Seeds of Liberty Podcast Episode 68: Merrick VanLandingham and Shane Buell

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Please enjoy this recent episode of the Seeds of Liberty Podcast. This week we were joined by Merrick VanLandingham, of the RadicaLogic Podcast, and Shane Buell. Herein we discussed applying Bastiat’s seen/unseen to potential false flags, the Cloward-Piven strategy, the hegelian dialectic, divide and conquer tactics, the Rothschild’s and central banking, generational institutionalism, teaching card tricks to chickens, jingoism, and more!

It Is About Freedom, Not How Society Will Be Structured In The Absence of the State

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Although we can talk at length as to how a Voluntary or Stateless society may function, the reality is that this is fundamentally irrelevant to the idea of true freedom. Do you know exactly how your laptop works? Do you know exactly how your cell phone works? Do you know exactly how Skype works? Do you know exactly how the Internet works? Do you know exactly how your e-mail account transmits e-mail? Do you know exactly how your car works? The reality is many of us live in complete ignorance of how all of these things work and yet we are still comfortable to buy them from people who know how they work.


Likewise it is similarly unnecessary to know how society may be “structured” in the absence of the coercive monopoly on initiated aggression known as “government”. My desire to be free has absolutely nothing to do with how the roads will be built, who will feed the poor, who will protect us from foreign invaders, who will protect us from thieves, rapists, and murderers, who will take care of the sick, who will look after the elderly, and who will educate our children. Aside from the erroneous assumption that “government” is adequately doing these things already is the fact that theft, assault, rape, and murder on a colossal scale is occurring today even amidst such a swollen monstrosity as the United States “government”. Our desire to protect ourselves from thieves, liars, and murderers has given us the insane belief that we will be protected from them if we put other thieves, liars, and murderers in power. Sane people do not seek to subjugate or rule their neighbor, let alone their town, county, city, state, or country. It is not only that power corrupts but that it attracts the corruptible and vile among us. The lust for power is more addictive than cocaine or heroin can ever be.

Seeds of Liberty Podcast Episode 67: Dianna Keiler, co-host of Freedom Feens Podcast

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Please enjoy this recent episode of the Seeds of Liberty Podcast. This week we were joined by Dianna Keiler, one of the co-hosts of the Freedom Feens Radio Show and Podcast. Herein we discussed Dianna’s path to anarchism, so-called anarchists pulling a Cypher, how fear puts people on autopilot, the murder of Philando Castile, how there’s a worldwide awakening taking place, abolishing the FBI, the one cop who has spoken out about the recent killings, the art of debating, living with kitties despite being allergic, and more!

Rise like Lions after slumber
In unvanquishable number—
Shake your chains to earth like dew
Which in sleep had fallen on you—
Ye are many—they are few.

Percy Bysshe Shelley

The Dallas Shooting and the Root of the Problem

Things I Wanna Spread In 2016, Butter, Gorgeous Woman's   Legs, Peace, Love, and Anarchy

I do not support the indiscriminate killing of agents of the State. That is the nature of the State and betrays the true meaning of Voluntaryism and Peaceful Anarchism. The revolution must be an intellectual and philosophical one. It is the only way to ensure peace will be achieved. The State is a state of mind.

Alma Sommer: Founder of Jackalope Freedom Festival and Undocumented Human

Please enjoy my recent conversation with Alma Sommer. Herein we discussed having an undocumented human, regulations strangulating midwives, outbreed the evil folk, her journey to Voluntaryism, Jackalope Freedom Festival evolution, living on the water, Michael Fielding, Sailboat Diaries, Undocumented Human, Idiocracy the future, overpopulation myth, Watch My Bit, Periscope, Bitcoin fallacies, Airbitz, Dash cryptocurrency, making Voluntaryism more attractive, morality is not a numbers game, making State laws unenforceable and more!


I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.

Frank Herbert, Dune


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