Nick Hazelton: Peaceful Parenting, Veganism, Animal Rights, and Abortion

Topics we discussed: my debate with Todd Lewis, appeal to genetics, appeal to authority, define your terms, Bad Quaker, political euphemisms, self-ownership and how it pertains to slavery, when a child gains the ability to rightfully consent, Jim Limber Davis, Liberty Defined, peaceful parenting, running away stories, punishment and authority in the parent/child relationship, chores, acquired obligations, devaluing terms, veganism and animal rights, preserving endangered species, vegan extremists, abortion and more!


“Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.” Viktor E. Frankl


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Nick Hazelton: Peaceful Parenting, Veganism, Animal Rights, and Abortion – Steemit

Seeds of Liberty Podcast Episode 18: The Accuracy of Stereotypes/Where the Women At?


Please enjoy this recent episode of the Seeds of Liberty Podcast. This week we were joined by a friend of the show, Adriane, who is a voluntaryist and is responsible for our logo. Herein we discussed the perceived anti-female sentiment in some factions of the stateless society crowd, neck beards in mom’s basement, dealing with emotional people by approaching them from an emotional framework, Dave’s ability to say misogynist sounding things without being a misogynist, how women are emotional vs men’s’ inability to be wrong, how privilege is subjective, using crowd-funding to bypass copyright laws and to build charities, abortion, starting conversations with “Hey! You’re a human. Let me tell you about freedom!”, how Danilo talks to a LOT of women, and more!


In the game of life, less diversity means fewer options for change. Wild or domesticated, panda or pea, adaptation is the requirement for survival.

Cary Fowler