Debate Part 1 of II: Danilo Cuellar (Anarcho-Capitalism) vs. John Cymerman (Direct Democracy)

Please enjoy my recent debate part 1 of II that I conducted with John Cymerman, an old high school friend and fellow chess player. I am defending Anarcho-Capitalism and he is defending Direct Democracy or the necessity of “government” itself. Herein we discussed are we government, is government a natural evolutionary consequence, what is the difference between pledging undying faith to a pope, monarch, or President/flag, is the lust for power an inherent human trait, does government hinder human progress, Voluntaryists are not fortune tellers, does government create artificial demand for unprofitable things such as weapons, The Tragedy of the Commons, private roads in Stateless society, economics consequences of minimum wage laws, does Wal-Mart pay slave wages, are sweatshops immoral, armed monopolies in a stateless society, the importance of reputation, Threat Management Center in Detroit, The Appeal to Pity Fallacy, is charity a natural human behavior, do people need to be forced to fund other people’s misfortune, Restitution vs. Retribution, Dispute Resolution Agencies, is violence expensive, is the US President a mass murderer, is war murder, is legality equivalent to morality, is killing people in Iraq not murder because there is no law forbidding it and much more!


The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, and wiser people so full of doubts.

Bertrand Russell



Danilo Cuellar
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