Seeds of Liberty Podcast Episode 40: Anarchyball, Pioneer of the Anarchist Ball Comic Series

Please enjoy this recent episode of the Seeds of Liberty Podcast. This week we were joined by a special guest, making his podcasting debut, the one and only Anarchyball. Herein we discussed how easy it is to hate on Ancomball, having beautiful filthy anarchy and capitalism all over this thing, how Christmas is capitalism, resisting forced collectivism and theft, anarcho-government, how communism is not the system “we” need but the system “we” deserve, #DaniloMemes, the memes of production, the economic calculation problem of communism, how the toilet paper industry is the big winner in the Venezuelan regime change, Bernie Sanders emails being automatically marked as spam, rejecting the just the tip method, Cantwell’s Law, how “someone has to do something” might be the most dangerous phrase in the world, censorship moralists, and more!

Jeffrey Tucker: Voluntaryist, Bitcoin advocate, and Founder of

Please enjoy my recent conversation with Jeffrey Tucker. Herein we discussed how he met Lawrence Reed, what is, what is Bitcoin, history of Bitcoin, learning about Bitcoin through lamestream news, is Bitcoin hackable, Bitcoin doesn’t exist argument, intrinsic value, characteristics of money vs. currency and more!





Anarchy is all around us. Without it, our world would fall apart. All progress is due to it. All order extends from it. All blessed things that rise above the state of nature are owned to it. The human race thrives only because of the lack of control, not because of it. I’m saying that we need ever more absence of control to make the world a more beautiful place. It is a paradox that we must forever explain.

Jeffrey Tucker



Seeds of Liberty Podcast Episode 25: Sacrificing Mofos on the Altar of Progress

Please enjoy this recent episode of the Seeds of Liberty Podcast. This week we were shy a Dave due to technical issues but we were joined by Donnie, one of the hosts of the Force 2 Freedom Podcast. Herein we discuss the idea that anarchy is a utopian dream, being born to be a mooing cow in the field, chewing of cud in the brain, the unseen consequences of government intervention into the market, how the average human doesn’t have a grasp on logic, the burden of proof fallacy, Donald Trump’s website and the sole issue listed, The Great Wall of America, anarchy vs, monarchy, pyramids built with Mexican slave-labor, asking statists to define their terms, Trumps’ current wife and her superb tits, Bernie Sanders riding the anti-rich wave, the 1%, the term democratic socialism being analogous to the term child-rapist, licensed dog walkers, envy parading around as altruism, the Ron Jeremy Commemorative Dildo Lashing, subjective slip and slides covered with sh*t, sacrificing mofos on the altar of progress, the real “free” education, alcohol being the real gateway drug, thorium, forgetting about your neighbor because it’s good for the trees, Tesla, the perils of standing up to the medical establishment, how government destroys innovation, dying on someone else’s dime, how someone’s going to rape so why shouldn’t it be “me”?, how Dave is Donnie’s spirit animal, and more!

We are at heart so profoundly anarchistic that the only form of state we can imagine living in is Utopian; and so cynical that the only Utopia we can believe in is authoritarian.

Lionel Trilling

Jaime Sherman: Founder of “The Voluntaryist” Comic Book Series

Please enjoy my recent video with Jaime Sherman, founder of the Voluntaryist comic book series. Herein we discuss how he became an Anarchist, illicit entrepreneurship in school, how school discourages true business education, how he came to create his comic book series, discussing Voluntaryists with friends, Marc Stevens and his unique approach of pointing out the gun in the room, what it means to call oneself a Socialist, was Communism just applied the wrong way, what is democide and much more!


Anarchism is not a romantic fable but the hardheaded realization, based on five thousand years of experience, that we cannot entrust the management of our lives to kings, priests, politicians, generals, and county commissioners.

Edward Abbey

Is Money The Root Of All Evil?

An oft repeated but erroneous assertion is “Money is the root of all evil.” How can this be so? Money is simply an inanimate object. How can an inanimate object be blamed for anything? If a civilian man murders someone with a gun does the gun go to jail? If he murders someone with a chainsaw does the chainsaw go to jail? Guns, chainsaws, and anything that one person might use to harm another person can all be used for the purposes of good as well as evil. If a computer program malfunctions, do you blame the program or human programmer? I hope the idiocy of this assertion is apparent.

Before free and peaceful people chose money, barter was the trade method of choice. This carried with it inherent problems which included lack of coincidence of wants, lack of division, lack of common measure of value, and lack of store of value. Money and currency were borne out of necessity as communities grew.

Money is a tool chosen by free and peaceful people to trade amongst each other. It was chosen because it satisfied certain criteria that facilitated trade. These criteria include portability, divisibility, fungibility (interchangeability), durability, and store of value. Now there is a fundamental difference between money and currency. Currency is all those things minus being a store of value. It can be controlled by “governments” in the form of Central Banks and legal tender laws however this is not necessary. Some examples of currency not controlled by “governments” include tobacco, exotic bird feathers, colored beads, stamps, candy bars, nails, copper, lumber, axe heads, sea shells, salt, sugar, spices etc. All of these substances satisfied some criteria of money but lacked one or two others and so were eventually abandoned.

photo 2

Eventually about 5000 years ago precious metals, more specifically gold and silver, began their use by free and peaceful people. Although “governments” have, over the millennia, attempted to control, standardize, and issue its use, these efforts have always failed. Precious metals always retain their intrinsic value and therefore are a wonderful protection against deficit spending, pork barrel spending, warfare, imperialism, and grandiose public works that insane “governments” frequently try to fund through taxation and debt. The market can only be unnaturally stretched and distorted so far by “governments” before it snaps back. When this snap back occurs beware! For it is during this phase that much of the illusory wealth disappears, as gold/silver do an accounting for all the excess fiat currency, government bonds, and debt that was created during the distortion. This is known as the boom/bust cycle. This economic mechanism has been in effect, in an exaggerated way, for as long as “governments” have sought to meddle and intervene in so called “monetary policy”.

As long as we allow our “government” through Central Banks to control and manage our money we will never be free. It is a rigged game on an uneven playing field. It is playing monopoly with someone who can print unlimited amounts of currency. Far from money being the root of all evil, money is at the root of human trade and therefore plays an integral role in our economic health and vitality. Support the black market! Support the counter economy! Get your wealth out of fiat currency and SIFI banks! The State can be defeated, not by violent revolution, but by economic self-sufficiency and by withdrawing support of a decadent and predatory system. Simply remove nourishment from the parasite and it will necessarily shrivel up and die without the application of any force whatsoever.


Due to Gresham’s Law gold and silver started to disappear from circulation from 431-404 BC as people spent the government enforced copper coins and hoarded the gold/silver coins. Suddenly it took a whole bunch of copper coins to buy a gold/silver coin. This is the first time gold or silver ever had a price. Before that everything was measured in a weight of gold/silver.

Mike Maloney, ‘Hidden Secrets of Money’ Episode 2


Just do good things.