True Humility is Leaving Others to Live in Freedom

We do not know the desires and needs of individuals. Only those individuals can make that choice for themselves. This is reflected in one buying gift cards or giving money as a gift rather than giving a specific item. Another example is hurricane/natural disaster victims needing money or else ask them what they specifically need. Another example is sending free shoes to Africa rather than advocating for their freedom to work and start businesses as they so choose so they can lift themselves out of poverty. Yet another example is fighting for less working hours and more vacation time via union activity in 3rd world countries without adequately understanding human action.


Humans are not mathematical equations. They are sentient beings with free will. They must be respected as such. One cannot assume to know what another sentient human being considers valuable or prioritizes. That is committing the fundamental folly of the violent ruler who rules by force and coercion.

True Humility is Leaving Others to Live in Freedom – Steemit

Gret Glyer: Entrepreneur and Founder of DonorSee

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Please enjoy my recent conversation with Gret Glyer, founder of DonorSee. Herein we discussed how he ended up in Malawi, launching DonorSee, Emily’s story, the value of $20, making things happen without petitioning others through ballot boxes, currency vs. wealth, how charity can be harmful, the most effective ways to create foreign aid, creating innovative peer-to-peer charity options, a Haiti disaster story, the awesome power of the internet and instant connections with people, how charity can do more harm than good to local economics in time of need, the Tom Woods $800 house, the harmful effects of TOMS free shoes, How Sweatshops Help The Poor Escape Poverty, Child Labor Helps Children in Poverty, How Does One Help The Poor, Is Capitalism Moral, Anarchists In Pakistan, Voluntaryist Japan, political euphemisms, Voting Is Begging For Stolen Goods, Virgil Vaduva: Founder of Cell 411, promoting Voluntaryism, and more!


“Everything the State says is a lie, and everything it has it has stolen.” Friedrich Nietzsche


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Gret Glyer: Entrepreneur and Founder of DonorSee – Steemit

Anarchy Is Love

Anarchy is the epitome of love, kindness, charity, empathy, and compassion. It is all these things because they are all done voluntarily. The best things in life are done voluntarily. Forced love is rape. Forced charity is a mugging. Forced compliance is slavery. When one is coerced into obedience by the threat of violent punishment all virtue dissipates and the transaction degenerates into that of a common thief and his victim. To live one’s life and interact with others based on force and coercion is to be empty and spiritually alone.


Anarchy Is For Lovers

All things we value in our lives arise from voluntary associations and dissociations. These include who we choose to date, where we choose to live, what we choose to eat, what we choose to wear, what profession we choose to study, what we choose to learn, what time we choose wake in the morning and sleep at night. The extent that we are able to decide how to lead our lives is the extent to which true freedom and happiness exists in each of us.



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Anarchy is to be celebrated in all its manifestations. Anarchy is the default state of humanity, not centrally planned regimes. This may be proven by witnessing the monumental technological achievements that have lifted humanity out of crippling poverty and near starvation. This is testament to the massive skill of man’s ingenuity, creativity, and imagination. All this was achieved without guns, violence, laws, regulations, and taxation. All this was achieved not because of “government” but in spite of it.



You Had Me At Fuck The System



It is the measure of the state’s success that the word ‘anarchy’ frightens people and the word ‘state’ does not.

Joseph Sobran