Paqui Romero and Emil: Voluntaryists, Anarchists, Agorists, and Illustrators

Please enjoy my recent conversation with Paqui and Emil. Herein we discuss how they came to Voluntaryism, death by a thousand cuts, we are all Anarchists, Anarchy is chaos and disorder myth, the solitude of the freethinker, most people know that there are problems in society, coercion destroys creativity and imagination, government school, homeschooling illegal in Sweden and Spain, speed dating for Anarchists, the power of mainstream media, decentralization of information, the futility of burning books, megalomaniacs shooting themselves in the foot, the Internet destroying borders and nationalism, Spanish gag censure law, the origin of power, order followers, corporatism, planned obsolescence, strike at the root, their liberty portraits, Agorism, intentional communities, self-sufficiency, division of labor, bogus Spanish unemployment numbers, live so that when you die this world will be poorer because of your absence and more!


To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you’re not allowed to criticize.