True Humility is Leaving Others to Live in Freedom

We do not know the desires and needs of individuals. Only those individuals can make that choice for themselves. This is reflected in one buying gift cards or giving money as a gift rather than giving a specific item. Another example is hurricane/natural disaster victims needing money or else ask them what they specifically need. Another example is sending free shoes to Africa rather than advocating for their freedom to work and start businesses as they so choose so they can lift themselves out of poverty. Yet another example is fighting for less working hours and more vacation time via union activity in 3rd world countries without adequately understanding human action.


Humans are not mathematical equations. They are sentient beings with free will. They must be respected as such. One cannot assume to know what another sentient human being considers valuable or prioritizes. That is committing the fundamental folly of the violent ruler who rules by force and coercion.

True Humility is Leaving Others to Live in Freedom – Steemit