Dharma interviews Danilo on Peaceful Parenting

Please enjoy my recent discussion with Dharma from the Road to Autonomy e-magazine. Herein we discussed my path to Anarchism, Tuttle Twins, Peaceful Parenting vs Permissive Parenting, model exemplary behavior, discipline, there are rules, kids interacting with adults as equals, deprogramming, unruly and rambunctious kids, government school encourages mediocrity, kids following their passions often leads to future business endeavors as they gain skill, kids improve the world by doing what they love, What If Money Was No Object, The Internet makes government schooling irrelevant, the power of State propaganda is weakening, Sterlin Lujan, the future is bright, be polite and courteous, move past anger, the destructive nihilism of the green eco environmental movement, Alex Epstein, fossil fuels should be celebrated, Peaceful Parenting encourages reasoning, Peaceful Parents are imperfect and more!


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Peaceful Parenting is Nourishing to Parent and Child

Peaceful Parenting is Nourishing and Rejuvenating to the Soul of Parent and Child


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Peace and Voluntaryism


The Parenting Junkie interviews Danilo Cuellar on Peaceful Parenting

Please enjoy my recent conversation with Avital Schreiber, host of The Parenting Junkie. Herein we discussed how our family decided to home educate, unstructured learning, kindling the love of learning, developing grit, my sample week, relaxed unschooling father, peaceful parenting, recognizing our imperfections, rigid parenting is exhausting, dealing with tantrums, why parents should homeschool/unschool and more!


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Avital Schreiber-Levy: Peaceful Parent, Unschooler, and Founder of The Parenting Junkie

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Flagship Freedom interviews Danilo Cuellar on Peaceful Parenting

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Sherry Voluntary – Podcaster, Homeschooler, Unschooler, Peaceful Parent

Abolitionist Abstractions with Danilo Cuellar – Peaceful Parenting

Abolitionist Abstractions with Danilo Cuellar – Peaceful Parenting


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The Parenting Junkie interviews Danilo Cuellar on Peaceful Parenting – Steemit


Kids Are Born Anarchists

Kids enter this world not knowing authority, laws, taxes, or regulations. Their true nature abhors such spiritual restrictions. They are endowed with abundant curiosity for the unknown and a profound fascination for the simple. Their mind knows no bounds. All is possible.


It is our job, as parents, to encourage this delightful wonder into as many aspects of life as possible. The extent to which we impose what we believe is necessary for them to learn is the extent to which we destroy this fragile beauty. The gorgeous flower can only be appreciated by leaving it be. Once it is picked, the deathly wilt has already begun. Enjoy the magnificent by leaving it be. Kids will thrive when left uninterrupted. Success and mastery are natural consequences of an unimpeded curiosity.


It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.

Frederick Douglass


Kids Are Born Anarchists – Steemit


Teach Your Children About Money

Money is the lifeblood of any economy. It is the lubrication that facilitates every voluntary transaction. When it is freely used amongst peaceful people it significantly raises the wealth and standard of living of society. Historically many items have been used as currency such as exotic bird feathers, beads, lumber, tobacco, cigarettes, candy bars, sea shells, copper, spices, salt, sugar etc. In order to satisfy the criteria of currency it must be divisible, fungible, portable, and durable. For various reasons these items have come and gone due to their unique inadequacies.

Drying the Dollar Bill

Money has all these qualities plus being a store of value over long periods of time. This supreme status has been achieved mainly by gold and silver. Historically when “government” hijacks and debauches money, the decline of society has already begun. This is known as the Wealth Transfer. Through the Mandrake mechanism, coin clipping, currency creation, money printing, interest rate manipulation, deficit spending, or pork/barrel spending “government” corrupts and devalues the purity of sound money. The Wealth Transfer is the sinister mechanism by which wealth is transferred from the industrious to the money controllers or political elite. This is known as the stealth tax of monetary inflation because not one man in a million will detect the source of this wickedness.

Square Mind Becomes Circle

We must teach our children of this reality if we are to finally be free of this vicious cycle. We are the present but our children are the future. They will be the ones to carry the torch. To raise a child is to be a participant in molding the world of tomorrow. By teaching our children about self-ownership, property rights, and non-aggression we are teaching them to be thinking individuals capable of critical analysis. An intelligent mind is a more powerful force than any weapon man can wield and is the true enemy of any “government”. Ideas are what embolden the most ruthless tyrants and topple the fiercest regimes. If you wish to change the world you must first begin by affecting hearts and minds.


From his neck down, a man is worth a couple dollars a day; from his neck up, he is worth anything his brain can invent.

Albert Einstein



Just do good things


The Greatest Christmas Gift Is Truth


Hahaha here is a hilarious 4 minute video on the 12 banned items by the TSA for Christmas. It’s nice to know that our Federal Government is using our hard earned tax money wisely by giving these nice incompetent people a job. We should feel grateful for the sexual molestations and occasional theft that occurs in the name of the “War on Terror”. All in an honest day’s work!

Here is a hilarious yet on point 2 minute video on the abuses we all directly face with the NSA’s immoral and unjust criminal activities. Stop funding these criminals with your tax dollars! Stop committing tax financed murder overseas! Just ignore the State and it will go away!

Here is a funny 2 minute cartoon video on Season’s Greeting from Spying Claus. This is a special message from your neighborhood magical, morbidly obese, diabetic, mythical, peeping tom philanthropist.

Here is a fascinating 8 minute Stefan Molyneux examination on the importance of teaching one’s children the truth about the world, or at least one’s understanding of the truth, let alone not lying to them with a mythical quasi NSA figure such as Santa Claus that “sees us when we’re sleeping, knows when we’re awake, and knows if we’ve been bad or good.”

Others argue “Believing in Santa Claus gives kids a sense of wonder about the world.” Is it necessary to lie to our children in order to provide them with a sense of wonder? I do believe that there is enough uncertainty and mystique we can glean from attempting to teach our children about the real world, let alone deceiving them with a tale that abandons all reason for the sake of one day.

Our children are born as foreigners in a strange land. They know nothing about prison, pain, flowers, toys, crime etc. They trust us, as the authority figures, to provide them with the truth about the world. If we deceive them with falsehoods, what does that speak about our credibility? Be truthful with your children. They deserve nothing less. The truth does not hurt. The truth is beautiful, wondrous, and inherently magical.