed in deeper and darker places. Just like pressure rather than wiping water out of existence just scatters its form; so too central authoritarian governments do not wipe out love and creativity, such destructive actions only ensure their manifestation in the netherworld part of our society.

Sovereign people are free to harm themselves to whatever degree they deem fit. This should not concern anyone else, just as much as what I choose for lunch should concern no one else. If we do not own our bodies, what else is left for us to own? Self-ownership is the last bastion of freedom. The world is replete with central planners and moral do-gooders who see the world as undifferentiated clay to be molded to fit their beliefs. This nauseates me to no end! Leave people alone and the world will move along just fine!

The subtle adjustments and adaptations that the Free Market makes to changing situations can never be sufficiently predicted by any authoritarian control freak in the same way that one cannot realistically predict which group of species will pass into extinction from any particular human intervention in nature. When peaceful people are allowed to exchange freely and voluntarily amongst themselves, the beauty that can emerge will always be infinitely more magnificent than any authoritarian forcefully imposing his destructive centralized plan. 

One thing many Statists would not like to admit is that the aspects of our lives that are most pleasurable and wondrous are regarded as such simply because we have the freedom to choose or in other words, because they exist in a state of anarchy. This fundamental assertion is one aspect of what makes life beautiful. Who would want to live in a society where every action is regulated, every desire monitored, every utterance filtered, every love questioned, and every feeling anesthetized? The State controlled life is genuinely a life not worth living. The greater the degree of control the lesser the quality of life. Just as one cannot force another to love you; nothing of inherent value and wonder has ever originated out of the coercive monopoly on violence known as the State. 

Complaints vs. Gratitude This is a beautiful example of humanity at its finest. Although the case could be made that this video was a cruel ploy to garner YouTube views. I still commend the act of a gift to a person in need. Even a man who has lost almost everything is still compelled to spread the love. Is this not what life is all about? If we are not willing to help our fellow man to breathe a bit easier why else are we living? There are still people out there with a heart of gold.

It is said that when nearing the end of his life Alexander the Great gathered together his generals and told them his last 3 wishes upon his death.

  1. He would like the best doctors to carry his coffin.
  2. He would like all the money (bills, coins, precious stones, gold, silver) he has gathered in his lifetime to be scattered along the procession to the cemetery.
  3. He would like his hands to be freely hanging out of the sides of the coffin for all to see.

The explanation to #1 is so that it can be plainly seen that the best doctors are powerless to prevent death when it inevitably comes. The explanation to #2 is so that it can be plainly seen that we can take none of our earthly wealth with us to the Great Sleep. The greatest wealth is our limited time here on Earth and unlike monetary wealth it can never be replenished. When we spend time with our family and friends we are giving them something so precious that it can never be retrieved, our life. The explanation to #3 is so that it can be plainly seen that just as we enter this life empty handed in like manner do we depart. We take nothing with us except our consciousness, soul, and spirit. Even our physical bodies are mere shells that temporarily house our incorporeal selves for the time being, but which we must eventually shed in order to return to the stars and planets, which gave birth to us. We are indeed made of star stuff, as stated by the great Carl Sagan. The Infinite Universe is our true mother. Enjoy life while you have it. It has an expiration date!

You can support Voluntaryism by buying from your local farmer’s market, growing your own food, talking and connecting with your neighbors, becoming an entrepreneur, contributing your skills to society, helping your fellow man, spreading kindness and love, investing in Bitcoin, precious metals, diamonds, cash flow real estate (anything the Federal Reserve cannot print), educating yourself with books, articles, documentaries, and videos on real history, teach yourself real nutrition, teach yourself real skills, and then by spreading the message of liberty to anyone and everyone you can. This has always been the best way to secure a bright future. Just because the mental torpor of Statism has enslaved and infected the mind of humanity for millennia does not mean we should give up trying but rather that we should proceed forward ever more vigorously. Can you think of a more just and honorable way to spend one’s fleeting blink of an eye existence on this speck of dirt floating in the vast empty blackness of the cosmic ocean?

We were all born free, moral, and loving. We all innately recognized no other authority, paper document, or law but ourselves. Let us all please find our way back home.

“Gratitude is not only the greatest of all virtues, but the parent of all others.” Marcus Tullius Cicero, ‘Pro Plancio’ 54 BC

 Just do good things.

Slavery is Cheaper than Voluntary Consent – Rebutted

“It’s cheaper for one to enslave people than it is to voluntarily employ them for pay. If I pay $15 to a worker and I can pay $10 for someone to enslave someone else isn’t it cheaper to enslave than to voluntarily employ?”


I believe this is a vast over-simplification of reality for the follow reasons.


In a small local community of voluntaryists I highly doubt that someone will move to kidnap and enslave the people around him. I would imagine this would cause quite a stir even if they tried to hide their slaves. Wouldn’t you think the strange household increase in productivity from unknown sources would raise some eyebrows? This is not even mentioning the fact that people would be noticeably disappearing in the nearby vicinity which in itself would give cause for wonder. Therefore I do believe if someone in a stateless society really wanted to enslave people it would have to be in an area far removed from his place of residence.


In order to understand the incredible cost that must be endured to artificially prop up the institution of slavery we must think back to the time of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade. Some things that were needed to be paid for in order to procure the slaves where the cost of building the ship, its crew, and all onboard equipment, the cost of bribing tribes to travel to the interior of Africa to kidnap the people and bring them back to the coast, the immense cost to ship them over an ocean, the immense cost to house, clothe, and feed every single slave, the cost to employ bounty hunters and slave catchers to retrieve runaways and bring them back to their masters etc. Do you really think after all this expenditure of effort, money, and resources it is still more profitable for someone to enslave others as a means for productivity than to employ them through voluntary mutual consent? Was the cotton so valuable? It must have been worth more than gold!


As with anything that is subsidized by the State, the profits are nationalized and the losses socialized. We can see this most clearly with the 2009 bailouts after the housing crisis. Many banks and investment houses clearly failed yet they did not go bankrupt because the State swooped in and saved their hide with billions of dollars of taxpayer currency and debt of the future. However it is perfectly fine when these same banks and investment houses make billions in speculative derivative gambling, ETF and commodity manipulation, rigging of interest rates with LIBOR scandal, and as a result of the Mandrake Mechanism (currency creation) process in general. Such special interest groups have always existed in one form or another throughout history, artificially propped up by stolen taxpayer currency and debt. These unnaturally large institutions simply cannot exist in their own right without the favoritism and protectionism that the State offers. Slavery is no different.


Just do good things



The Gospel According To Government

Advocating for State run societies is saying that humans can only function through violence and coercion. Sure we have evolved from the beasts but we possess the intellect and the ability to self-reflect and reason complex situations, something palpably lacking in other animals. Therefore we are capable of interaction with each other on a much higher level than merely that of violence and aggression. This is the essence of Voluntary Anarchy.

Some advocate for limited government. They are known as Minarchists or Constitutionalists. However they must recognize that this is a magnificent pipe dream illusion. It didn’t even last a few years after the sacred US Constitution was penned onto its magical paper with magical ink. The Alien and Sedition Act of 1798 was signed into “law” under President John Adams in just over a decade after the US Constitution was written. It’s almost an exact replica of today’s Patriot Act and NDAA.

Many US presidents throughout history have destroyed so called “Freedom of Speech”, “Freedom of the Press”, and “Freedom to peacefully assemble” in times of war. Indeed it is said that during times of war the first casualty is truth. Such useless paper documents have never restrained dictators and tyrants. Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia, and Communist China all had Constitutions that professed the same “respect” of these freedoms. Did that do anything to change the outcome? Of course not! With at least 422 million dead, the 20th century was the bloodiest the world has ever seen, replete with warfare, mass murder, genocide, politicide, and democide. We must stop looking to pieces of paper to justify or restrain those in power. We must govern ourselves! Recognize no man who claims the “authority” to rule over you! Be your own senator, congressman, governor, mayor, and President!

A violent revolution only necessitates the rise of another violent ruling class. Violence is not the answer. It is absurd to believe that 300 million people need violence to wrest the reins of power from a group of a few hundred sociopaths. They only need to realize their true power as free people and take it. The police and military are part of throng, except that they have been duped into believing in the Statist religion. They must be gently educated that there is a better way and that to protect sociopaths is to ensure the future of our own enslavement. Once they realize this the phantasmagoria erected by the Statist spell will collapse and the old wrinkly twisted men behind the curtains will be revealed for all to see.

There is no such instance that a man can reasonably justify the all encompassing indiscriminate violence of the State. Even if a man openly said he was going to kill another person, it is the right of no one to forcibly subjugate or imprison him just based on his words as this would constitute pre-crime, which can only truly exist in the movie “Minority Report” since the future is both unknown and unknowable. The threat of some bad people to do evil does not justify the trampling of everyone’s sovereign rights and the formation of the parasitic and violent police State. The existence and insanity of a few sociopaths will always be present, regardless of the existence of “law”. Murderers will murder and thieves will steal regardless if there exist “laws” for such things or not. Good people abstain from murder and theft not out of a fear of “laws” that are in place but rather because their conscience and moral compass are intact.

It is not necessary for all 300 million to revolt. It only requires the fiery passion of a few brilliant minds to awaken perhaps 10% of the throng. The rest will follow as the herd always does. When that happens, history will have been made. I never advocate violence be used. That will only get you hurt or killed. Then you will really be useless to the movement. Shake the pillars of “authority” with the power of your words and ideas. It is most important to speak to those in the police and military. They are the protectors of the sociopaths, the bodyguards of genocidal megalomaniacs, and perhaps the largest obstacle to our liberation. I don’t advocate attending protests either as that is where the most violence occurs between police and the people. Speak to your friends and neighbors about what is going on. That is the best way.

Love, like human creativity and ingenuity, can only exist in its purest and most beautiful form in complete freedom. Any infringement on that freedom, however, does not extinguish it; rather it suppresses its manifestation to be inevitably expressed in deeper and darker places. Just like pressure rather than wiping water out of existence just scatters its form; so too central authoritarian governments do not wipe out love and creativity, they only ensure their manifestation in the netherworld part of our society known as the Black Market.

The promise of freedom and liberty is the carrot dangled in front of the citizen for which he is supposed to give up his freedom and liberty to achieve. The irony is profound. In reality it was never something for the politicians to give. The State is one of the greatest fictions. We must recognize it as such. Even when shown that the door is wide open, a thoroughly enslaved man will angrily fight to justify his own prison because the thought of something else existing called freedom is too foreign and horrifying.

The very fact that the 20th century was one riddled with the most deaths due to warfare, democide, politicide, and mass murder in history and the 21st century is starting off with a similar bloody tone is indicative that these concepts are not indeed understood by many people. Most people do not even know they are plagued by the mental illness known as Statism, not to mention being ignorant of the cure. The cure for such a hallucination is simple; reading, self education, non-participation in the system, love, and compassion. The cure is simple. Getting people to understand that they are ill is the most monumentally difficult part. How can you convince a diehard patriotic soldier that by killing foreigners he is not fighting for freedom and democracy but is simply being used as a pawn for the parasitic psychopathic ruling elite, Big Bankers, Big Oil, Big Energy etc?

An extortion racket should be recognized in whatever shape it takes. The fact that we have been extensively indoctrinated to believe in the myth known as the State does not assign any special credence to its application. Theft, assault, and murder must be described as such regardless of the uniform, badge, or pompous ceremony surrounding its appearance.

Once people realize that there is a better way to live they will make their own decisions and do what is most natural. When shown that the door is open, few prisoners would prefer to stay in prison. The illusion must be illustrated and made painfully apparent that there can be no misunderstanding as to what must be done. Again, I don’t think a violent revolution is necessary. Why would 300 million people feel a need to violently revolt against a few hundred sociopaths? All they really need to do is just stop supporting the means to their own enslavement. The house of cards will come crashing down immediately.

Just do good things.


The Truth About Slavery

Stefan Molyneux delivers a brilliant expose of the History of Slavery that is poorly understood by the masses but that has profound implications as to the nature of how we view the State and its relationship with the human condition. We were all taught in government schools that slavery is deeply entwined in racist underpinnings. Upon closer examination we discover that this is just one reason why a society would resort to slavery, albeit a most superficial one. Verily we also discover that slavery was not limited to the blacks either. According to the word “slave” is so called “because Slavs were commonly enslaved in the early Middle Ages”. The Slavic countries included Central Europe, Eastern Europe, Southeast Europe, Central Asia, and Northern Asia.

The Truth About Slavery: Past, Present, and Future (Stefan Molyneux bitchute video)


It seems as far back as one is willing to search there is evidence of one dominant group of people enslaving another. It appears in Ancient Greece, Ancient China, Ancient Middle East, Ancient South America, and Ancient Africa. Plato describes the “very rich as owning 50 slaves” Both he and Aristotle assert that “it is human nature which makes the Greeks – a civilized people – enslave the conquered barbarians and other peoples.” The Bible itself does not outright forbid slavery; rather it contains many passages that refer to slavery and the proper methods to treat slaves which include Deuteronomy 15:12-15, Ephesians 6:9, Colossians 4:1, Exodus 7-11, Exodus 13:14, Exodus 21:16, Timothy 1:8-10 etc. In its defense, the Bible’s conception of slavery is more akin to that of indentured servitude for repayment of debts or as a matter of social status. This is vastly different to the form of physical slavery we are all aware of which involves the capture and selling of humans against their will i.e. forced migration of people away from their home country.

For at least 14 centuries the Muslim world has been engaged in the Trans-Saharan slave trade which comparatively was far more horrifying and gruesome than the Trans-Atlantic slave trade which supplied human slaves to North America, South America, and parts of Europe. In all 3 continents that the Trans-Atlantic slave trade supplied over the centuries there are significant black communities that have arisen from the descendants of these captured human chattel. This is not the case in the Middle East. One reason for this is that slaves destined for the Middle East were forced to walk across the Sahara desert, a journey that alone killed many of them. The Arab slave hunters would then routinely castrate all African boys between the ages of 8-14 which included surgically removing the penis and scrotum, without anesthesia. This was a grisly surgical procedure after which the boys mostly bled to death or died from infection. If they did grow into adulthood, these eunuchs became more docile and subservient as a result of the procedure. The black females, if they survived the onerous Saharan march, were destined as sex slaves in Arab brothels. If they became pregnant the resulting baby would be killed. Hence there was little way for the descendents of these unfortunate souls to prosper and thrive, not that such a hell was ideal for a community to take root. The Arab slave trade constituted one of the most massive and most ignored genocidal periods in human history; a considerably egregious historical oversight if ever there was one.

The Trans-Atlantic slave trade was largely dependent on African slave hunters to capture and transport the victims to the coast where the slave ships were waiting to transport them to their forced migratory destinations. It is curious to note that without the help of the African slave hunters, the Europeans would never have been able to penetrate the African interior rendering the Trans Atlantic slave trade impossible. This is due to the fact that the Europeans would have quickly perished from mosquitoes, large predators, cholera, and other hazards on their way into the African interior.

Once the slaves reached the New World other factors came into play. The early colonial America maintained mostly white slaves, primarily in the form of indentured servants. It was only later; when the Trans Atlantic slave trade came into vogue did the black slave population concomitantly increase to sizeable proportions. Towards the end of the 18th century slaves were being freed on a regular basis so quickly that if it continued unabated every slave would have been freed 2x over by the 1860s when the Emancipation Proclamation was signed by President Lincoln. As it happened the Federal government banned the freeing of slaves in the early 1800s thereby artificially prolonging the institution of slavery. Any slave master found to have freed any slaves during this period would be fined, imprisoned, and likely made a slave himself. This federal support of slavery continued until the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850 when the federal government placed a reward for bounty hunters who captured and brought runaway slaves back to their Southern masters. This was largely ineffective as many Northern States were already nullifying this federal law and refusing to enforce it within their borders. Local police were told to not comply with it as well as to defend free black men that were accosted by federal agents or bounty hunters. Thus the sentiment of physically enslaving fellow human beings in the US was dramatically shifting with or without the approval of the Federal Government. It was therefore not the wisdom of the “great” President Lincoln that freed the slaves but the combined efforts of the intrepid abolitionists of the time.

The only two countries on Earth which required an abominable civil war to abolish slavery were the United States and Haiti. All other countries abolished it peacefully and without additional bloodshed. The American Civil War was the bloodiest in our nation’s history up until that point with a combined death toll of 750,000 people. With an approximate US population of 26.7 million people in 1855 that death toll is a considerable percentage of unnecessary and wasted human life, as is the death toll in all wars.

Slavery in early America was an institution that only the super rich could afford as the slaves had to be housed, clothed, fed, and taken care of, to the same extent that a farmer would take of his cattle, not out of love and respect for his cattle’s dignity but so that he may profit from their optimal production. Therefore slavery was not typically practiced by the middle and lower classes as they did not have the means. It was a Fascistic monopoly entirely supported and made possible by the State. Indeed how could a slave master force 20-30 slaves to obey him and not walk away as they most easily could have done? Government enforcers were therefore necessary to capture runaway slaves and bring them back to their rightful owners.

Some have placed misguided blame on the Free Market for the existence of slavery. In reality slavery is far from being a product of the voluntary exchange between peaceful individuals. Rather slavery can only have existed with the help of State subsidies and Crony Capitalistic support. It was an enormous waste of human labor and resources, the cost of which was socialized and absorbed by the State and by extension completely funded by the tax payer. It was just another example of a State subsidized monopolistic entity that achieved unnaturally monstrous proportions by means of the State Fascistic model. This is similar to all the State funded monopolies that exist today which include The Federal Reserve, SIFI Banks/Investment Firms, NFL, Nuclear Energy, Biotech Corporations, Pharmaceutical Corporations, Oil Corporations, Airline Corporations, Military-Industrial Complex, College/University industry etc. The list of industries and corporations funded by the currency extorted at gun point from tax payers is lengthy.



However atrocious the institution of slavery was it must be realized that it was wholly supported and funded by decent people who believed paying one’s taxes and obeying the “law” like a “good citizen” was the epitome of what it meant to live in Western civilization. Without the life blood of tax revenue or currency creation, which is a hidden tax on the people, the State is rendered crippled and impotent. Remove our participation and funding of the system and it will collapse back to the netherworld from whence it emerged. The State has no rightful place in the furtherance of human progress. It is the parasite on the back of man that is slowly growing to obscene proportions at the expense of the industrious and productive sector of society. We are the sleeping lion that need only awaken and scratch off this parasite. It is as easy as saying “I own myself! I am responsible for my destiny! I owe my allegiance to no man!” Just walk away from the sociopaths. Ignore them out existence.

Voluntary Anarchy is for those who practice love, compassion, and sympathy for their fellow men and women. Anarchists did not wage two World Wars! Anarchists did not drop two nuclear bombs on civilian cities! Anarchists did not engage in an American Civil War! Anarchists do not send people to Guantanamo Bay! Anarchists have not enslaved other groups of people for social status, color, or race for time immemorial! Anarchists did not detain Japanese-Americans against their will! Anarchists did not viciously massacre Native Americans and steal their land! Anarchists do not routinely go overseas to murder foreigners in the name of the “War on Terror”! Anarchists do not cowardly send drones to murder foreigners in the name of the “War on Terror! Anarchists did not murder Jews during the Holocaust! Anarchists did not murder Gypsies in Eastern Europe! Anarchists did not murder Australian Aboriginals and steal their land! No all these and other horrors were committed by decent people who believed in the myth called “government”. They believed that they were doing good by obeying the insane whims of sociopaths in power. The distinction is clear.  Take responsibility for your life and your actions! You always have a choice to obey sociopaths or your own conscience!

“I sit on a man’s back choking him and making him carry me, and yet assure myself and others that I am sorry for him and wish to lighten his load by all means possible…except by getting off his back.” Leo Tolstoy, “What Then Must We Do?”

Just do good things.


Voting is Violence

On January 28, 2014 our fearless gang leader gave his annual State of the Union address to the group of baboons known as Congress. He vowed to raise the federal minimum wage to $10.10 further destroying basic employment opportunities for unskilled and inexperienced workers. He also said he will push forward on his agenda “with or without the approval of Congress”, in the true spirit of a dictator. Now the subordinate thieves, liars, and murderers are preparing for their 2014 elections. If you want to live in a world of abundant prosperity, peaceful interactions, and voluntary associations please stop participating in this freak show circus of force and aggression. It is degrading to our humanity and violent towards our neighbors.

Voting is Violence

Voting hanging tree

Voting is Violent

Behind this mask there is more than just flesh. Beneath this mask there is an idea… and ideas are bulletproof.

V for Vendetta

Just do good things.