Catherine Bleish: Peaceful Parent, Unschooler and Co-Partner of Brave New Books


Please enjoy my recent conversation with Catherine Bleish, co-partner of Brave New Books. Herein we discussed her path to Voluntaryism, Ron Paul, my journey to Voluntaryism and Peaceful Parenting, Voluntaryism is true humility, Bitcoin, Airbitz, money is a tool, Federal Reserve researching Bitcoin, local currency, raising undocumented children, Sovereign Living, Peaceful Parenting, reasoning with your kids, what is socialization, Unschooling, A Rule Is To Break: A Child’s Guide to Anarchy, Radical Unschooling, Dayna Martin, gently guiding and teaching good food choices, don’t always say no, Rethinking Everything, Bitcoin Bus, decentralized lifestyle, tiny home tank, changing the world through the abundance mindset, cleansing toxic elements, living without fear, having a stateless marriage and more!

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