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This link demonstrates very well the complete absurdity of allowing the miniscule few to control and frighten the many. We are the enormous flock of sheep that allow ourselves to be corralled by the lone sheep dog and his owner. “Authority” is a mirage conjured in the minds of the slaves to the benefit of the sociopathic rulers. It is the most effective way to govern a people since its belief requires the utter abandonment of liberty, self-ownership, and reason. A free and critical thinking populace is diametrically opposed to the health of “government”. Ignorance is the health of “government”, for at its core “government” is nothing but a group of mentally ill twisted old men with aspirations of global domination. These types of people contribute nothing useful to society but misery, suffering, and exploitation. Pull back the curtain and their quintessence is revealed for all to see and ridicule.


If any man’s money can be taken by a so-called government, without his own personal consent, all his other rights are taken with it; for with his money the government can, and will, hire soldiers to stand over him, compel him to submit to his arbitrary will, and kill him if he resists.”

Lysander Spooner



Their power is your subservience. Their authority is your obedience. To an enlightened and empowered group their “laws” are nothing but hollow threats and empty commands enforced by the barrel of a gun. Their number is small and insignificant. Why do we continue giving them attention and power? The elephant does not stop in its tracks according to the whims of an ant. The Milky Way galaxy does not change its swirling motions by the caprices of a pale blue dot drifting in the void occupying an inconsequential position as 3rd rock from a middle aged star among billions of other undiscovered stars. Why do we continue to give these madmen power that, in an age of humans seized by reason and logic would immediately put them to work or banish them to their rightful place, the asylum? In nature it is understandable that the throng may be frightened by the occasional predator due to herd mentality and instinct. However amongst a throng of human beings each endowed with reason and logic, the devolution to herd mentality is contemptible, reprehensible, and thoroughly dangerous. Few other cases of intellectual dereliction have resulted in so many historical atrocities, mass murders, and genocidal events.


There is nothing that the State currently provides through theft and coercion that free human beings cannot provide at a lower cost and higher quality through voluntary interaction in the marketplace.”

Justin Stout


Wow! Larken Rose delivers another powerful argument for the free market in this enlightening 16-minute video in which he explains the definition of the term “free market” and how it is amazingly capable of adapting and surviving in any situation, even in a setting with the most stringent of rules loss of privacy, constant surveillance, and oppressive regulations, such as a prison. The “free market” is simply what results when free human beings are able to enter into voluntary exchange without government interference. It is not something magical or ethereal. This should be a wakeup call for any Statist who distrusts the “free market” when it comes to solving the everyday problems human beings encounter during voluntary trade.


Prison – no property, free health care, free education, no classism, 100% redistribution of wealth, free board, free food, work when you want, state manages everything – a perfect progressive utopia.”





Today the truly free market is also known as the black market. For only in such an underground environment can meaningful and mutually beneficial trade exist. State interference in the matter only serves to poison and adulterate what would otherwise be a transaction in which both parties walk away richer. Some people deride the black market by saying “That’s where the crime is! It’s dangerous!” However one must keep in mind the origin of these dangerous conditions, which can only have come about through the suffocating regulations and “laws” violently imposed by the State. This phenomenon has occurred during the alcohol prohibition of the 1920s as well as during the current War on Drugs. Every time “government” chooses to arbitrarily ban a substance, mushroom, leaf, flower, or particular human behavior (i.e. prostitution) its antithetical black market is immediately created, as now the conditions are ripe for lucrative underground businesses headed by bold groups or individuals who are willing to brave the danger of operating in a criminal environment. The rescindment of these “laws” immediately neutralizes these attractive incentives for the bold and the concomitant black market is annihilated.


Why not just cut out the Middle Man (the government) and commit the crimes yourself to get what you are “entitled”.”


Wonderful! Here Larken Rose clearly demonstrates the inherent immorality in the democratic concept of electing anything by majority rule and coercively applying that ruling across the board to all the inhabitants of a nation State. Centrally planned monopolies don’t work in education, retirement services, military, the monetary system etc. They all fail miserably because human free will can never be predicted by any centrally planned agency, not that “government” has any desire to satisfy every human desire. Once a monopoly is established and supported by the guns of “government” prices soar, competition is eliminated, resource wastefulness abounds, and quality plummets. The process is quite predictable as any inhabitant of a previous Communist or Socialist society can attest to. If Cuba is such a “worker’s paradise” why do people from the other Caribbean islands risk life and limb to take a boat 200 miles to Florida rather than travel 50 miles to Cuba? Why do you never hear of people illegally crossing the border into North Korea?


The worst evils which mankind has ever had to endure were inflicted by bad governments.”

Ludwig Von Mises


Excellent! This video indisputably explains in no uncertain terms the Voluntary Anarchy philosophy of liberty, self-ownership, and the non-aggression principle. It is a moral and ethical belief system we all unknowingly subscribe to when we are with our family, friends, and when we do business with others. Why then is it such a stretch to believe that it should be applied to the whole of humanity? The political process does not provide legitimacy to violate natural law with the delegation of crimes such as theft, enslavement, torture, imprisonment, or murder to “politicians” who do so under the guise of “government”. It may be difficult to believe but “politicians” are flesh and blood human beings as well and as such are subjected to the same moral and ethical principles we are all subjected to. That they imagine themselves to have moral “authority” to rule over us should be no justification for the multitudinous crimes they daily commit.


No man can put a chain about the ankle of his fellow man without at last finding the other end fastened about his own neck.”

Frederick Douglas 



A “politician” cannot break into his neighbor’s house and demand $100 as that would be an obvious violation of one’s property rights and constitute theft, even if he were to assert that he will use that currency for his sick grandmother. However if that same “politician” were to use the “legal process” to pass a “law” forcing everyone to pay $100 and call it taxation it becomes acceptable and morally correct. Furthermore if someone decides he doesn’t want his currency stolen by “government” he is called a “tax cheat” by his fellow man or is found guilty by the monopolistic court system of the victimless crime known as tax evasion and thrown into a cage. Does anyone see the inherent immorality in this process? At which point did this action switch from contemptible theft of property to socially acceptable taxation?


The danger is not that a particular class is unfit to govern. Every class is unfit to govern.”

Lord Acton

The word “law” is deceptive. It implies something undisputable, universal, and self-evident. This is true with laws of mathematics, physics, gravity etc. These laws may not be changed regardless of any tyrannical dictate. No one would take seriously a professor of mathematics who proclaims “In my classroom 2 + 2 = 5!” On the contrary he would be laughed at, ridiculed, and fired from his post! Upon closer examination we discover that this is not so with respect to “government” wherein “politicians” frequently bend and pervert Natural Law to conform to their political agenda however heinous that may be. Murder is murder if it is done by oneself or delegated to a “politician” in times of war, in which case a murdered military slave is described as having “died for his country”.


No one has a right to food, water, shelter, money, or love if he must obtain it at the expense of the owner.  Medical care is no more a right than these.  Man rightfully obtains goods and services by producing them from nature or by voluntary exchange with others.  Man may exchange goods, services, and emotional values, but he must trade to obtain them.  Otherwise he is a thief acting against human existence.”

Charles W. Johnson, The Freeman [April 1969]


Elaborate pomp and fancy rituals do not justify any violation of natural law regardless of the nice looking hats of our “rulers” or the regal robes of our “judges” or the impressive uniforms and shiny badges of our “law enforcement”.  Do not be fooled by the distracting flowing gowns and ornate ceremonies, they do not alter the fundamental nature of ethics and morality with their “legislative process” or due process of “law” or “taxation”. Pull aside the curtain and unplug yourself to recognize the vicious beast for what it is.


Even the richest person, provided the riches comes from mutually beneficial exchange, does not need to give anything ‘back’ to the community, because this person took nothing out of the community. Indeed, the reverse is true: enterprises give to the community. Their owners take huge risks, and front the money for investment, precisely with the goal of serving others. Their riches are signs that they have achieved their aims.”

Jeffrey Tucker



You are the sole owner of your body and mind. You are entitled to personal liberty and all that it brings. Anyone intent on violating your sovereign inalienable rights should be met with justified force in accordance with a reasonable defense of self from “government”. To those who say “If you don’t like our country why don’t you leave!” I would respond by saying “Being born on a particular piece of dirt known as a ‘country’ and under the ‘authority’ of the resident gang does not make me a slave subject to its commands.” It is not the duty of the individual to prove the existence of his sovereign rights but rather the duty of “government” and its “politicians” to prove their moral right to rule. When it is realized that no man can violently impose his will on another without violating some form of Natural Law then it must be concluded that “government” has no authority, power, or legitimacy. Their right to rule is based on manipulation and deceit. Their power lies solely in the belief of the people that they have power. Remove that belief and the entire charade is exposed to the merciless elements of logic and reason.



It is incorrect to think of liberty as synonymous with unrestrained action. Liberty does not and cannot include any action, regardless of sponsorship, which lessens the liberty of a single human being. To argue contrarily is to claim that liberty can be composed of liberty negations, patently absurd. Unrestraint carried to the point of impairing the liberty of others is the exercise of license, not liberty. To minimize the exercise of license is to maximize the area of liberty. Ideally, government would restrain license, not indulge in it; make it difficult, not easy; disgraceful, not popular. A government that does otherwise is licentious, not liberal.” 

Leonard E. Read



Why We Couldn’t Abolish Slavery Then and Can’t Abolish Government Now

After This Year’s Mess, Small Is More Beautiful Than Ever

The More Wasteful Is The Federal Government Program, The More Essential It is To Washington



Political language is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind. 

George Orwell



Just do good things



Don’t Eat It (Anti-GMO music video parody)

Please enjoy these two music video parodies on GMOs and Monsanto. What are GMOs? It stands for Genetically Modified Organisms, or in other words anything, which is not naturally occurring. They are created when scientists remove genes, change genes, or add genes from one species and forcefully insert it into another for the purpose of adding a desired effect or deleting an undesirable one. Just as in our modern day interventionist Keynesian Economics which damages and worsens the economy through currency manipulation/creation (The Mandrake Mechanism) and interest rate fixing; when one attempts to manipulate the traits of living organisms that have taken many thousands or millions of years to evolve, the result is unintended, or intended for the more sinister minded, harmful effects for the organism being experimented upon, other organisms who interact with it in nature, as well as those organisms who consume it. Man did not create plants, animals, and the free market economy and so nothing man does will improve the current affairs. Quite the opposite in fact occurs. The more intervention man employs in the natural plant, animal, and free market economic world will only serve to exacerbate and lengthen any minor glitches that may present. Nature, as in free market economics, has many self-healing mechanisms that automatically correct itself with ease. Future distortions and irregularities cannot be foreseen by any politician, Nobel Prize winning economist, or biotech scientist, no matter how savvy and clever.



When diet is wrong, medicine is of no use. When diet is correct, medicine is of no need.”

Ayurvedic proverb


One glaring example of this is corn that has been modified to contain the bacterium, Bacillus Thuringeiensis, which makes the corn fatal to insects and other pests. When they eat this GMO corn it immediately destroys their stomachs and digestive systems. The biotech companies however tell us, with indefatigable calmness, this Franken corn is harmless to humans. Are we to believe a company who, after destroying the biodiversity of a plant/animal species, proceeds to patent and reap enormous profits off of said species since it is no longer a natural organism but can now be considered a product and therefore subject to US Patent law? Therefore any farmer found to be growing such plants on his farm, even if accidental by windblown seeds from passing trucks, would be the subject of harsh legal actions for years that would, even if proven to be innocent, most likely bankrupt said farmer. When pitted against the enormous deep-pocketed biotech companies such as Monsanto and their legion of lawyers, small organic farmers don’t stand a chance. In addition to all this one cannot even expect a fair trial from the Judicial System, which is in itself a conflict of interest. Aside from the plain contradiction in terms of a branch of government adequately monitoring itself, this is further muddied when one considers the revolving door of International Bankers, Politicians, Congressmen, and Corporate CEOs that is constantly swinging open.



When we destroy something created by man we call it vandalism. When we destroy something created by nature we call it progress.”

Ed Begley Jr.


Did you know that Monsanto, one of the largest biotech corporations in the world used to reassure the American people that Dioxin, Agent Orange, and DDT were all safe? Did you know that much of the pesticides, herbicides, and insecticides that came into widespread use following World War II were formerly used as mustard gas and ammunition that were leftover from the war? And now they are telling the people of the world that GMO food is not only “safe for consumption” but also the solution to “global hunger.” Rest assured that polluting the sacrosanct heirloom gene pool passed down from past generations, rendering it illegal for farmers to save seeds, and saddling farmers with enormous debt wherefrom there is no escape is far from a solution to anything. In fact just as with most destructive multi-national corporations with their powerfully irresistible lobbying capabilities, federal subsidies, and cartel formation, this is the kind of behavior that crony capitalism rewards luxuriously. Do not confuse this as being a result of the Anarcho-Capitalistic free market. The former rewards recklessness, speculation, and a waste of resources, the latter rewards thrift, prudence, and efficient use of resources. They are beasts originating from different worlds.


In nature’s economy the currency is not money – it is life.”

Vandana Shiva


Your patronage is deserving of that institution which fosters life in all its manifestations. When you purchase something you are voting for what you want to see more of in the world. Appreciate the dwindling power left in the purchasing power of your fiat paper trash currency, whatever little is left of it. Buy organic! Buy local! Buy from farmer’s markets! Buy from the Amish! Buy raw dairy/raw fermented dairy! Buy water based fermented foods! Buy raw honey! Be your own medical doctor, nutritionist, naturopath, and herbalist! Eat for the body you want, not the body you have!


The only thing new in the world is the history you do not know.”  

Harry S Truman, 33rd US President  


Here is a great 5 minute animated video explaining the criminality of patenting seeds and life in general. The fruits of nature are gifts we are all heir to. It is the treasure that is awarded to us simply for being a member of spaceship Earth. No corporation has the right to control it or own it in anyway.




Who controls the energy can control whole continents. Who controls the food supply controls people. Who controls the money can control the world.”

Henry Kissinger



Just do good things



Blame the University for Your Piece of Crap Education – Rebutted

“I don’t disagree that college is a waste I’m just saying that for the people who do try to use this piece of crap product that we call college, even though it is terrible, they paid for it, either directly or indirectly with debt from loans or just time in general. So for those people to expect the product to work and blame the manufacturer when it doesn’t work seems reasonable.”


This logic doesn’t necessarily make sense to me. Regardless if the product works or not, the consumer has been persuaded by the advertisement and purchased it. What he does with it after the fact is of no concern to the manufacturer. Whether he burns his degree to a cinder, tries to get a job and fails miserably, or succeeds in becoming the CEO of a Fortune 500 company that is not the result of that product but rather of the person’s perseverance and fortitude. I wouldn’t give any university/college that much credit. By purchasing the product the consumer has placed his complete trust in the product, whatever it is.


Many people want the government to protect the consumer. A much more urgent problem is to protect the consumer from the government.”

Milton Friedman


Another way to look at it is one of voluntaryism. The consumer was not coerced in any way to buy the product but rather willingly purchased his piece of crap education, therefore if he was not previously informed enough as to the limitations of his education that is his problem not the college/university. The manufacturer of any product, although expected to provide a high quality product by the marketplace, can never really be held accountable to its products as long as they were willingly purchased by the public, which they usually are. I suppose an exception to that would be if the manufacturer offers a guarantee that the product will provide a particular function for a particular amount of time, after which the manufacturer is again not liable for the performance of the product. No manufacturer can be blamed for the ignorance of the consumer.


You wasted $150,000 on an education you coulda got for a buck fifty in late charges at the public library.”

Will Hunting


If a product is deemed to be faulty for any reason, the correct path, in my opinion, is to talk about it, blog about it, in short to alert one’s friends and family to not purchase anymore products from that particular business due to its faulty products. I assure you, no business can withstand such a painful blow to its reputation especially when it is widespread. The beauty of the Internet has made searching for complaints of a particular company so much easier with sites like Angie’s list. It must respond either by correcting the deficiencies in its product and thereafter generating more revenue or go bankrupt. This is the ruthless climate of being self-employed in the free market.


The plain fact is that education is itself a form of propaganda – a deliberate scheme to outfit the pupil, not with the capacity to weigh ideas, but with a simple appetite for gulping ideas ready-made. The aim is to make ‘good’ citizens, which is to say, docile and uninquisitive citizens.”

H.L. Mencken


If you see something that I don’t please let me know. To me this is how the free market should work independent of all “government” intervention. In reality “government” intervention perverts this clean self regulating mechanism.


The truth is that schools don’t really teach anything except how to obey orders. This is a great mystery to me because thousands of humane, caring people work in schools as teachers and aides and administrators, but the abstract logic of the institution overwhelms their individual contributions.”

John Taylor Gatto



Disney Explanation of History

Yes I understand the idyllic nature of controlled experiments. Unfortunately we don’t live in a sterile controlled laboratory and so cannot realistically perform such experiments in many fields that affect human behavior. As I see it, the best we, as rationally discerning human beings, can expect is to study history in its raw uncensored form, identify trends/patterns, and apply logic as best we can. I’m not saying this process of deduction is infallible; simply that it is only recourse we have to make informed decisions. In the absence of controlled experiments it is the best we’ve got.


History is a set of lies agreed upon.”

Napoleon Bonaparte


Amidst all of my research I always try to maintain my humility.  That being said I will not reject the possibility of new information as well as the opportunity to help those around me if I deem that information may be of some service to them. Humility has its place in situations of propriety; however in others when the well being of close friends may be imperiled it becomes a genuine hindrance.


The only thing new in the world is the history you do not know.”

Harry S. Truman, 33rd US President


The “complicated events” you speak of are, in my humble opinion, not complicated at all. They are simply events that have not been presented in such a lucid manner as to render it easily comprehensible to a child. There is no such thing as something too “complicated” for one to understand. This is a wretched admittance of one’s own inadequacy that should not be conveyed to others. I have explained, to the best of my ability, the Mandrake Mechanism, Quantitative Easing, The Federal Reserve, Central Banking, Price/Stealth/Absolute Inflation, Fractional Reserve Lending, the role of Precious Metals in a society, the reason for their banishment etc to many patients, including young teenagers, who I would not consider geniuses or people with high IQs. All of them seemed quite surprised and quite grateful to discover that this is neither elusive nor secretive information privy to only a select few. Rather financial education is something that is palpably lacking in our government education. I do not believe this to be a coincidence.


If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”

Albert Einstein


Yes I do emphatically believe with all my heart that unfettered free enterprise is best. I have read the link provided and it immediately transports me back to my history class in my middle/high government school. I understood this clearly as I absorbed the pro-government propaganda laid out by my teachers unquestionably. What hope does a tender impressionable young mind have against legions of authoritative teachers with their coercive curriculums? This is teaching by violent force. This is not the way my children will learn. You can be sure of that.


History is a matter of perspective. While I cannot assert that the history I learned outside of school to be completely objective, I can say there is enormous value in learning history from many differing frames of reference in order to gain a more balanced approach. One must take care where the source originates and who benefits from the telling of history in a particular way. Would we not procure contrasting viewpoints of history told by the slaves or the masters?  Conqueror or the conquered? Husbands or the wives? Doctors or the patients? Rulers or the subjects? Parents or the children? Schoolmaster or the pupils? Debtors or creditors?

The study of money, above all other fields in economics, is one in which complexity is used to disguise truth or to evade truth, not to reveal it.”

John Kenneth Galbraith, US economist, public official, and diplomat


This link points to the over-simplified Disney explanation of the history of our country as it is taught ad nauseum in our government schools. To the best of my knowledge it expounds, please correct me if I am wrong, that government (good) is the white knight that comes to rescue the disenfranchised and under-privileged citizenry from big corporation (bad) who exploits the people for every ounce of their labor for a dreadful pittance. That without our valiant government we all would be working since childhood for 2 dollars an hour for 16 hours a day without bathroom breaks, vacations, or holidays for the rest of our lives until our miserable deaths. Oh and also without the wonderful free government healthcare we would all be incessantly sick and walking over dead bodies on the way to our slave labor at the hands of big fat men with bags of money. This is the drivel I have been force fed since my induction into government education and I refuse to accept any more of it. From now on I am seeking alternative vantage points for my intellectual stimulation. Just as Teddy Roosevelt in this over-simplified article proclaims “No man, no matter how powerful, was above the law.” From which celestial power does this flesh and blood mortal get the authority to determine which business should succeed and which should fail? I assert none, just like the rest of us. Only the free market, open exchange, and the immutable laws of supply and demand have the power to determine the success or failure of any business. No government or despot possesses this wisdom no matter how well intentioned.


A law is an opinion with a gun.”

Stefan Molyneux

Is it any surprise that when one attends US government schools the common narrative spewed is pro- US government history? I don’t think so. Our federal government, self-proclaimed to be the destroyer of monopolistic trusts, is itself the largest monopoly of force and coercion in the land. There is nothing benevolent or gentle about the federal government in its nature or method of action. It does not produce any valuable good or service from which is voluntarily purchased by the people. Voluntary is the key word. If something is forced and not offered voluntarily, this is the fundamental reason why the very essence of government is inhumane, immoral, and wicked. All edicts and decrees issued forth are forced upon the people from the barrel of a gun or by threat of imprisonment or fine. This is not the definition of a civilized society. With slight variations this is the definition of Fascism, Communism, Totalitarianism, Oligarchy, Monarchy, Aristocracy, Kleptocracy etc. Virtually any form of government one can conceive of is the antithesis of Agorism, Voluntaryism, Anarcho-Capitalism, Free Market etc. The name is irrelevant. The principle is what counts and that principle is the Non-Aggression principle. This asserts that anything is possible except those actions which transgress on the freedom and sovereign rights of another.


The duty of a patriot is to protect his country from its government.”

Thomas Paine

2014 Incandescent Light Bulb Ban

As of January 1, 2014 it is now banned for all US companies to manufacture or import 60 and 40 watt incandescent bulbs. At first it started with the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 wherein they banned 120, 100, and 80 watt bulbs. Now as of January 1, 2014 they are banning the 60 and 40 watt bulbs. Many people are stockpiling them as a result! This whole thing was brought to my attention only about a week ago! The government is trying to force everyone to use CFL, Compact Fluorescent Light, bulbs which contain the toxic mercury gas or the very expensive LED, Light Emitting Diode, bulbs which only about 7 years ago were $70-$80 per bulb! The proposition is that the more people buy the LEDs, the lower the price will go. Admittedly their price has been dropping as they are now about $12 per bulb. However to a cash strapped middle class amidst a holographic “economic recovery”, soaring joblessness, homelessness, poverty, welfare, and food stamps along with a rapidly depreciating fiat paper trash monetary system; forking over extra hard earned currency to invest in so called “greener technology” so that eventually the price will go down is a formidable task indeed.


There is nothing that the State currently provides through theft and coercion that free human being cannot provide at a lower cost and higher quality through voluntary interaction in the marketplace.”

Justin Stout



The name of the law is a classic example of Doublespeak! It is quite easy to gage the true intention of any law given the rosy terminology by interpreting what the exact opposite of the name suggests. Being a lying thief, posing as a politician, it is quite easy to pass “laws” that mandate this or that for the “good of the people” when the real life repercussions are never felt by the “public servants” themselves. This is the hubris of Statism at its peak. The will of the people and the will of the free markets can never be predicted by any law just like the importance of a particular species in nature can never be fully appreciated until its subsequent removal from the food chain, at which time the effects become painfully obvious to any sentient human being.


Government is the coldest of all cold monsters. Coldly it lies; and this lie slips from its mouth: I, the government, am the people.’ Everything government says is a lie, and everything government has it has stolen.”

Friedrich Nietzche




Five Myths About the Federal Incandescent Light Bulb Ban


Government Corporatism in a Light Bulb


Any law that forbids a particular human action, human desire, or, in this case, a very useful human invention from use will inevitably distort the free market and mutate yet another aspect thriving voluntary field of business into an ugly black market. It does nothing to appreciably curb the initial human desire or manufacture of said product. On the contrary, it often heightens, through the black market, its use and abuse to the point of creating more criminals, poverty, and violence. The violence of laws, regulations, and mandates do nothing but cause more violence, crime, and poverty. Creativity is not stimulated by the barrel of a gun.


Politicians are propaganda, the people with guns are the enforcers and the media is the enthusiastic lapdog who enables the entire behavior and acts as the verbal abuser against those who deviate from nodding their heads at the vast statues of evil that we inherited.” 

Stefan Molyneux


I place this incandescent light bulb ban in the same category, albeit on a lesser scale, as the arbitrary prohibition of certain leaves, flowers, concentrated hallucinogenic powders etc, the prohibition of employers from paying their employees less than minimum wage, and gun control. These “laws” unnecessarily increase entropy in society by their meddling and intervening with the free and voluntary trade between peaceful individuals. They are the formation of daisy chains of side effects for which further intervention is needed at each subsequent interval. There is no end and tyranny is the inescapable conclusion to an ever expansive “government”, unless there is a mass awakening and the people realize and reclaim their sovereign power.


The problem with the state isn’t a bad politician here or there. It’s not just the Republicans. It’s not just the Democrats. (It’s not limited to any party in any country.) The problem is the state. It creates opportunities for plunder and abuse that are enormously attractive to anyone with the potential capacity to use it to exploit others.”

Gary Chartier, Conscience of an anarchist


Belief in “government” is like belief in Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, and the Easter Bunny. It is just as illusory and just as irrational. Although belief in “government” differs from the others in that, since it has all the guns due to its monopoly on force, it always results in more human misery, poverty, suffering, torture, imprisonment, and murder of our fellow man. Therefore it is important that we understand its egregious effects and stop believing the fairy politicians will save us from our collective sins with their authoritarian solutions. A murderous thief who dons a $5000 suit, speaks with sophomoric rhetoric, is cheered on by the masses, and is surrounded by elaborate pomp and ceremony is still a murderous thief nevertheless. To recognize him as something other than that is a fundamental denial of our faculties of reason and logic which would render us something other than a human being. Take off the rose colored glasses and unplug yourself!


Free will is not predictable by a central planning agency.”

Stefan Molyneux




Industry, Not Environmentals, Killed the Incandescent Light Bulb


Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007


Since the general civilization of mankind I believe there are more abridgments of the freedom of the people by gradual and silent encroachment by those in power, than by violent and sudden usurpations.”

James Madison 1788 Virginia Convention



Just do good things