Seeds of Liberty Podcast Episode 58: Alma Sommer, Founder of Jackalope Freedom Festival

Please enjoy this recent episode of the Seeds of Liberty Podcast. This week we had Lou Feen sitting in for Dave and we were joined by Alma Sommer, an agorist and he special agent not-in-charge of the Jackalope Freedom Festival. Herein we discussed raising your children off grid, unschooling, baby boomerism, the Jackalope Freedom Festival, the Midwest Peace and Liberty Fest, Porcfest, Agora Fest, side-by-side toilets, mesh nets, starting your own events, caring for your hippies, tiny homes and RVs, and more!

Danilo Cuellar interviewed by Nick Hazelton on Anarcho Yakitalist Podcast Part II

Please enjoy the continuation of my recent conversation with Nick Hazelton. Herein we discuss how to respect fire, trust your kids, encouraging curiosity, learning to be safe around weapons, how to destroy the love of learning, my journey to learning piano, my journey to learning chess, nothing is learned by a win, public education attempts to predict the future, government school vs. prison, revealing the gun in the room and more!

“The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled.” ― Plutarch

Danilo Cuellar interviewed by Nick Hazelton on Anarcho Yakitalist Podcast Part I

Please enjoy my recent conversation with Nick Hazelton. Herein we discuss my experience as a stay home unschooling father, my journey to Voluntaryism, Unschooling, and Peaceful Parenting, being logically consistent, restricting maturity and growth, appeal to antiquity logical fallacy, never forget about the individual, universal morality, raising peaceful people, the difficult way to parent, what is peaceful parenting, inquisitiveness is true education, creativity cannot be forced, socialization argument, not recognizing authority, dealing with tantrums in public, Adverse Childhood Experiences study, natural consequences and more!

Good ideas do not require force.

Seeds of Liberty Podcast Episode 45: Christopher Chase Rachels, Author of A Spontaneous Order

Please enjoy this recent episode of the Seeds of Liberty Podcast. This week we were joined by Christopher Chase Rachels, author of “Spontaneous Order: The Capitalist Case For A Stateless Society” and founder of the Voluntaryist Initiative. Herein we discussed the beginnings of the Voluntaryist Initiative, how peaceful parenting is a necessary but insufficient means towards achieving a free society, self-segregation, how a capitalist system allows for communism but not the other way around, how socialism being feasible on the family level does not translate to it working for millions, how production is the necessary antecedent to consumption, how hacktivism can be a useful tool in circumventing the supposed necessity of the State, what led Chase to write his book, answering the “How would X work?” questions, assuaging the fears of a stateless society, bridging the gap between layman and scholar, how voting upholds the perceived legitimacy of the State, how monarchies are preferable to democracies, and more!

Jackie Rae: Voluntaryist, Anarchist, Peaceful Parent, and Unschooler of Three Children

Please enjoy my recent conversation with Jackie Rae. Herein we discuss how she became a Voluntaryist, silence in the face of injustice, Stefan Molyneux influence, losing Facebook friends, permissive parenting, trust is more important than anything you teach your children, understanding natural consequences to actions, growing up with guns, her unschooling philosophy, never ending learning, escaping a life of coercion, the ends justify the means fallacy, true learning is entirely voluntary, indoctrination is involuntary and forced, learning and living are inseparable, central planners try to predict the future, respect your elders fallacy, change always starts with the individual, to receive respect one must first respect others, treat your children as you would a good friend or a dear neighbor, it’s not about control it’s about communication, teach reason by reasoning with kids, corporal punishment, individual psychopathic crime pales in comparison with State crime, live anarchy, be the example, legal plunder, forced association is not socialization and more!




If I had to make a general rule for living and working with children, it might be this: be wary of saying or doing anything to a child that you would not do to another adult, whose opinion and affection you valued.

John Holt