Danilo on Jim Flannery live stream – Net Neutrality Debate

Please enjoy my recent appearance on the Jim Flannery live stream. Herein we discuss what is the State, law, regulation, taxation, can we control the State, regulatory capture, Net Neutrality will never work, the economics of Internet Service Providers, ISPs are providing a service like any other business, the inherent scarcity of bandwidth and data transmission and more!

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The Philosophy of Liberty: What Is Voluntaryism?

The Philosophy of Liberty: What Is Voluntaryism?

The Philosophy Of Liberty

The Philosophy of Liberty

Mega Corporations Are Vile Mutations of the Free Market

Mega Corporations Are Vile Mutations of the Free Market

The True Function and History of Regulations

The True Function and History of Regulations

Monopolies In A Stateless Society

Monopolies in a Stateless Society


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Danilo on Jim Flannery live stream – Net Neutrality Debate – Steemit


Deferral Of Gratification Defines Human Beings

One of the most important lessons for a child to learn is that of deferral of gratification. It is no achievement to want pleasure and to immediately seek it out until satisfied. This hedonistic strategy is demonstrated by every beast in existence. What defines a human being is the ability to recognize desire and reject immediate gratification with the lofty goal that investment, patience, or work will produce something with a greater reward. This is one of the greatest lessons a child can learn.


It is not consumption that grows an economy but rather savings and investment. If consumption were key than destruction would be a net positive, but this is folly as the broken window fallacy clearly illustrates. War is not good for the economy. War is merely mass murder. It is the creation of wealth by intrepid and risk taking entrepreneurs that is the essence of progress. Savings and investment is the deferral of gratification applied to economics and business. It is the hallmark of a truly civilized society. It is the demonstration that we are not merely beasts with opposable thumbs who walk upright, but human beings with powerful minds capable of solving complex problems.



Deferral Of Gratification Defines Human Beings – Steemit


The Importance Of Failure


Many people complain that they cannot do a particular task because they have failed at it. This is not a reason to stop trying. In fact it is a reason to pursue it evermore vigorously. With every failure one is that much step closer to success and little wiser as a result.


In one’s personal affairs every failed relationship or friendship is a learning experience at how to treat others and what one desires in a mate or a friend. If one’s relationship requires force to maintain that is a despicable circumstance indeed. In business every failed venture is a lesson in how to efficiently allocate scarce resources. If one’s failing business requires violently redistributed stolen funds to continue, this is by definition a waste of resources. Hence the State is the largest polluter on the planet.


Failure is necessary and fundamental to a thriving and resilient market economy. When businesses are allowed to rise and fall of their own accord the result is efficiency and prosperity. The market, through the sum total of billions of consensual peaceful interactions, will decide which businesses will get awarded with success and which will vanish like a javelin thrown into a serene lake. Just like death nourishes and makes way for budding life, so too does failure provide the fertile ground wherein another creative entrepreneur might improve upon the mistakes of his predecessors. This is the marvelous splendor of the market economy we are all privileged to witness. It’s a beautiful time to be alive!




Black Friday Is The Crowning Achievement Of Capitalism


Many people enjoy looking down upon other people who choose to partake in the Black Friday sales. This is a tragic reflection of supercilious conceit that some who earn more currency have for those who earn less. It is an unnecessary and thoroughly harmful abhorrence of those who seek to enrich their lives through purchasing goods and services in an attempt to improve their lives. Regardless of one’s income level, we all seek to improve our lives through the patronizing of businesses of our choosing. That people of all different earning ranges can advance the quality of their lives in this manner is the wonder that the market economy brings to humanity.


While it may be true that some of this repugnance may stem from the fact that many of those people are on State subsidized welfare programs, this is a thoroughly separate issue as the presence of violently redistributed stolen State funds fundamentally distorts market signals. The fact that entrepreneurs and business owners can be so efficient with their business as to provide such steep discounts is testament to the daily miracles that the market economy showers upon its consumers.


If you truly feel pity for those who earn less, do not display this so shamefully with your condemnation of days during which they can partake in the cornucopia of the market economy. Instead devote your energies to helping them further improve their lot by educating them, donating to them, or by opening a business yourself. Add to the accumulated wealth of the world. It is easy criticize and destroy. It is far more difficult to create and innovate. Pay your respects to the magnificent wealth you have inherited from your forefathers. It was amassed through great toil and industry.


Seeds of Liberty Podcast Episode 53: DL Beaven, Entrepreneurship

Please enjoy this recent episode of the Seeds of Liberty Podcast. This week we were joined by DL Beaven, a voluntaryist and entrepreneur. Herein we discussed having a good work ethic, working through self-imposed obstacles, the need for a passion, the SET principle, prohibitive barriers to entry in the marketplace, how time is the most valuable and most scarce resource, increasing and enhancing your personal freedom, fear porn, living in a constant state of panic, hoe to “Go For No!”, being your own boss, starting your new career as a hobby, DL’s 3 pillars of liberty, and more!