True Freedom is the Ability to be Racist, Sexist, and a Bigot


True freedom is the individual’s ability to act freely without infringing on the natural negative rights on another human being. Natural negative rights are the rights to not be robbed, assaulted, raped, or murdered. Fundamentally these negative rights are all derived from self ownership and property rights. Inherent in this is the right to associate or dissociate from whomever one wishes. We discriminate all the time when we choose who to befriend, who to date, who to marry, which businesses to patronize etc. Inherent in all these decisions is the concept of opportunity costs, which are those options that were not chosen because one decision was made. Such a decision could be made on the basis of whatever justification the person had in mind.

The fundamental ideas of Racism, Sexism, or Bigotry are based off of everyone’s right to associate or dissociate from whomever for whatever reason. There is no inherent immorality in the idea of dissociation or exclusion. Just as this right is inherent in the individual, it is inherent in the business that individual manages. Every good or service is produced by the labor of an individual. No one is entitled to the labor of another for that would constitute the very quintessence of slavery.

Voluntaryism is a descriptive philosophy rather than a prescriptive philosophy. It only describes the very basic skeletal structure of how not to act. It does not describe what is wisdom, how to gain knowledge, or how to make new friends. For this reason, although one may be a bigot and simultaneously be a Voluntaryist it is not advisable. One would rapidly encounter other incensed individuals around him that would use their right to peacefully dissociate through economic ostracism and boycotting. By these methods the Free Market will organically weed out and extirpate undesirable behavior. Humanity is on a one way relentless march of ethical and moral progress.  Statism is a decrepit and collapsing dinosaur that is relic of our barbaric past. It is time to slough it off, never to return.

Andrew Demeter: Investigative Journalist and Founder of Teen Take

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It takes a special sort of man to understand & enjoy liberty–and he is usually an outlaw in democratic societies.

H.L. Mencken

Richard Heathen, Producer of Hidden Influence: The Rise of Collectivism

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‘But what would you replace the state with?’ The question reveals an inability to imagine human society without the state. Yet it would seem that an institution that can take 200,000,000 lives within a century hardly needs to be ‘replaced’.

Joseph Sobran





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