Seeds of Liberty Podcast Episode 37: The Refugee Crisis and Immigration

Please enjoy this recent episode of the Seeds of Liberty Podcast. This week we were joined again by Jared Howe, the voluntaryist rapper better known as J3433-One. Herein we discussed the current Syrian refugee situation, Lew Rockwell’s article “Open Borders are an Assault on Private Property, the false dichotomy of open or closed borders, the conservative bad apple thing, how immigration presupposes the State, welfare recipients having a deleterious effect on society, the Somalian settlements in Maine, how voluntary solution give Danilo the warm fuzzies, how anarchists arguing on social media over statists issues can thrust our views into the mainstream, Jared’s subtlety and delicacy, Saudi Arabia’s empty refugee tent cities, how the central planners didn’t see Bitcoin coming, encryption, blockchain technology, the Contra Krugman Podcast, Danilo’s tutu, how worldwide internet can erode borders, bankers buying Bitcoin, making anarchism go viral, how bacon is objectively good, how going incrementally into veganism makes you a minimeatarchist, and more!

Rand Eastwood: Voluntaryist, Freedom Fighter, Writer, and Founder of Operation Liberty

Please enjoy my recent conversation with Rand Eastwood. Herein we discussed how he became a Voluntaryist, the one party system, Ayn Rand, Adam Kokesh, the nature of a monopoly on violence, perverse incentives, the burden of proof is on the Statists, democide, outbreeding evil, providing value, Capitalism is serving your neighbor, incentives of private business, the insanity of limiting a leviathan, Voluntaryism is a philosophy of humility, not asking for permission, surviving government school, how regulations strangle small business, true productivity is punished, taxes and regulations are the biggest overhead for an entrepreneur, government is one giant broken window fallacy, evil artisan cheese makers, FDA cut the budget, not the cheese, enormous federal economic and financial waste, “government” increases cost and decreases quality, keeping the food safe, inefficient bureaucracy, Volkswagen scandal, food truck oppressive permits and regulations, chamber of commerce protectionism, Airbnb regulated to death, ignorance of the law is no excuse fallacy, the insanity of assessing constitutionality, lemonade stand is anarchy, A Day Without Anarchy, GMO labeling laws, exposing the gun in the room, the beauty of spontaneous order and more!


The desire for security and the feeling of insecurity are the same thing. To hold your breath is to lose your breath. A society based on the quest for security is nothing but a breath-retention contest in which everyone is as taut as a drum and as purple as a beet.

Alan W. Watts, The Wisdom of Insecurity: A Message for an Age of Anxiety



Luke Rudkowski: Anarchist, Investigative Journalist, Founder of We Are Change and Change Media University

Please enjoy my recent conversation with Luke Rudkowski. Herein we discussed his latest grasshopper activities, asking politicians the hard questions, Obama’s kill list, Presidents are mass murderers, Change Media University, student loan debt slavery, dinosaur colleges/universities and more!




They’ll say we’re disturbing the peace, but there is no peace. What really bothers them is that we are disturbing the war.

Howard Zinn


Seeds of Liberty Podcast Episode 36: Carlos Morales – Voluntaryist, Anarchist, Child Protective Services Whistleblower

Please enjoy this recent episode of the Seeds of Liberty Podcast. This week we were joined by Carlos Morales, an anarchist and C.P.S. whistleblower, who wrote the book “Legally Kidnapped: The Case Against Child Protective Services.” Herein we discuss distributing responsibility so no one feels guilt, the strange ‘suicide’ of Nancy Schaefer, how CPS goes after the poor and those with no voice, how psychotropic drugs are 21st century abuse, having a strong network if you are going to speak out against the State, how you can’t get ‘laid like Snowden’ by talking out against CPS, whether CPS is the scariest State agency, how MDMA helped with Carlos’ PTSD from working with CPS, the fall of western civilization: the Democrat Debates, how Occupy and the French Revolution highlighted frustration without an ethos, righteous indignation, unnecessary syllables, the infantilization of adults in America, Stranger Danger, intellectual self-defense, atheist activism, logic kung-fu, defining terms, what you want to be during your 40,000 spins on this floating concrete rock circling a lighted star, Lew Rockwell’s Catholic Anarchist paradise, Penn Jillette, flat-earthers, having no need for a big tent, celebretarians, and more!

According to CPS and every state in America, the child does not belong to the parent. They actually belong to the state. The CPS is actually given the power by law to ignore or reject the first, second, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, and fourteenth amendments in their proceedings.

Carlos Morales


John Bush: Unschooling Parent, Manager of Brave New Books, and host of SovereignBTC podcast

Please enjoy my recent conversation with John Bush. Herein we discussed his Brave New Books business, SovereignBTC, Unschooling philosophy, life led learning, government schooling teaches politician idolatry, Voluntaryism and Unschooling are based in humility, learning and living are inseparable, authoritarian parenting is based in insecurity, experience is the greatest teacher, we must trust our children, colleges/universities, unschoolers/homeschoolers are often young entrepreneurs and more!


“Although teachers do care and do work very, very hard, the institution is psychopathic-it has no conscience. It rings a bell and the young man in the middle of writing a poem must close his notebook and move to a different cell where he must memorize that humans and monkeys derive from a common ancestor.” John Taylor Gatto, Dumbing Us Down: The Hidden Curriculum of Compulsory Schooling