Valid Laws Are Universalizable And Immutable

Only The Laws Of The Spirit Remain Always The Same, Native American Proverb

The laws of morality are just as timeless and immutable as the laws of physics, chemistry, and mathematics. They are universalizable and non-discriminatory. They are discovered, not created. They apply to all without recognition of race, gender, creed, ethnicity, religion, or socioeconomic status. They do not require reams of pages of the federal registry to outline, the extent of which nobody has the faintest idea, least of all the legislators. The laws of morality have been described as Common Law, Natural Law, or the Golden Rule. They are something most parents endeavor to teach their children. Don’t hit and don’t take other people’s stuff. This is a very concise summary of recognition of self-ownership, property rights, and non-aggression. A law degree is not needed to understand basic rules of morality.


Small children understand these mores, the confusion arises when Statism and the belief in authority is introduced and taints the mind. They are taught when there appears to be a contradictory message, always defer to authority for the answer. Discouragement of independent critical analysis becomes commonplace. Deductive reasoning is replaced with unwavering obedience. This is the source of the greatest atrocities we were all taught to fear. Without the mass of lickspittles and sycophants, the ruler has no power with which to carry out his maniacal whims. It is not the sociopathic ruler that must be feared, but rather the legion of obedient order followers. The well-intentioned citizens who pay their taxes and quietly submit to the State have enabled the greatest crimes against humanity. When obeying man made law would have one become an agent of injustice, one is compelled to break the law. Historically it has been the lawbreakers that displayed the greatest moral rectitude, civility, and compassion. It is far more important to develop an internal conscience and moral compass than it is to prostrate oneself before the law. We were all bestowed with free will and human cognition developed over eons. Use them!



Civil disobedience is not our problem. Our problem is civil obedience. Our problem is that people all over the world have obeyed the dictates of leader and millions have been killed because of this obedience.

Howard Zinn


Valid Laws Are Universalizable And Immutable – Steemit

Empowering Hearts and Minds


“Why do you talk about philosophy, morality, and economics? They are just theoretical and abstract. Why don’t you talk about reality!? That’s what matters!”

All individuals act based on a particular set of morals and code of ethics. I want to know what your code is. What morals do you hold dear? What principles would you risk life and limb to protect? What are you passionate about? What do you love? If you truly love something you must love it more have than you love yourself. You must be selfless and devoted to the thing you love.


To appeal to people’s actions without attending to their moral compass or code of ethics is endeavoring to move the statue by pushing the shadow. The thoughts that originate in the mind are always the source of action we see in the real world. Thoughts and beliefs are always more powerful and dangerous than any gun, tank, or bomb. It is the human beings that wield such things that bring about consequences in the real world. Human beings powered by erroneous belief system are what pull triggers in unprovoked attack. Human beings hijacked by misguided belief systems are what detonate bombs designed to maim and destroy innocent men, women, and children.


If you truly wish to affect reality thereby improving the world, it is absolutely imperative to discuss philosophy, morality, and economics. More lives can be saved by empowering hearts and minds than by taking away all of the guns from soldiers and law enforcement officers. We differ from the beasts in that we possess the capability of critical analysis and logical deduction. To act without employing this most defining characteristic is to reject that which makes us human beings. Savage beasts act based on primal instinct and emotional ferocity. Civilized human beings act based on sophisticated principles and dignified morality. Celebrate your heritage with enthusiastic vigor!


He that always gives way to others will end in having no principles at all.


Monetary System/Economics Part 1: Currency vs Money


Understanding the difference between currency vs. money is fundamental to understanding economics. Currency must possess some attributes such as being portable, divisible, fungible, durable, a unit of account, and a medium of exchange. Over the millennia many different substances have been currency such as salt, sugar, spices, wheat, rice, copper, precious stones and gems, nails, cows, spears, axes, exotic bird feathers, beads, certain rocks, shells, lumber, stamps, candy etc. They have all come and gone for various reasons. The market always tends towards more efficient means of currency. This is reverse Gresham’s Law, which stipulates that in a Free Market good money will drive out bad currency. When people are free to choose which currency to transact in, the best and most efficient methods will always rise to the top.

What is natural currency vs. artificial currency? Artificial currency is that which is chosen by the State and mandated by edict and legislation. It is often entirely controlled and manipulated by the State regarding quantity, value, interest rates, borrowing, creation. This complete control of the currency supply is vital to have intimate access to the inner machinations of the market economy. In this way even some individuals and businesses who refuse to pay their tithes AKA taxes or who hide their currency from the State can forcefully have their value extracted via the hidden tax of inflation. This is the pernicious power the State maintains through having a monopoly on currency.

Natural currency is that which is chosen by free and peaceful people to interact in. It is chosen because it has been demonstrated to be of superior value as compared with currencies of the past. The value of currency is its ability to lubricate transactions and facilitate trade. When it no longer effectively serves this function it must and will be summarily abandoned and replaced with a better alternative.

Through this natural market selection of currencies over the millennia, gold and silver have risen to the top in consistently satisfying these criteria. Therefore it has rightfully attained the glorious status of money, which has the additional attribute of being a store of value over long periods of time. Gold and silver are the impenetrable shields used by wise investors to protect their wealth from being plundered by political predators and thieving nation States. This is why they are the enemy of the State. This is why pure gold and silver has always been reserved for the god kings and pharaohs of antiquity and the people have been given toilet paper trash fiat currency to trade in. When currency and money are profoundly understood by the people the violent Statist paradigm will have been largely defanged and disarmed. Do not be afraid of money. It’s power lies at the very kernel of civilization.


Gold is the money of kings, silver is the money of gentlemen, barter is the money of peasants – but debt is the money of slaves.

Norm Franz

Free Market Capitalism Is Not A System


Many people ask me, “But doesn’t your Free Market Capitalism system depend on people being generous angels? Without the State who will regulate the bad industries?” One of the main reasons why Free Market Capitalism works is because most people do want to trade voluntarily and peacefully. This is the only way that wealth is created and civilization develops. Wealth is not created by the wild adventurers of violent conquerors. Indeed this is how the delicate latticework of wealth of isolated peoples is wantonly destroyed.

There will always be the very small minority of psychopathic and sociopathic people who choose to use violence and threats of violence to solve their daily problems. When there exists no institution with the legitimate use of force AKA the State which would attract such vile people, they do not become a threat to anyone. The mafia differs from the State in that nobody hallucinates their use of force to be legitimate. Their commands and edicts are not viewed as laws and regulations. Their robbery is not viewed as taxation. Their kidnappings and murder is not viewed as the War on Drugs or the War on Terror. Their violent extortion racket is viewed as just that, a violent extortion racket.

Wealth is created by the billions of voluntary consensual transactions made by peaceful individuals that occur in the market economy every single day. These individuals likely know little to nothing about the price mechanism, competition, supply and demand, inflation, law of diminishing marginal utility, and Economics in general. Nevertheless unwittingly they are operating in accordance with these natural phenomena. Free Market Capitalism is based on human action. The true hidden beauty is that it is based on peace, love, and freedom.



It is not from the benevolence of the butcher, the brewer, or the baker that we expect our dinner, but from their regard to their own interest.

Adam Smith, Scottish moral philosopher