Dharma interviews Danilo on Peaceful Parenting

Please enjoy my recent discussion with Dharma from the Road to Autonomy e-magazine. Herein we discussed my path to Anarchism, Tuttle Twins, Peaceful Parenting vs Permissive Parenting, model exemplary behavior, discipline, there are rules, kids interacting with adults as equals, deprogramming, unruly and rambunctious kids, government school encourages mediocrity, kids following their passions often leads to future business endeavors as they gain skill, kids improve the world by doing what they love, What If Money Was No Object, The Internet makes government schooling irrelevant, the power of State propaganda is weakening, Sterlin Lujan, the future is bright, be polite and courteous, move past anger, the destructive nihilism of the green eco environmental movement, Alex Epstein, fossil fuels should be celebrated, Peaceful Parenting encourages reasoning, Peaceful Parents are imperfect and more!


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