History of Europe – 6013 years in 3 minutes

Here is the evolution of European nation states over the course of 5600 years compressed into 3 minutes. What must be understood here is the enormous bloodshed and massacre that is trivially represented in these shifting arbitrary lines and colors. These are the dark truths that are left unspoken or flippantly mentioned in government history class. The wholesale slaughter and massacre of our brothers and sisters is hardly a trivial topic. Rather it is a monumental tragedy wholly deserving of our attention and study. Recognize the State as the illegitimate child of sociopaths deviously foisted onto the backs of the industrious! We need the State like a human being needs a tapeworm!

People Flowers

Man is the only Patriot. He sets himself apart in his own country, under his own flag, and sneers at the other nations, and keeps multitudinous uniformed assassins on hand at heavy expense to grab slices of other people’s countries, and keep them from grabbing slices of his. And in the intervals between campaigns he washes the blood of his hands and works for “the universal brotherhood of man”- with his mouth.

Mark Twain, “The Lowest Animal”

Just do good things.

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