Seeds of Liberty Podcast Episode 50: Michael Dean, Founder and Host of Freedom Feens

Please enjoy this recent episode of the Seeds of Liberty Podcast. This week we were joined by Michael Dean, founder and co-host of the Freedom Feens Radio Show and Podcast. Herein we discussed how debating is not about right and wrong, how running for office under the anarchist party is mental masturbation, Mike Vanderboegh: the most dangerous man in America (according to Bill Clinton), keeping the prison population docile via mandatory writing, Dave’s Big Bang Theory, Missy Cooper, the love child of Jeremy’s dad and Turtle from Entourage, hiding out with the dogs in Michael’s basement, begging the State for a permission slip, presenting a BipCot license to authorities, how what side of the bread line you are on matters, being the only an-cap show on radio, taking over a show with a Blackberry, building an anarcho yakitalist, and more!

Amanda Rachwitz: Voluntaryist, Dragon Anarchist, and Narrator of The Mirror

Please enjoy my recent conversation with Amanda Rachwitz. Herein we discuss how she became a Voluntaryist, cognitive dissonance, the aha moment, Larken Rose, Statism is not built on logic and reason, government school is a sociopaths dream, politicians speak in fallacies, appealing to the reptilian brain, The Mirror (Larken Rose), deconstructing the Statist brain, meeting YouTube personalities at liberty events, walking the talk, Adam Kokesh running for President on the platform of the peaceful dissolution of the federal government, Ron Paul approach, Medieval banning of books in the digital age, laughing at authority, intellectual property lunacy and more!




Disobedience is the true foundation of liberty. The obedient must be slaves.

Henry David Thoreau


Seeds of Liberty Podcast Episode 49: Sterlin Lujan and Psychologic Anarchism

Please enjoy this recent episode of the Seeds of Liberty Podcast. This week we were joined by Sterlin Lujan, the man behind Herein we discussed the beginnings of the site, Breaking down cognitive dissonance through anarchist thought, conquering fear, counselors prescribing principles, psyche-ache, prescribing drug cocktails for young boys, how mental illnesses are voted upon and not discovered, chemical imbalance theory, non-maleficence, confirming people’s drug schizophrenia, choice therapy, and more!

Markie Balentine: Voluntaryist, Anarchist, and YouTuber

Please enjoy my recent conversation with Markie Balentine. Herein we discuss how he became a Voluntaryist, Creature From Jekyll Island, Ron Paul, the catalyst for Anarchism, Rand Paul, compromising principles, law of unintended consequences, everything the State does is constitutional, voting, improving the world, first principles, political euphemisms, voting for evil, talking to family about Voluntaryism, cognitive dissonance, the humility of Voluntaryists, Larken Rose, conspiracy theories, kindness and accountability are revolutionary, Modern Abolitionists, Statism is slavery, the moral case, mind blowing ideas, emotionally charged topics, Federal Reserve, Operation Screw, Peter Schiff, divide and conquer, strike at the root, precious metals, hidden theft of inflation, Mandrake Mechanism, battered citizen syndrome, Statism is nourished in government school and more!



I will die a slave of principles, not men.

Emiliano Zapata, Mexican Revolutionary Leader

Jim Limber Davis: Voluntaryist, Anarchist, and Author of Morality Defined

Please enjoy my recent conversation with Jim Limber Davis. Herein we discuss the importance of writing, podcasting, and YouTubing, his intellectual evolution, forming one’s own ideas, what is morality, self-preservation, social contract, self-ownership, homesteading, raising children, the gradual attainment of self-ownership, what is liberty, four basics of life, the essence of taxation, foregoing happiness, what is wealth, real vs. artificial wealth, money vs. currency, history is rinse and repeat, non aggression principle, conformity and protection, don’t hit people and don’t take their stuff, social contract, Austin Peterson, the amorality of helping stranded people on the side of the road, slander, taxation, nihilism, universal laws of morality, the donut problem, defining basic terms, law of unintended consequences, Peter Joseph sophistry and more!