Rik Storey: Peaceful Parent and Founder of That Libertarian Chap

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Please enjoy my recent conversation with Rik Storey, founder of That Libertarian Chap. Herein we discuss being a fledgling That Libertarian Chap YouTube channel, Walter Block, Milton Friedman, The Ethics of Liberty, his path to Voluntaryism, Myth of Natural Monopoly, Free Markets save lives, Adam Smith invisible hand, Eastern Border podcast, why some people defend Communism, living in and trying to escape East Berlin, prison is Leftist/Socialist paradise, human livestock, what would kids ask for, Soviet Union, Tragedy of the Commons, the real class war, universal principles, positive vs. negative rights, Stephan Kinsella, being pro-Western civilization, Defending the Undefendable, legality and morality, evolution of private law, the importance of contracts, defining terms, A Spontaneous Order, peaceful parenting, the consequences of corporal punishment, reasoning with children, appeal to force, encouraging skepticism and more!


“The Queen won’t let me go into the cinema? That means the Queen is bad. We should put the queen in the dungeon!” Eve, Rik’s 3-year-old daughter


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