Seeds of Liberty Podcast Episode 36: Carlos Morales – Voluntaryist, Anarchist, Child Protective Services Whistleblower

Please enjoy this recent episode of the Seeds of Liberty Podcast. This week we were joined by Carlos Morales, an anarchist and C.P.S. whistleblower, who wrote the book “Legally Kidnapped: The Case Against Child Protective Services.” Herein we discuss distributing responsibility so no one feels guilt, the strange ‘suicide’ of Nancy Schaefer, how CPS goes after the poor and those with no voice, how psychotropic drugs are 21st century abuse, having a strong network if you are going to speak out against the State, how you can’t get ‘laid like Snowden’ by talking out against CPS, whether CPS is the scariest State agency, how MDMA helped with Carlos’ PTSD from working with CPS, the fall of western civilization: the Democrat Debates, how Occupy and the French Revolution highlighted frustration without an ethos, righteous indignation, unnecessary syllables, the infantilization of adults in America, Stranger Danger, intellectual self-defense, atheist activism, logic kung-fu, defining terms, what you want to be during your 40,000 spins on this floating concrete rock circling a lighted star, Lew Rockwell’s Catholic Anarchist paradise, Penn Jillette, flat-earthers, having no need for a big tent, celebretarians, and more!

According to CPS and every state in America, the child does not belong to the parent. They actually belong to the state. The CPS is actually given the power by law to ignore or reject the first, second, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, and fourteenth amendments in their proceedings.

Carlos Morales


Neema Vedadi: A Gun For Everyone (Except For Government) and See My Chains

Please enjoy my recent conversation with Neema Vedadi. Herein we discussed his recent music video A Gun For Everyone (Except For Government), Sandy Hook shooting, gun control hypocrisy, government is one size fits all, a gun is a tool, moral responsibility, law is redundant, destructive, or absurd, Fergusson cash cow, chain slavery and segregation were State sanctioned, technology liberating humanity, the value of reputation, natural consequences of immoral actions, See My Chains, crypto-currency redemption, free range slave, seen vs. unseen, normalcy bias, what’s so bad about the Nazis, modern US empire, FDR Fascism, King of Executive Orders, Habeas Corpus historical abandonment, Presidential tyranny, diffusion of responsibility and accountability, chain of obedience, American Sniper, PTSD, veteran suicides, charity treatment for veterans, the goal of government school, Islamic State, Anarchapulco, spontaneous order and much more!


What makes anyone think that government officials are even trying to protect us? A government is not analogous to a hired security guard. Governments do not come into existence as social service organizations or as private firms seeking to please consumers in a competitive market. Instead, they are born in conquest and nourished by plunder. They are, in short, well-armed gangs intent on organized crime.

Robert Higgs