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Please enjoy my recent video on Global Warming. A monopoly on initiated aggression cannot perform benevolent acts. The primary institution that violates the property rights of individuals cannot be expected to protect the people’s property. The primary polluter of the world through its endless wars, invasions, occupations, and plundering of foreign countries cannot be expected to reduce pollution of any kind. The State is the great fiction we are all led to believe and support. It does not exist. It is simply people in costumes who take orders from other people in costumes who are committing massive crimes. Believe in yourselves! Support each other! Freedom is not an accident or coincidence! It is the logical result of hard work and steadfast determination!



Here is my recent video on State approved marriage licenses and the how they alter the incentives of a healthy and passionate relationship.



Please enjoy my recent video on the mental illness that is Nationalism and how it can render previously thinking individuals into mindless degenerates who blend into the violent and callous collective. Only the individual thinks! Only the individual acts! Only the individual loves!



Please enjoy my most recent video podcast on Spontaneous Order. We essentially all exist in a state of Anarchy until our actions warrant an interaction with State enforcers. If we posit that “laws” and “regulations” do nothing to inhibit human action, rather they only make those actions more difficult and stimulate the formation of black markets, then we must conclude that they are useless and counter-productive. What then have we to fear of the Voluntary Anarchy that naturally arises out of Spontaneous Order? All we have to lose is our own illusions. For some that may be a painful transition but it still must occur if we are to free ourselves of the most dangerous superstition known as “government”.



Please enjoy my most recent video on gold/silver’s role in the German Weimar Republic Hyperinflation of 1924 and the rise of the Third Reich.



Please enjoy my most recent video podcast on Childhood Spanking and the repercussions it is likely to have in the developing child.



Please enjoy my recent blog post on the pending Seattle $15 minimum wage proposal and the repercussions it is likely to have if implemented. Here is my this week’s 1/2 hour video podcast devoted to the same subject but elaborated in a little more detail.


This is my first ½ hour YouTube video podcast. I will be posting a weekly ½ hour show on this Voluntary Virtue Network YouTube channel. If you enjoy the content please feel free to like, comment, and subscribe to see other Voluntaryists and their shows. There is a wide variety of contributors. 


I had a lot of fun making it. Let me know what you all think. I am looking forward to some feedback. I am delighted to be a part of the liberty movement. I see great and beautiful things in our future! 

Peace and Voluntaryism.

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