Kindle the Flame of Voluntaryism with Patience

I have been quite active lately in learning how to make a fire in my fireplace due to a dead tree that was cut down. I have learned that in order to make a strong resilient fire one must be patient and grow the fire with leaves, twigs, small branches, medium branches, large branches, small logs, medium logs, and large logs. There is a specific progression of ever larger wood that the fire must be fed. If the fire continues with small pieces of wood the fire will never grow. If the fire is given excessively large pieces of wood, the fire will be extinguished.


We must view the spreading of Voluntaryism and Free Market Capitalism the same way. In order to teach this philosophy to the ignorant one must follow a specific progression of ideas to ensure success. Burdening a child with excessively complex concepts will snuff out the love of learning. Not presenting the child with ever increasing challenges will bore the child.

Kindle the Flame of Voluntaryism with Patience – Steemit

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A practitioner of Eastern Healing arts with degrees in Acupuncture and Chinese medicinal herbs, I have always questioned the status quo, a path which led me to peaceful anarchism. Through my journey, I have worn many hats, that of a classical pianist, avid chess player, philosopher, comedian, and now father of two little anarchists. My wife brands me as a Cultural Critic, but I am simply following my thirst for knowledge and passion for writing.

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