Susanne Tarkowski Tempelhof: Founder of Bitnation, The Path Towards Government Irrelevancy

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Please enjoy my recent interview with Susanne Tarkowski Tempelhof, the founder of Bitnation. Herein we discussed how she became an Anarchist, how her experiences in Libya and Afghanistan have shaped her understanding of a stateless society, what is a terrorist, how does surrounding another country with military bases affect their perception of the US, the subject of her TED talk, the idiocy of democracy, how technology breaks down physical barriers, the Social Contract, vote first and take orders later, Anarcho hyphens simplified, you’re over-generalizing, how easy is it to expatriate, let’s go to Antarctica, does the federal government own the piece of dirt called the United States of America, the contradiction that government protects my property rights, what is Bitnation, private arbitration agencies, the importance of reputation in eBay, Craig’s List and in a stateless society, anarchy is order and the violence of Statism is chaos, the elegant anarchist, attacking Uncle Sam, the stupidity of “government” agents, fighting for peace is like having sex for virginity, USPS monopoly on delivering pieces of paper and much more!

Let’s examine this. If you believe the state is harmful rather than benevolent; if you believe that the state threatens individual rights and property rights, rather than protects them; if you believe that the state decreases our chances for peace and prosperity; if you believe, in sum, that the state is an overwhelming force for ill in our society, a force that makes all of us far worse off, why in the world is it unrealistic to work toward its elimination?

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