Jason Bassler: Co-Founder of Free Thought Project and End The Drug War, Founder of V Is For Voluntary and Police The Police


Please enjoy my recent conversation with Jason Bassler, co-founder of Free Thought Project and V Is For Voluntary, and founder of Police the Police, letting the content speak for itself, Cell 411, Cop Block, Peacekeeper, rendering the State obsolete, the age of transparency, Anarcho-Primitivism, the State is highest danger to human life, technological growth is amoral, information age, planting seeds of liberty, his path to Voluntaryism, skater disobedience story, police brutality, Ron Paul, GMOs, Stefan Molyneux, Adam Kokesh, Tom Woods, Jeffrey Tucker, Gerson Therapy, pointing guns at peaceful people, War on Drugs, GMOs not ecologically viable, the people are not the State, political euphemisms, The State is a monopoly, private security, Black Lives Matter, perverting incentives, Leftist view of the State, social contract, Statism is a death cult, George Carlin on voting, Gary Johnson, my stance on voting, peaceful parenting, Stefan Molyneux, alternative schooling methods, bringing kids to the forest, prescription nature, Peter Schiff talks to Occupy Wall Street, Danilo stand up comedy, the importance of self deprecation, End The Drug War, A Spontaneous Order, The Voluntaryist Initiative, Matt Agorist, I Owe You Only Non Aggression, Statism is Slavery, Economics and Ethics of Private Property and more!


“An expropriating property protector (the state, through taxation) is a contradiction in terms.” Hans Hermann Hoppe


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Rich Dad’s Advisors: Guide to Investing In Gold and Silver: Protect Your Financial Future by Michael Maloney

A Spontaneous Order: The Capitalist Case for a Stateless Society by Christopher Chase Rachels

The Economics and Ethics of Private Property: Studies in Political Economy and Philosophy by Hans-Hermann Hoppe





Thanksgiving Is A Celebration Of Free Market Capitalism


 Today is Thanksgiving, a time for giving thanks for what? According to history as taught in our government schooling we must be thankful for inhumane child labor laws, suffocating regulations, a violently redistributionist welfare State, degrading victimless crime laws, thieving taxation, and mendacious political predators. In short we are told we must be thankful we have the State for without its civilizing influence we would become vicious cannibals that would rob and exploit each other given the first opportunity. We are told it is central planning that has lifted humanity out of privation and suffering.



Ironically the true history of Thanksgiving is the complete opposite of this fairy tale narrative.


When the pilgrims first arrived in the new world in the early 1600s they enacted a Socialist Welfare State system under which the fruits of everyone’s labor was to be placed in a communal storage facility and divvied out to those who the authorities deem need them most.


As Karl Marx later famously said it two and half centuries later “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.”


The economics of why Socialism and central planning fails every time has not changed.


When control of goods is placed in the hands of the very few who have not produced them, given human nature the result is always waste, corruption, inefficiency, and suffering.


The powerful elite who maintain control of the resources benefit greatly as do their family and close friends who are showered with doles.


When one understands that more resources can be acquired by ingratiating themselves to State authorities this, rather than actually producing more goods, will be the preferred mode of action.



When those who labor and toil to produce these goods are forcefully deprived of their industry to be distributed to the sloth and idle, there will be engendered resentment and bitterness.


There is no surer way to destroy the desire to create and produce than to not allow individuals to enjoy the fruits of their labor. Therefore as there were more and more people taking from the communal pot and less and less people producing goods to add, what resulted was starvation and mass die off.


The pilgrims were almost entirely wiped out due to the enactment of Socialist policies and the perversion of natural market incentives.


By 1623 they were reduced from a population of about 500 to just a measly 60 individuals.


This is when the policy shifted form that of Socialism to Free Market Capitalism with a firm focus on property rights. Each remaining family was given a parcel of land to work and the fruits of their labor were left to them.


What resulted was unimaginable abundance and surplus, so much that they were able to sell some of their goods to foreign markets.


This is a testament to the splendor of the market economy when left to function unhindered.


Thanksgiving is a celebration of the bountiful productivity that results when industrious human beings are left to their own devices. This is the finest expression of spontaneous order.


Do not seek to control your neighbor, through obsequiously appealing to the State, for in doing so you become the monster you fear others to be.




On this glorious day let us give thanks to the multitude of unsung heroes who daily participate in the voluntary interactions that comprise the market economy.


Let us give thanks to the intrepid entrepreneurs who risk capital and resources to overcome innumerable State obstacles to serve you with good and services to improve your life.


For without the wealth they have laboriously created over millennia we would not have a civilization to celebrate.


All who choose to interact with their fellow man voluntarily through consensual interaction; I am proud and honored to call my dear friend.


I hope you all have a peaceful and magnificent Thanksgiving! 🙂





Monetary System/Hyperinflation Part 2: American Revolutionary War and Weimar Republic Germany


Inflation is an increase in the currency supply over a given period of time, which ultimately has the effect of devaluing that currency. More units of currency chasing after the same amount of goods/services necessitate a rise in prices. It must do an accounting of all the extra currency created in order to achieve equilibrium once again. Hyperinflation is this same phenomenon occurring over a much shorter period of time. This produces severe devaluation of the currency along with rapid price increases. A feeling of hysteria is induced in the people then becomes a positive feedback loop. Nobody wants to save any currency because they know doing so will only lead to a loss wealth. Therefore they spend the currency as fast as they earn it.  This spending frenzy along with the rapid hemorrhaging of currency creation from Central Banks and other institutions is what produces the characteristic skyrocketing prices as entrepreneurs frantically try to keep pace with the resultant hysteria. In such plummeting economies the people demand to get paid not once every two weeks or once a week but every day in a vain attempt to not lose any earned purchasing power. This is the climax of the Wealth Transfer, as wealth is swiftly transferred from the industrious middle class to the politically connected and ruling elite. It is a process that is as old and wicked as Statism itself.

Unfortunately for those ignorant of monetary history this is an inevitable fate full of chimerical grotesqueries. Disregarding the mistakes of our ancestors is the cause of so many ills of humanity. The sparse students of true history must suffer at the well intentioned but nevertheless misguided hands of the vulgar masses who emotionally charge ahead at an ever accelerating speed towards the cliff to meet their doom. Let us break this vicious cycle of impoverishment. This is the result of placing our lives in the incompetent and thieving hands of political predators and bureaucratic parasites. This is the result of refusing to take personal responsibility for our actions. This is the result of allowing fear and hatred to guide our lives instead of love and acceptance. Take care what actions you take when seized by trepidation for they may prove to be your last. Think, it’s not illegal yet! Even if it was illegal I would still do it!

By a continuing process of inflation, governments can confiscate, secretly and unobserved, an important part of the wealth of their citizens. There is no subtler, no surer means of overturning the existing basis of society than to debauch the currency. The process engages all the hidden forces of economic law on the side of destruction, and does it in a manner which not one man in a million is able to diagnose.

John Maynard Keynes


I Think Therefore I Am Dangerous


Voluntaryism and Anarchy include leaders and voluntary organizations/groups. These entities are all consensual and voluntary therefore they are perfectly consistent with these principles. These institutions do not diminish the importance of individual human rights. If it is harmful for the individual it is automatically harmful for the institution. The individual always comes first. Such institutions claim no rights that the individual does not first possess.

Once you have an entity, such as “government”, that uses force or aggression to achieve it’s ends this is when the situation becomes distorted and mutates into the darker side of human relations known as politics and man-made law. This is when collectivist group think sets in and the people lose sight of their individuality and their moral conscience. This is the birth of legal plunder. This is the ideal climate for such destructive and counter productive notions as nationalism, patriotism, democracy, republic, communism, socialism etc. It is easier to hate people when you group them into a particular faceless herd than if you strive to understand the particular circumstances of each individual. To generalize large groups of people is to insult the individuals in those groups. If it is harmful for the individual, it is harmful for society.



Thinking is difficult, that’s why most people judge.

Carl Gustav Jung



Marc Stevens: Voluntaryist Demolishing Judges and Lawyers In Their Own Field

Please enjoy my recent interview with Marc Stevens a Voluntaryist from Arizona. In this powerful interview he discusses using logical fallacies to destroy State jurisdiction and the social contract theory in US courts, removing the authoritative high ground from judges, leading one’s life morally by example, Voluntaryist Hypocrisy, Peaceful Parenting, Intellectual Property and much more!