Mary Ruwart –Author of Death By Regulation: How We Were Robbed of a Golden Age of Health

Please enjoy my recent conversation with Mary Ruwart, author of Death by Regulation. Herein we discussed the 1962 FDA amendments, annihilating innovation, cancer industrial complex, Gerson Therapy, right to try, AIDS tragedy, Dallas Buyer’s Club, the harm of good intentions, appeal to nature fallacy, at least you’ll die safe, life is risky, how surgery began, stem cell therapy tragedy, private drug certification vs State regulation, reputation is king, FDA stifling drug innovation, legal immunity from vaccine harm, VAXXED, pox parties, flu shot for time travelers, Josh Umbehr, Direct Care Physicians, the importance of purpose and more!


“The FDA regulations cannot be proven to be safe and effective so the FDA flunks its own criteria.” Dale Greninger


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Mary J Ruwart – Author of Healing Our World, The Compassion of Libertarianism

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Bought – Vaccine Documentary


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Mary Ruwart –Author of Death By Regulation: How We Were Robbed of a Golden Age of Health – Steemit

Bretigne Shaffer: Author of The Urban Yogini, A Superhero That Cannot Use Violence

Please enjoy my recent conversation with Bretigne Shaffer. Herein we discussed Urban Yogini and why she wrote it, Batman similarities, order followers and the belief in authority, is Batman a Statist, legal plunder, law enforcement, Detroit Threat Management Center, Uber for Healthcare, Uber for Massage Therapists, Soothe, Josh Umbehr with Atlas MD, First They Came For The Anti-Vaxers, Bought – Vaccine Documentary, vaccine lunacy, aggression by disease, Gerson Therapy, a gymnastics story, healthy skepticism and more!


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