Automation Helps Human Beings to Achieve Dizzying Heights of Prosperity

My friend is a software engineer. He is fixed bugs and tests software. He told me his company is actively trying to create programs to test software so he and his fellow programmers can be free to creatively explore new ways to improve the efficiency and output of the company. Why would they be purposely trying to replace themselves with machines? It seems counterintuitive and counterproductive.

For time immemorial technology and machines have supplanted backbreaking human labor and made it incalculably more productive. Just 100 years ago human beings struggled to support a little over a billion people on Earth. With successful automation we are currently able to comfortably support 7.7 billion human souls. This speaks to the unmistakable success in humans to master their environment such that we are thriving in ways it was scarcely conceivable 100 years ago.

Many Luddites and proponents of the green eco movement view technology, automation, and by extension human beings as being a bane on planet Earth. We are living during the safest, cleanest, and most luxurious time in human history, thanks in large part to human ingenuity. It is not about creating or destroying jobs, rather it is about creating or destroying wealth. Only freethinking and creative human beings could produce such miracles. Do not mutilate the hand that feeds you.



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