This is disgraceful.

“This isn’t how a ‘free market’ is supposed to work. These workers are selling their labor for less than the cost of production — less than what it takes to provide basics like food, shelter and health care. Low-wage employers are in turn keeping the cost of their products artificially low by socializing a chunk of their labor expenses.”




Yes indeed this is disgraceful. However that is your personal judgment of the matter. If you feel you can provide a better service than Wal-Mart perhaps you should enter the department store business and show them a better way to do it. Nobody has forced anyone to work at Wal-Mart. People choose to work there for various reasons. What is the reason I do not work at Wal-Mart? It is most certainly not because I have a Master’s Degree because as has been clearly shown, that is no guarantee for landing a high paying job as approximately 70% of graduates end up working in a job that requires no college/university degree, let alone getting a job in their field of study. In my humble opinion, I do not work at Wal-Mart because I recognize that I possess skills that can get me a much better job. Working at Wal-Mart, McDonald’s, Home Depot, Lowe’s, Taco Bell, Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts etc is not a condemnation for those with little to no skills. Rather it provides them with much needed job experience and becomes a springboard for other future possibilities. We must be thankful that such jobs exist; indeed not enough of them do exist as can clearly be seen by the rampant unemployment plaguing the US. The existence of minimum wage laws and other business regulations simply make life more difficult for the business owner and snuff out possible job opportunities for those seeking employment. This is just one reason for the economic devastation that the State, in collusion with the Federal Reserve, contributes to every single waking day of our lives.


I see you have provided a wonderful service to your clients and that is laudable. Even if your business practices were evil and unethical that would still not justify the government stepping in and shutting you down because it is not for them to decide. Anything done by the State is forceful, violent, and brutal. It is for the people to decide which business lives and which dies through their patronage or boycott. It really is that simple.


The more corrupt the state, the more numerous the laws.”



Enough damage has been done by government meddling in the affairs of business. It is like a doctor who has successively been prescribing more and more medications to a patient in order to treat the side effects of the previous medications, after a while the process becomes self-defeating and redundant. The body must be slowly weaned off the medication until absolute independence is achieved. The economy was not created by man therefore no statute created by man and issued forth through his manmade institution know as “The State” can do anything to solve the problem. Rather every effort must be made to divorce sovereign individuals, of which we all are, from the inherently destructive and barbarously violent governmental institution.


We are, all of us, sovereign individuals with natural born inalienable rights. No government on Earth has given them to us and no government, with their fraudulent laws, can take them away. Even the “Bill of Rights” is a misnomer as this denotes our sovereign rights awarded to us by government. It should more aptly be described as a “Bill of Restraints” since, as is stated in their preamble, they were written more to prevent the State from infringing upon them.


“Wal-Mart’s profits, like those of other low-wage employers, are already subsidized with public assistance that allows their workers to get by. Studies have found that a single Wal-Mart store in Wisconsin costs taxpayers between $900,000 and $1.7 million per year in public benefits.”


So if all those public subsidies from taxpayers didn’t help things, the solution is MORE subsidies!?!?!? It doesn’t make sense to me.


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