The Gospel According To Government

Advocating for State run societies is saying that humans can only function through violence and coercion. Sure we have evolved from the beasts but we possess the intellect and the ability to self-reflect and reason complex situations, something palpably lacking in other animals. Therefore we are capable of interaction with each other on a much higher level than merely that of violence and aggression. This is the essence of Voluntary Anarchy.

Some advocate for limited government. They are known as Minarchists or Constitutionalists. However they must recognize that this is a magnificent pipe dream illusion. It didn’t even last a few years after the sacred US Constitution was penned onto its magical paper with magical ink. The Alien and Sedition Act of 1798 was signed into “law” under President John Adams in just over a decade after the US Constitution was written. It’s almost an exact replica of today’s Patriot Act and NDAA.

Many US presidents throughout history have destroyed so called “Freedom of Speech”, “Freedom of the Press”, and “Freedom to peacefully assemble” in times of war. Indeed it is said that during times of war the first casualty is truth. Such useless paper documents have never restrained dictators and tyrants. Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia, and Communist China all had Constitutions that professed the same “respect” of these freedoms. Did that do anything to change the outcome? Of course not! With at least 422 million dead, the 20th century was the bloodiest the world has ever seen, replete with warfare, mass murder, genocide, politicide, and democide. We must stop looking to pieces of paper to justify or restrain those in power. We must govern ourselves! Recognize no man who claims the “authority” to rule over you! Be your own senator, congressman, governor, mayor, and President!

A violent revolution only necessitates the rise of another violent ruling class. Violence is not the answer. It is absurd to believe that 300 million people need violence to wrest the reins of power from a group of a few hundred sociopaths. They only need to realize their true power as free people and take it. The police and military are part of throng, except that they have been duped into believing in the Statist religion. They must be gently educated that there is a better way and that to protect sociopaths is to ensure the future of our own enslavement. Once they realize this the phantasmagoria erected by the Statist spell will collapse and the old wrinkly twisted men behind the curtains will be revealed for all to see.

There is no such instance that a man can reasonably justify the all encompassing indiscriminate violence of the State. Even if a man openly said he was going to kill another person, it is the right of no one to forcibly subjugate or imprison him just based on his words as this would constitute pre-crime, which can only truly exist in the movie “Minority Report” since the future is both unknown and unknowable. The threat of some bad people to do evil does not justify the trampling of everyone’s sovereign rights and the formation of the parasitic and violent police State. The existence and insanity of a few sociopaths will always be present, regardless of the existence of “law”. Murderers will murder and thieves will steal regardless if there exist “laws” for such things or not. Good people abstain from murder and theft not out of a fear of “laws” that are in place but rather because their conscience and moral compass are intact.

It is not necessary for all 300 million to revolt. It only requires the fiery passion of a few brilliant minds to awaken perhaps 10% of the throng. The rest will follow as the herd always does. When that happens, history will have been made. I never advocate violence be used. That will only get you hurt or killed. Then you will really be useless to the movement. Shake the pillars of “authority” with the power of your words and ideas. It is most important to speak to those in the police and military. They are the protectors of the sociopaths, the bodyguards of genocidal megalomaniacs, and perhaps the largest obstacle to our liberation. I don’t advocate attending protests either as that is where the most violence occurs between police and the people. Speak to your friends and neighbors about what is going on. That is the best way.

Love, like human creativity and ingenuity, can only exist in its purest and most beautiful form in complete freedom. Any infringement on that freedom, however, does not extinguish it; rather it suppresses its manifestation to be inevitably expressed in deeper and darker places. Just like pressure rather than wiping water out of existence just scatters its form; so too central authoritarian governments do not wipe out love and creativity, they only ensure their manifestation in the netherworld part of our society known as the Black Market.

The promise of freedom and liberty is the carrot dangled in front of the citizen for which he is supposed to give up his freedom and liberty to achieve. The irony is profound. In reality it was never something for the politicians to give. The State is one of the greatest fictions. We must recognize it as such. Even when shown that the door is wide open, a thoroughly enslaved man will angrily fight to justify his own prison because the thought of something else existing called freedom is too foreign and horrifying.

The very fact that the 20th century was one riddled with the most deaths due to warfare, democide, politicide, and mass murder in history and the 21st century is starting off with a similar bloody tone is indicative that these concepts are not indeed understood by many people. Most people do not even know they are plagued by the mental illness known as Statism, not to mention being ignorant of the cure. The cure for such a hallucination is simple; reading, self education, non-participation in the system, love, and compassion. The cure is simple. Getting people to understand that they are ill is the most monumentally difficult part. How can you convince a diehard patriotic soldier that by killing foreigners he is not fighting for freedom and democracy but is simply being used as a pawn for the parasitic psychopathic ruling elite, Big Bankers, Big Oil, Big Energy etc?

An extortion racket should be recognized in whatever shape it takes. The fact that we have been extensively indoctrinated to believe in the myth known as the State does not assign any special credence to its application. Theft, assault, and murder must be described as such regardless of the uniform, badge, or pompous ceremony surrounding its appearance.

Once people realize that there is a better way to live they will make their own decisions and do what is most natural. When shown that the door is open, few prisoners would prefer to stay in prison. The illusion must be illustrated and made painfully apparent that there can be no misunderstanding as to what must be done. Again, I don’t think a violent revolution is necessary. Why would 300 million people feel a need to violently revolt against a few hundred sociopaths? All they really need to do is just stop supporting the means to their own enslavement. The house of cards will come crashing down immediately.

Just do good things.



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A practitioner of Eastern Healing arts with degrees in Acupuncture and Chinese medicinal herbs, I have always questioned the status quo, a path which led me to peaceful anarchism. Through my journey, I have worn many hats, that of a classical pianist, avid chess player, philosopher, comedian, and now father of two little anarchists. My wife brands me as a Cultural Critic, but I am simply following my thirst for knowledge and passion for writing.

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