How the State Approved Marriage License Destroys Passionate Relationships

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The oft-repeated mantra that is parroted as requisite of a decent civilized law abiding taxpayer’s life is, “Get good grades in school so you can get into a good university. Study something that will get you a good job. Get a degree so you can get a good job. Get a 401K and save for your retirement. Get a mortgage on a house, get married, have kids, pay your taxes, retire in your old age, and die.” This post will be discussing how the “government” approved marriage license destroys passionate relationships. It does this by annihilating personal freedom, making the affairs of a relationship subject to the penal system, further inviting “government” into our personal lives, and by making the union and separation of two individuals a “government” matter that extorts more currency out of the pockets of the people.

Love, relationships, courting, and children are beautiful things. The essence of their beauty is maintained insofar as they are free of surveillance, control, regulation, observation, scrutiny, and examination. It is only in the context of true freedom have truly the magnificent wonders been created that we appreciate and love today. This equally applies in the realm of relationships. The greater the degree of State control and regulation of personal relationships the lesser the degree of quality and value inherent in those relationships. They are inversely proportional to each other. Where State power increases and concentrates, love, passion, creativity, and ingenuity must suffer.

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It is genuinely understood that an unmarried couple is together because they genuinely want to be together and will part ways the moment one party feels abused or exploited. Therefore the incentive is for each to treat the other person respectfully and mindfully. A personal relationship is an entirely voluntary union, which would not otherwise exist if both people genuinely did not want it to happen. When the monopoly on initiated violence and aggression known as “government” is introduced to this magnificent phenomenon, the incentives become perverted and distorted. Regarding a State approved married couple, there is less incentive to treat one’s spouse with kindness and respect because it is understood that the process of divorce is expensive, onerous, and tedious as is the case with anything related to the bureaucratic labyrinth that is “government”. Hence many married couples remain in these quasi-forced relationships to the point of enduring significant domestic abuse and spousal rape, a terrifying reality that is scarcely heard of amongst unmarried couples.

An act of infidelity, amongst an unmarried couple, is either quickly resolved between the two or the relationship is terminated without any lasting harmful effects. That same act of infidelity, amongst State approved married couples, falls under the “crime” of adultery and under Section 255.17 of the NY State penal law is a class B misdemeanor and is punishable by 90 days in prison or a $500 fine. Now imagine a man who engaged in consensual sex with a woman spending time in prison next to serial killers and rapists. This is another example of a victimless crime that wreaks havoc on the lives of otherwise peaceful people. This is the injustice system hard at work wasting the stolen funds of taxation.

A State approved marriage license is a double-edged sword with no handle. Anyway you hold it, you are likely to get sliced. Many people mistakenly conflate obtaining a marriage license with love. The two are diametrically opposed. Marriage is a business contract. It is an open invitation for the State to begin meddling in affairs that should be left private between two or more people. Divorce court is a $50 billion/year industry and costs the average victim $50,000. How many of you have extra such currency to spend? If you invite the venomous rattlesnake of “government” into your bed sheets, do not be surprised when you get bitten.



One should always love. That’s the reason one should never marry.

Oscar Wilde

If marriage didn’t exist, would you invent it? Would you go “Baby, this shit we got together, it’s so good we gotta get the government in on this shit. We can’t just share this commitment ‘tweenst us. We need judges and lawyers involved in this shit, baby. It’s hot!

Doug Stanhope, American stand-up comedian


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