The Drive to Colonize Other Planets is Fruitless Without Eliminating Statism

Many proponents of Statism assert that the State is needed to fund aspects of the economy that would never otherwise get funded. One such boondoggle is the space program. They say that without the State who would invest millions into constructing rockets and manned space missions to explore ways to colonize and inhabit other planets? They say that humans need to explore other planets to thrive because we are destroying the rainforests, acidifying our oceans, and polluting our air. Without eliminating Statism and the belief in authority it matters not which planet, solar system, or galaxy we colonize. If we do not recognize the inherent immorality of Statism our flawed ideologies will follow us like a pestilent plague. The deadliest entity to threaten the future of humankind is the State via democide and all the brutal wars waged between nation States to the detriment of the productive and industrious. Seeking to solve one’s problems without attending to one’s defective moral code is trying to move the statue by pushing the shadow.

The Drive to Colonize Other Planets is Fruitless Without Eliminating Statism – Steemit

The US Space Program Reeks of Military Hero Worship and State Welfare Waste

Recently I visited the Kennedy Space Center near Orlando, Florida. I was immediately struck by the rampant military hero worship that was rife in its halls. The space race was steeped in war between rivaling nation States. It was born out of the massive violence and bloodshed that only nation States can produce. Only those with military parasite experience are eligible to participate as a hallowed astronaut.


Putting a man in space or sending a man to the moon is illustrative of the ability of the State to waste immeasurable sums of currency, most ordinary people can only conceive of in their dreams, on boondoggle projects that neither improve the lives of its citizens nor improve the world. It only succeeds in further impoverishing the hard working individual who is already suffering via monetary inflation, rising prices, and a collapsing currency.


The space program is just another tragic example of the broken window fallacy at work. Many of its proponents focus on the many “achievements” of the space program as proof of its necessity, the seen. It is true there are many positive endeavors one might use stolen funds for, however this does not alter the initial immorality that it all originates with the initiation of force that comprises the State. The unseen is what truly breaks my heart. The billions of dollars in stolen funds it takes to build, transport, and launch a rocket or space shuttle will never justify the annihilated potential of robbing millions of hard working human beings.


“The first lesson of economics is scarcity: There is never enough of anything to satisfy all those who want it. The first lesson of politics is to disregard the first lesson of economics.” Thomas Sowell, Is Reality Optional?


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The US Space Program Reeks of Military Hero Worship and State Welfare Waste – steemit