I Am A Slave To My Principles

To Kill Liberty One Must First Kill the Economy, Taxation   Is The Coffin Liberty Defined

With sufficient imagination one can always conjure up the outlandish exception to the rule. I am not interested in satisfying all possible individual scenarios. I am only interested in discovering dependable moral principles on which to base my life. Individual situations must be dealt with given those specific circumstances. It is not my place to think of an answer to all of them.

True freedom is not the recognition that there will be no moral dilemmas, but that those dilemmas will not be given the moral pass that the State or any action that appeals to the State claims to possess. This undoubtedly applies to receiving stolen currency in the form of financial aid or grants from the State. No amount of appeals to pity or appeals to emotion will change the immorality of asking for stolen currency from a monopoly on initiated aggression. It does not matter whom the stolen currency goes to and for what purpose it is used. If a thief steals my currency and then assures me that he will use it for helping his sick grandmother that still would not excuse the violent expropriation of currency AKA theft. It does nothing whatsoever to alter the initial immorality of the act. The ends never justify the means. This is a principle I will never concede. Once the compromise of one’s principles begins it is often the precursor to rationalizing truly monstrous acts.

I will die a slave of principles, not men.

Emiliano Zapata




Humanity Is The Miracle

The Revolution is Love, Obedient Drone Robot Hands a   Flower To Another Obedient Drone Robot

Nature is not fragile, delicate, and easily broken. Humanity is not evil, immoral, or a parasite on the planet. Nature is not the miracle. Humanity is the miracle! For most of human history up until the 20th century, people have lived on the brink of starvation and in abject poverty according to today’s standards. Now we can support 7.4 billion people. This was unthinkable just a few decades ago.

This overwhelming success is due to humanity’s fierce desire to thrive and prosper in the face of the unrelenting and savage reality that is the natural world. The natural resources have always been present. What has changed is the knowledge and technological tools to access, refine, and utilize these resources to the benefit of our fellow brothers and sisters. The flourishing of humanity is entirely dependent on the development and free flow of ideas in the Free Market. The more this process is facilitated the easier our lives become.

It is only through respecting each other as human beings that we can continue our magnificent journey to the stars and beyond. It requires the abandonment of antiquated and dogmatic ideas such as Nationalism, Statism, and the belief in authority. There are so many reasons for us to fail and fall into oblivion. Our existence rests upon a razor’s edge. Rejoice life every day, for the comforts you enjoy were provided to you by intrepid entrepreneurs and passionate inventors who fell in love with humanity! Fall in love, not in line!





Just do good things


What Is At The Root Of Self-Ownership?

Teach Non-Aggression and Self-Ownership

“What is at the root of self-ownership?”

Self-ownership is the assertion that one is responsible for one’s actions and the direct consequences of one’s actions. This is a both a tautological redundancy and a self-evident statement. If one is to rationally function in the real world one must inherently accept the idea of self-ownership. If I strangle a hobo, it is commonly understood that I get punished and not my hands, as I own my hands and all the actions they perform. Moreover I also must own the death of the hobo as that is the direct result of my actions.

To state “I do not own myself” is to be committing a performative contradiction. One must first claim self-ownership in order to then claim one rejects self-ownership. Furthermore, if one claims to reject self-ownership or that humans do not possess it, who does? That is, who is responsible for the actions of immoral and wicked actions if not the individuals who are committing the actions? God, Mother Nature, the collective, Shiva, Buddha, Jesus Christ? Someone must be held accountable for evil. Diffusion of responsibility is one of the greatest scourges to plague humanity and has allowed for the most horrific atrocities. When everyone is to blame, no one is to blame. The assumption of individual self-ownership is the foundation of a civilized society.


Whose property is my body? Probably mine. I so regard it. If I experiment with it, who must be answerable? I, not the State. If I choose injudiciously, does the State die? Oh, no.

Mark Twain





How Does One Help The Poor?

Helping The Poor Government vs. Free Market

How does one help the poor and indigent the best? It is a testament to the charitable spirit of human nature that many people ask me this question when I advocate an abolition of the Welfare State. How will we help those in need if we do not force our neighbors to “donate” a portion of their wealth at the barrel of a gun? Indeed if coercion is required to carry out your idea it is safe to assume your idea is worthless. If many people vote to propagate the violent redistribution of funds via the Welfare State, they could’ve organized to do the very same task voluntarily. It is never compassionate or charitable to decide what to do with other people’s stolen funds. That is the kernel of evil and the initiation of force.

The poor and needy are helped by giving them the tools to help themselves. Start a business to employ them, teach them useful skills, educate, and enlighten them. By all these methods they will lift themselves out of poverty. They will gain self-knowledge so they can pass it down to their progeny and so continue the ever-expanding wealth creation that is the legacy of the human race.

“They say if you give a man a fish, he’ll eat for a day, but if you teach a man to fish then he’s gotta get a fishing license, but he doesn’t have any money. So he’s got to get a job and get into the Social Security system and pay taxes, and now you’re gonna audit the poor cocksucker, ’cause he’s not really good with math. So he’ll pull the IRS van up to your house, and he’ll take all your shit. He’ll take your black velvet Elvis and your Batman toothbrush, and your penis pump, and that all goes up for auction with the burden of proof on you because you forgot to carry the one, ’cause you were just worried about eating a fucking fish, and you couldn’t even cook the fish ’cause you needed a permit for an open flame. Then the Health Department is going to start asking you a lot of questions about where are you going to dump the scales and the guts…” Doug Stanhope, stand up comedian



Jessica Pavoni interviews Danilo Cuellar about Voluntaryism, Peaceful Parenting, and Unschooling

Parents Always Know WHat Everything Is, Which is Why   Children Believe Them When They Say They Are Smart, Dumb, Ugly, Stupid,   Beautiful

Please enjoy my recent conversation with Jessica. Herein we discussed my path to Voluntaryism and Peaceful Parenting, Creature From Jekyll Island, G Edward Griffin, Larken Rose, Continuum Concept, Market for Liberty, Federal Reserve, Precious Metals, Mike Maloney, currency vs. money, gold and silver, belief in authority, If You Were King, what is anarchy, Non Aggression, Minarchism rebuttal, “government job” vs. private job, The State is immoral, State sanctioned violence, voting is violence, understanding basic definitions, peaceful parenting, how to improve the world and more!


The bureaucracy is expanding to meet the needs of the expanding bureaucracy.

Oscar Wilde

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